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Cheap Animal Crossing Golden Tools for Sale

Earning Animal Crossing golden tools can be a rather tedious process. So why not just shortcircuit that process and jump straight to enjoying the game? At PlayerAuctions, you get first dibs on the most coveted Animal Crossing tools. You can be sure we’ve got ‘em all—from the Golden Axe to the Golden Shovel and everything in between!

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Why Tools are Essential in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

During the starting process of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players had to first learn how to get around their island. The idea of exploring one’s island is to get an idea of what the terrain is. This is a crucial step especially when a player is about to build certain monuments in the game. At this time, players are still learning the know-hows in New Horizons, and as such, they’ll need the right tools to be able to get some items in the game for themselves. Tools are essential in Animal Crossing: New Horizons because without them, there wouldn’t be much for the players to do in the game. When it comes to Animal Crossing games, it’s all about the aspect of collecting the different bugs, fishes and jazzing up one’s island.

Different Types of Tools in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Compared to the previous titles, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a few more tools up its sleeve that players can use to explore their island better. On the island, there are cliffs and river streams that players will have to cross or get on top of if they want to be able to gain access to that certain area. While these can be altered later in the game, this will only be available once players have “finished” the game. Getting to the end part of the game after K.K. Slider visits the island is where New Horizons truly opens up to its players. Players will have a larger and better Nook’s Cranny along with K.K. Slider doing a weekly visit to cater to their song requests (which players can also get a copy off to play to their radio!). But even if the players can completely edit their island structure in however they want it to be, they’ll still need the tools to get by.

Fishing Rod

The fishing rod will always be a part of Animal Crossing even in future titles. Players can use this tool to catch fit in the ocean or on their island’s river streams. Fish have two main uses: to sell or to donate. Players can sell the fish that they have accumulated in their inventory to Nook’s Cranny or CJ should he come for a visit; however, most people opt to donate to Blathers who is found inside the museum to fill up the aquarium. In the previous titles, the museums weren’t exactly visually pleasing due to the limited hardware by the Gamecube, DS, and 3DS. Thankfully, things have changed for the Nintendo Switch since now players can see the different kinds of fishes that they have donated in extreme detail once they explore the aquarium.


Nets are used to catch bugs in Animal Crossing games. There are many kinds of bugs in New Horizons to catch. Besides the usual butterflies and leaf bugs that are scattered across, there are even scorpions and tarantulas--but be careful, they’re extremely aggressive when provoked! Like fishes, bugs also have two main uses. Players can either sell their critters to Nook’s Cranny or Flick, the bug expert who’s willing to pay twice as much for any type of bugs that one can get their hands on. The other option is to donate the bugs to Blathers for the museum. As much as Blathers despise bugs, he’s willing to get them off a player’s hands for the completion of his “bug garden”.


Axes are used to chop down trees and tree branches and as a result, produce wood. Keep in mind that only the mid-tier and high-tier axes can completely chop down the tree. Wood is an important resource for all of the players New Horizons as it is one of the main crafting materials of many items.


The shovel is used to dig holes in the ground. This is an essential tool if players want to plant certain trees around their island or take home other types of trees in the mystery islands that they visit. Shovels are also used to harvest nuggets that reside in rocks. There are different types of nuggets, but they’re all an important resource for crafting.

Watering Cans

Want to have a bed of flowers? With a watering can, that can easily be done. The watering can be used to water flowers or tree branches that are still in the stages of growing into a full-sized tree. Unlike the many other tools on the list, this tool is perhaps the most underrated one simply because gamers don’t care much for it.


Slingshots one primary use: to pop balloons. During improving the island, a player is bound to see some floating balloons that have presents tied to the string on their island. With the use of the slingshot, they’ll be able to pop the balloon and get the present for themselves. These presents can either be a furniture item or a recipe card.

What are Animal Crossing Golden Tools?

Golden tools are the best tools in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This because they have much higher durability compared to the “normal” tools that other players usually craft or purchase from Nook’s Cranny. For example, a normal ax breaks after 100 hits, but in the case of a golden ax, it’ll instead break after 200 hits--this is twice of what the durability level of a normal ax! To make golden tools, players will need golden nuggets which can be harvested from large rocks. Unfortunately, these golden nuggets don’t come by that often and are known to be rare. That’s why some gamers want to buy golden tools in Animal Crossing.


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