The ninth expansion pack of World of Warcraft (WoW), Dragonflight, has launched recently, and players are rushing to experience the wonderful realm of The Dragon Isles in the game. Among new playable races, NPCs, and quests, Dragonflight comes with various rewards and gears which can be acquired by participating in PvP battles.

The Season 1 PvP of Dragonflight has various battles for you to participate in, world quests to complete, and gear to grind. If you’re wondering how to get the max out of the Season 1 PvP of Dragonflight and obtain all the goodies you need, you’ve landed at the right page. So without further ado, let’s get started! 

Dragonflight PvP Start Date

Season 1 of Dragonflight PvP is right around the corner, all set to go live on December 12, 2022. However, the exact time the servers go live may vary depending on your region, but the worldwide access will be unlocked on Monday, December 12th for the entire playerbase.

Dragonflight PvP Changes

Now, let’s talk about some of the changes you will witness in the Season 1 PvP of Dragonflight. It is better to know before diving into the PvP how the Rated queues of World of Warcraft have changed in the latest expansion pack.

Rated Solo Shuffle

In the PvP Season 1 of Dragonflight, using the Rated Solo Shuffle, you can queue in the Rated However, keep in mind that you will lose and gain your rating based on your loss or win in the Rated Arena.

When you queue in the Rated Solo Shuffle, your XP and credits towards Vicious mounts, weekly Great Vault progress, and Conquest is enabled. Therefore, you can grind for your rating and your credits a the same time. 

Previously, World of Warcraft had 14 different PvP Arenas for players to battle in. A brand new PvP Arena, The Nokhudon Proving Grounds, is being introduced in the game with the PvP Season 1 of Dragonflight.

Note: You can’t solo queue in the Rated Battleground

How To Get PvP Gear In Dragonflight Season 1

More than the rating, what excites the players in WoW the most are the gear and rewards obtained through PvP battles. Hence, we have explained how you can obtain the gear by participating in PvP Season 1:

Bloody Token

The first method you can use to obtain gear sets is via Bloody Token. It is extremely convenient, as you’ll be able to stack up on Bloody Tokens by completing PvP quests during Season 1 of Dragonflight. You can also obtain Gold and Bloody Tokens as drops from the World PvP chess and other quests that you find in the world.

The Bloody Tokens you find through Rated Arena, and Rated Battlegrounds can also provide you with gear having a max level of 408. For WoW beginners: you can look in your inventory to check the item level of the gear you own.

Honor Gear

Aside from the Bloody Tokens, you can also get gear sets by earning Honor. It is an easy and efficient method of grinding for gear pieces, as Honor vendors have the cheapest sets to sell. Check out below to learn how to earn Honor and get gear through it.

How To Get Gear Through Honor Points

You can earn Honor by competing in the Battlegrounds. Since the Honor vendors sell at cheap rates, you can earn enough Honor to buy gear pieces by simply completing two or three Battlegrounds. Therefore, you’d be able to unlock new pieces of gear after every few Battleground games.

Upgrading Your Gear With Honor

You can also upgrade the gear your purchase using Honor; however, the choice of upgrading is entirely yours. With that said, we don’t recommend spending your Honor to upgrade gears just for PvP, as non-upgraded gear is completely viable in the mode. You can instead spend the excess Honor to buy better Trinkets to boost your stats.

If you want to prepare yourself better for queuing in Rated Arena, you can go with non-upgraded and 411-item-level Honor gear and some top-notch Trinkets.

Conquest Gear

Finally, you can also grind Conquest points in Dragonflight and purchase the gear sets you want by spending them. How can you earn Conquest points, and is it really worth upgrading the Conquest gear you acquire? We’ve got you! 

How To Get Conquest Points And Gear

Just like Honor points, you need to participate in PvP Battlegrounds and Arena fights to earn the Conquest points. The more Battleground you win, the more rapidly you can stock on Conquest points. Then you can spend those points at the PvP vendor to buy Conquest gear. However, these gear pieces aren’t as cheap as Honor gear; hence, you’ll have to grind Battlegrounds more.

Do You Need To Upgrade Conquest Gear

The Conquest gear is higher-leveled than the Honor gear. As the Honor gear is close to Mystic level at 411, the Conquest gear you obtain is even 10 points higher, resting at level 421. However, you’re not required to upgrade your gear pieces for them to be viable in the PvP battles. Therefore, we recommend spending your Conquest points on acquiring new gear rather than upgrading your current one. 

Final Thoughts

With the PvP Season 1 of Dragonflight right around the corner, the more information you can get about rewards, grinds, and battle modes, the more value you can extract from your season. We hope this guide has given you deep insight into the PvP Season 1 and now you’re better prepared to grind the best gear pieces!