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How to Complete Simulated Universe World 3

Simulated World 3

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Boss: Gepard (Complete)

Elites: Silvermane Lieutenant (Bug), Searing Prowler, Automaton Direwolf, Voidranger: Trampler

Immersion Rewards: Space Sealing Station, Fleet of the Ageless

World 3 is where you’re introduced to Planar Ornaments, which fill the space in the middle of a character’s Relics screen. These are a string and an orb pair which form a set. Here in Honkai: Star Rail, you can have up to three set effects on your character instead of just two in Genshin Impact.

Its boss is Gepard, who lives up to his role as the best tank in the game. Here’s an overview of the boss fight and what attacks he uses.

Gepard (Complete) Boss Battle Overview

Gepard is weak to Lightning, Physical, and Imaginary. The battle has three phases, which means the goal is to end combat by depleting his HP bar three times.

Phase 1

When this phase starts, Gepard summons Silvermane Soldier and Silvermane Cannoneer.

Fist of Conviction - Deals Ice DMG to a single target.

Smite of Frost - Deals Ice DMG to one target.

Frigid Waterfall - Deals Ice DMG to all and slightly increases the damage. The latter effect can stack.

Besiege - Locks on to one of your allies, making enemies coordinate attacks on them.

Tit for Tat - Gepard goes into a Counter state and will use ‘Smite of Frost’ on the character that attacks him next. This can only be triggered once every cast.

Phase 2

When this phase starts, Gepard summons Silvermane Cannoneers.

Fist of Conviction

Smite of Frost

Frigid Waterfall


Tit for Tat

Garrison Field Aura - Provides a shield to enemies that redirects damage to him and prevents their Toughness Bars from depleting. The protection must be weakened first to continue damaging them.

Phase 3

When this phase starts, Gepard summons two Silvermane Lieutenants (Complete).

He uses all of the previous phase’s attacks with no changes.

More Details

His summoned soldiers can be a pain, so focus on them first. However, if you have AoE DPS characters, they can be defeated incidentally. It’s essential in the third phase with the Lieutenants. The latter has the most annoying attacks, and they’re bulky.

He won’t summon soldiers other than those from the beginning of the phase. You don’t have to worry about more mooks being added throughout the battle. Still, Gepard can pack a punch alone, so don’t think everything will be smooth sailing once he’s alone.

Recommended Characters

Because of his weaknesses, here are the most recommended characters:

  • Clara
  • Physical Trailblazer
  • Sushang
  • Natasha
  • Jing Yuan
  • Bailu
  • Serval
  • Tingyun
  • Arlan
  • Welt
  • Yukong
  • Luocha

Sushang, Clara, Physical Trailblazer, Jing Yuan, and Serval are all excellent candidates for your DPS in the World. Welt, Yukong, Luocha, Bailu, Natasha, and Tingyun are the ones for support. Imaginary element characters have delaying enemy turns and their specialty of buffing (Yukong) or healing (Luocha) as benefits.

Since the boss battle requires some crowd control, others also recommend Yanqing as a Freezer and alternate DPS. He can handle the soldiers that Gepard summons, as most are weak to the element. It’s up to you, as his help can be limited once he runs out of soldiers to attack. Moreover, the boss is resistant to both his element and Freeze. Of course, as a 5-star character, you may not have him yet, making the recommendation moot.

Still, alternatives can be Gepard or March 7th, though they can’t be a DPS like Yanqing. You’ll trade some potential damage output for shields and protection, which can be a worthy trade. Herta is not ideal. She lacks utility and doesn’t scale well for higher levels.

Recommended Paths

DPS Paths such as Hunt, Elation, Nihility, Destruction, and Remembrance should be your go-to. They can efficiently dispatch the accompanying soldiers and whittle down Gepard’s Garrison Field Aura faster. Ensure that they match your team’s main DPS to empower them.

Abundance (or Preservation if you have Gepard or a well-built March 7th) can be used, but it will be slow. DPS Paths are still better, primarily once Gepard uses Garrison Field Aura. You’ll need a lot of damage to deplete his shield. Preservation’s Quake mechanic can help, but it depends on what Blessings you get.

Recommended Curios

Since we’re talking DPS, the Robe of The Beauty is one Curio that can be discussed. It raises your characters’ DMG by 16% for every 100 Cosmic Fragments you have. Combined with the Gold Coin of Discord, Omniscient Capsule, and Angel-Type I.O.U. Dispenser, you’ll have all the DMG bonus you’ll need.

Of course, you’ll also want to get lucky with the events you encounter. Some can give you a ton of Cosmic Fragments, which will help when you have the Robe. If you didn’t meet any of the other Curios in the options, those with a chance to provide upgraded Blessings could also help.

The Obliteration Wick Trimmer could be handy if you got the Omniscient Capsule. It increases your party’s DMG by 3% for every destructible object you’ve smashed. It’s a way lower bonus than you can get from the Robe, but any little bit counts.

Tips and Tricks

When speaking of DPS, stat priorities are:

  1. Crit Rate or DMG
  2. Element DMG Bonus
  3. DMG Bonus
  4. ATK

While ATK can be easy to build, it has diminishing returns around the 2,000 mark. It would be best to increase Crit or the character’s element DMG Bonus instead. General DMG Bonuses mostly come from Light Cones, but some Eidolon upgrades can provide it.

Don’t underestimate Gepard. He might be a tank character but he can pack a serious punch. Be especially careful of Frigid Waterfall. It has a minor DMG boost every time he uses it, so its damage stacks up later in combat. Defeat him quickly, or make sure you can survive it to do so otherwise.

Gepard is mostly a DPS check. If you have sufficient output, you can trounce him. Still, you should leave space for a healer, tanker, or both.

Have Fun Completing World 3!

If you want different Planar Ornaments to farm, you can skip claiming Immersion Rewards. You get other prizes by completing it in various difficulties for the first time. Still, it can be a way to test your characters, though the buffs they get from Blessings can skew things a bit.

As long as you’re having fun, it’s not a chore to run it repeatedly. Enjoy playing through the Simulation Universe!

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