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Animal Crossing NH Christmas for Sale

Ready the coats and set up the tree. It’s Christmas time in Animal Crossing! Buy Animal Crossing New Horizon Christmas seasonal items from other players. Collect all the available decorations, from Festive Furniture Items and Christmas Clothing. Fill the house with Festive Trees, Ornament Wreaths, and Illuminated Reindeers while wearing Santa themed Clothing!

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About Animal Crossing NH Christmas

Why Buy Christmas Festive Furniture and Items and Christmas Clothing in Animal Crossing NH?

Animal Crossing NH always has special items, clothing, or furniture whenever there is an occasion. Yhis time around, New Horizon is pumping out Christmas-themed seasonal cosmetics. Just like any other seasonal items, this year’s batch of Christmas items is time-limited. Once the season is over, the Christmas-themed cosmetics are gone for good. Players will have a limited time to grind and collect all the season collectibles until they are removed. Farming for these items may feel a bit tedious and repetitive for some players. In addition, some gamers may not have time on their hands since Christmas is a busy occasion. Instead of worrying whether they can farm and save up bells to get all the Christmas cosmetics in time, players can get rid of their anxiety if they buy the items from other players.

How Hard is It to Collect All Christmas Items?

The seasonal collectibles have their own method of collecting. Some will need players to go around the island talking to NPCs while others can just be bought from the Able sisters. Most items will require players to gather recipes and components for them to make the festive cosmetics. Whatever the case, they still need time and dedication for players to acquire them.

Christmas Clothing

For this year’s jolly season, the clothing category has two sets of clothes. The Santa Costume and Reindeer Costume can be bought in pieces. Each piece of clothing will have varying prices, so some players might find these cosmetics a bit pricy. Instead of using bells to buy them, gamers can consider using real-life money instead. Here are the prices for each piece of garment:

  • Santa Hat: 2000
  • Santa Coat: 2600
  • Santa Pants: 2150
  • Santa Beard: 1480
  • Reindeer Hat: 1120
  • Reinder Costume: 1170

Christmas Festive Furniture and Items

Acquiring seasonal furniture and items involve various methods. The majority of the furniture needs blueprints or recipes that players can get from Balloon presents. Only the Festive Wreath can be acquired by talking to NPCs. Players will have to use slingshots to shoot down these floating inflatables to obtain recipes. However, gamers should be careful not to shoot down balloons when they are above a body of water, rocks, or furniture as the presents will disappear if they land on these obstacles. Here is the list of presents with their corresponding drops:

  • Red Balloon: DIY Recipes
  • Blue Balloon: DIY Materials
  • Green Balloon: Festive Furniture/Clothing
  • Yellow Balloon: Bells
  • Golden Ballon: Golden Slingshot

Once players collect the recipes, they will have to collect ornaments by shaking Cedar trees. There are three types of ornaments that gamers will have to collect: red, blue, and gold/yellow. These components are required to craft the DIY seasonal furniture. These activities are only available during the Festive Season. Collectors may find the whole process tedious, so it might be easier and smarter to just buy these items from other players using on a trusted marketplace. To see how much time players will have to grind to collect the seasonal items, here are the DIY cosmetics along with their required components:

  • Festive Tree: Wood x5, Gold Ornament x2, Blue Ornament x3, and Red Ornament x3
  • Big Festive Tree: Wood x5, Clay x5, Gold Ornament x4, Blue Ornament x6, and Red Ornament x6
  • Festive Rug: Gold Ornament x5, Blue Ornament x5, and Red Ornament x5
  • Falling-snow Wall: Stone x10 and Snowflake x3
  • Festive Wrapping Paper: Gold Ornament x1, Blue Ornament x1, and Red Ornament x1
  • Gift Pile: Wooden-block Toy x1, Cardboard Box x1, and Red Wrapping Paper x1
  • Holiday Candle: Clump of Weeds x2 and Red Ornament x5
  • Illuminated Present: Iron Nugget x3, Gold Ornament x4, and Red Ornament x3
  • Illuminated Reindeer: Iron Nugget x5 and Gold Ornament x6
  • Illuminated Snowflakes: Iron Nugget x3 and Blue Ornament x9
  • Illuminated Tree: Iron Nugget x6, Gold Ornament x6, Blue Ornament x8, and Red Ornament x8
  • Jingle Wall: Clay x5, Gold Ornament x5, Blue Ornament x5, and Red Ornament x5
  • Ornament Mobile: Tree Branch x4, Gold Ornament x1, Blue Ornament x1, and Red Ornament x1
  • Ornament Wreath: Gold Ornament x2 and Blue Ornament x6
  • Tabletop Festive Tree: Clay x2, Tree Branch x3, and Gold Ornament x5
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