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Thanks to Blizzard having teamed up with NetEase, a specialized mobile developer, Diablo Immortal is a polished title that connects players back into the franchise while welcoming first-timers to the fray. As a F2P game, gamers will need all the help they can get unless they want to grind for hours just to get to the game’s more formidable content.

PlayerAuctions is an independent player-to-player marketplace for buying and selling virtual video game property. PlayerAuctions is NOT endorsed by, directly affiliated with, maintained, authorized, or sponsored by Diablo Immortal or its trademark owner.

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Choosing A Diablo Immortal Account with the Perfect Class for You

Each class in Diablo Immortal is adept at a specific playstyle. Each class is uniquely suited to different tasks; choosing a class boils down to which type of content players would like to focus on the most. Some classes excel in going through the game’s story content, while a couple provides an edge over PvP-related content. Here are the classes in Diablo Immortal that every buyer should know before getting an account for themselves:

  1. Necromancer

    The Necromancer can be considered as the summoner class in other RPG titles, and they’re perfect for soloing content. Summons in Diablo Immortal can soak up much of the aggro while the player performs actions, leaving them free to play however they prefer. While building for the Necromancer requires a zoned focus build when doing late-game/endgame content (damage dealing/supportive), the class is strong in both single-target and AoE scenarios.

  2. Barbarian

    The Barbarian is touted as a great class – an excellent brawler perfect for beginners and veterans alike. Able to hack and slash through hordes of enemies and utilize stun abilities, the Barbarian is a solid pick for anyone interested in doing PvP. The only caveat with this class is that they suffer from single-target situations during late game, so they’re susceptible to taking tons of damage.

  3. Demon Hunter

    When it comes to dealing damage at a distance, the Demon Hunter is unmatched. They offer a lot of flexibility with their fast-paced mobility and ranged attacks, making them perfect for players that love seeing those high DPS numbers. Their lack of AoE abilities might leave them a tad vulnerable to PvP since they don’t have any defensive maneuvers or stuns to dish out. Still, they’re a solid pick for anyone looking to breeze through Diablo Immortal’s campaign.

  4. Wizard

    The Wizard is arguably the most complex class to master in Diablo Immortal. Sure, they can deal lots of damage against enemies, but they can be challenging to manage due to their cooldowns. If players want to get the most out of the Wizard’s playstyle, they’ll constantly have to micro-manage their spells and time them right.

  5. Crusader

    Known as the tank class in Diablo Immortal, the Crusader is great at soaking up aggro. It’s an excellent choice for beginners, as the Crusader is generally overpowered in PvE and PvP content. Besides being able to absorb a lot of damage, they also offer group buffs and stuns when doing group-based content.

  6. Monk

    Capable of dealing respectable damage and providing defensive utilities, the Monks are a fragile yet complex class that’s easy to get play but hard to master. For those looking for a challenge, this class can offer much more than managing cooldowns. Once players get the hang of the Monk’s abilities and gear, they’ll no doubt be pleased with the results.

Heading into the Marketplace for Legendary Gems

It’s no secret that if players want to have the best gear in Diablo Immortal, they’ll have to look for legendary gear. Each piece of gear in the game has a chance of holding a socket; this is where players can equip their Gems. Gems are divided into two categories: normal and legendary. As gamers might have noticed by now, the Legendary Gems are considered the cream of the crop.

Players can further empower their gear by equipping Gems and enabling their class’ gameplay. Placing a Legendary Gem in one of these empty slots will not only make the value of their gear skyrocket, but it’ll add more oomph to their protection. Of course, there’s a catch. Retrieving Legendary Gems in the game is extremely difficult; the only way to consistently get them is by utilizing Rare Crests for Elder Rift pulls. And if that isn’t enough, players will have to spend real money. Thankfully, gamers can get Legendary Gems in the Diablo Immortal Marketplace for a much lower price than what they’re going for in the official in-game store.

Reaching the Level Cap Easily

If players prioritize the main quest objectives, they should see their character shoot up in levels, though they’ll soon find out they’ll hit multiple walls along the way. The level cap is 60 for Diablo Immortal, and despite not being a necessarily high number, the free-to-play mobile game won’t necessarily hold the player’s hand without a price for the whole duration of their leveling process. They can take advantage of the free Battle Pass or complete the Daily Bounties, but it’ll still take a lot of work. Luckily, players can avail leveling services in the Diablo Immortal Marketplace. By doing so, they can let someone else do the hard work for them.

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