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WoW Dragonflight Gold Making Guide

Dragonflight Gold

Like many MMOs, World of Warcraft requires players to have a lot of gold to buy most of the things in the game. With the release of Dragonflight, stacking up on a bit of shiny currency will help adventurers transition into the new expansion. Players should expect that items will be costly in the new expansion, so having gold will give gamers more opportunities, including being able to afford to fly a Dragon. Making sure you have money when Dragonflight comes out will give you an undeniable advantage. This WoW Dragonflight Gold Making Guide will teach players the optimal ways to gold farm in WoW's latest expansion.

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What Can You Do With World of Warcraft Dragonflight Gold?

While gold can be beneficial for a bunch of stuff in the game, it cannot be used to buy the best-in-slot items or powerful gear from raids. However, money can be used to acquire other functional items, especially for the latest expansion. Here are the things that gamers can use gold on: 

  • Pre-Raid Items
  • Leveling Materials
  • Crafting Materials
  • Mounts
  • Pets
  • Cosmetics
  • Consumables for Buffs
  • Item Repairs

Most items that can empower characters will come mainly from raids, but having the right pre-raid gear will ensure players can clear the dungeons as effectively as possible. Leveling and crafting materials are also essential to help adventurers progress outside equipment. This is very important to rank up some professions that will be critical in Dragonflight.

Outside character progression, mounts and pets are other items you can buy with gold. While some players go head over heels for these for their aesthetic value, these things have various functional uses that can benefit heroes in their travel. Quality mounts can decrease travel time to and from areas, while some companions can be considered battle pets that can assist gamers in battle. These miscellaneous items can be a massive help for adventurers. 

One of the most significant and underrated things gamers can do with their gold is to buy consumables. Buffs obtained from food, drinks, and potions are beneficial, especially in Raid content. Consumables are very high in demand, so players who supply them can get rich quickly. This leads to a constant need to be making WoW Dragonflight Gold as efficiently as possible. 

The last and probably the most expensive thing players can spend on in the game. While they do not have any practical uses in the field, they improve the immersion experience. Wearing nifty and intimidating battle armor sets can engage players more. Costumes can be expensive, and adventurers are willing to use their savings to increase their glam.

With so many things to spend on, heroes might find trouble saving up enough gold for future content. Fortunately, there are several ways where gamers can save up tons of money. This guide will help players stock up on as much bling as possible.

Best Classes for World of Warcraft Dragonflight Gold Making

While every class is enjoyable to use in World of Warcraft, some jobs are more effective in farming gold than most. When it comes to earning money from Raids, any specialization will suffice, since every role is welcome. However, for content outside Raiding, players must rely on their characters’ solo-play capabilities. Here are the best classes for farming gold in Dragonflight:

  • Protection Paladin – While they may not be dishing out damage, they are incredibly significant in group content due to their supporting capabilities. For this job, it is best to stick with Raids and team fights rather than solo content.
  • Frost Mage – Characters with severe AoE damage and single-targe attacks are always great in farming gold. Frost Mages are powerful in this area, which is topped off by their numerous defensive abilities.
  • Beast-Mastery Hunter – This job is essentially one of the best solo-class in the game, with significant damage and mobility. With their extra defensive ability, they are efficient since they need less rest time in between grinds.
  • Shadow Priest – For people who farm gold by Raiding, Shadow Priests are a big deal in parties with their strong DPS and healing abilities. You can easily find teams with this job, which ensures you can consistently get into dungeons to get profitable loot.
  • Fury Warrior – Fury Warriors can efficiently cleave through enemies with their strong single-target DPS and multi-attacks. This makes them effective in farming gold.
  • Unholy Death Knight – Death Knights are already defensive by nature, but this specialization gives them intense Aoe bursts and even better survivability. This gives Unholy DKs significant figures in fights and challenges.
  • Affliction Warlock – Characters in this class are highly mobile and have powerful AoE damage skills. This makes Warlocks some of the fastest mob clearers.
  • Havoc Demon Hunter – This job is an excellent gold farming spec due to its ability to dish out fast damaging abilities. Their movement speed, dash skill, double jump, and climbing ability give them an edge in getting into a place that is hard to reach.
  • Arcane Mage – This class is prized as a substantial gold farmer due to their insane DPS and portal usage. Players can quickly clear out swathes of mobs and instantly teleport to cities to sell their wares.
  • Feral Druid – These characters are considered some of the best for farming gold due to their ability to transform and flexibility in their class specialization. Their transform option allows them to reduce travel time between areas with mount restrictions. At the same time, their flexibility will enable them to have decent AoE attacks and consequential single-target damage.

Classes that are good for farming gold depend on what content they are good at. For jobs like Paladins and Shadow Priests, they specialize in group and Raid-content since they can quickly get in on any team. Other classes like Fury Warrior and Beast-Mastery Hunter are suitable in solo content, such as slaying monsters for Skinning. 

Profitable Resources in Dragonflight

While the best farming spots in the game are still unknown, it is already clear which items are profitable to gather. These ingredients are essential materials as elemental and enchanting resources. Even without the areas, knowing the best things to grind will help heroes understand where to grind. Here are the best items to farm in Dragonflight:

  • Awakened Earth
  • Awakened Fire
  • Awakened Air
  • Awakened Frost
  • Awakened Order
  • Awakened Blood
  • Rousing Earth
  • Rousing Fire
  • Rousing Air
  • Rousing Frost
  • Rousing Order
  • Rousing Blood
  • Vibrant Shard
  • Resonant Crystal

Best Gold-Making Methods in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Players looking to save gold should focus their activities on specific ventures. Not every action will reward enough money to be considered lucrative. Knowing which things to do can optimize every adventurer’s time. Here are the best ventures for farming gold fast in WoW Dragonflight.

The Dragon Isles will have ample gold-farming opportunities.

Make Gold by Dominating the Auctionhouse in Dragonflight

Auction houses are located in almost every major city. They are faction-locked, and Horde auction houses are only accessible for Horde players and visa versa. There are neutral Auction Houses in Gadgetzan, Everlook, and Booty Bay. Auctions here are viewable by any player, regardless of faction. These allow players to view offers from the opposing faction. However, the transaction costs are significantly higher. While all players have access to the Auction House, only a minority of players can figure out how to make significant amounts of gold from it. To make money in the Dragonflight expansion, players must learn the ins and outs of the Auction House to efficiently make gold. Here are some of the best Dragonflight Auction House tips:

  • Create a bank character - bag and bank space in World of Warcraft are inherently limited as a design decision. A bank character is an alt that is used as storage. These characters will often be in a guild by themselves to access a guild bank. Once fully prepared, these characters can provide 140 slots in their bags and an entire guild bank.
  • Store everything - you will find yourself at a severe advantage if you choose to vendor white trash. Anything used in crafting can potentially be sold at the Auction House for a profit. 
  • Learn what the market needs - there are multiple streams of material and equipment in World of Warcraft. You will often buy raw materials from farmers and selling to end-game PvE or PvP players. Learn what each type of player uses the most and leverage your Auction House offers to fit these needs. 
  • Synchronize your professions with your Auction House offers - many professions dovetail with Auction House domination in Dragonflight. Alchemy, Cooking, Herbalism, and Jewelcrafting can be fantastic avenues of profit. They all provide some type of resource that end-game PvE necessitates, sometimes as a pre-requisite for PvE in the case of flasks and food. These professions will be able to create items that have intrinsic demand and a high price.

Best Professions Dragonflight for Gold Making

Since vanilla, professions have been a critical part of gold farming in World of Warcraft. There are two types of professions in Dragonflight for gold making: crafting and gathering. Either can be profitable, but players should ideally focus on both, picking a gathering profession that complements their crafting in order to reduce the gold required for raw materials. We'll go over some of the most profitable gold making professions below:

Skinning - One of the Best Gathering Professions for Gold Making

Skinning would be one of the most efficient activities players can engage in. This profession goes hand in hand with slaying mobs since you will need a carcass to get your source of leather. Since there are a lot of quests and other activities that will require players to kill a bunch of enemies, having a high rank in this trade skill can ensure you can get the most out of your slain foes. 

Herbalism - A Best Gold Farming Option

Every player should consider going for this profession at some point. This trade skill provides gamers with various essential materials, especially those needed in Alchemy. Not only will investing in this line save your money from being spent on buying materials, but you can also sell the resources you gathered and sell them for profit. Here are some of the best herbs that you can pick to earn gold:

  • Hochenblume
  • Saxifrage
  • Bubble Poppy
  • Writebark

Mining - A Fallback Gold Farming Option

Mining is one of the most accessible professions where players can acquire money in no time. While minerals value less the herbs, they are straightforward to sell, ensuring that your supply will always find its way into the hands of buyers. The best thing about this trade skill is that adventurers don’t need to dive into hidden crevices and hard-to-reach places to gather ores. Azeroth is abundant in rocks that can be mined, so players who take the time to harvest these sources will definitely reap the benefits of their actions. Here are some of the best materials to gather for Mining in Dragonflight:

  • Tyrivite
  • Draconium

Dragonflight has finally been released, and many players compete against each other to gain WoW gold. With so many incredible things in DF, many players are trying to save up and buy everything they need for their next raiding session. A new expansion means players can generate an absurd amount of money from the demand for many items and consumables. Gamers will need to know the best ways to farm gold.

Why Do You Need Gold in WoW Dragonflight?

Gold will always be a virtual currency in World of Warcraft. You can buy many functional items that can improve your gameplay or help with your immersion. From necessary consumables to crafting materials, there are many things to spend on in the world of Azeroth. Here are the most important things that players can spend on:

  • Pre-Raid Gear
  • Crafting Materials
  • Leveling Materials
  • Consumables
  • Transmogs
  • Pets
  • Mounts

The most important thing players can buy with their gold is pre-raid gear. During the start of expansions, heroes usually need the proper gear to prepare them for most of the more difficult dungeons. Pre-raid equipment is generally created from crafting professions and provides gamers with decent starting equipment to help them clear early raids.

Another thing that some players would spend their gold on is crafting materials. Many characters are engaged in professions that require product ingredients, such as Blacksmithing, Cooking, and Alchemy. For those who don't have time to gather materials, buying them from the Auction House is more convenient. Some craftsmen will work with these ingredients as leveling materials to progress to higher ranks in their chosen profession. 

Consumables are some essential things players need, especially for raids. These things include food and potions. Meals are used to recovering HP players out of combat. Meanwhile, tinctures provide buffs and stat-altering effects to the user. These items will be necessary, especially in the early stages of the expansion, due to the lack of power scaling.

What most players spend the bulk of their money on are vanity items. These items can be costly since many are mainly acquired as ultra-rare drops from raids. Transmogs change the appearance of characters, which helps with immersion and role-playing. With the release of Dragonflight, a new set of cosmetics will make its way onto the market.

Pets are collected for cosmetics or as units for the Battle Pets feature. Mounts are the most functional among the three vanity items. Higher rarity mounts can provide faster movement speed, reducing travel time.

The Best Professions in the Early Phase of Dragonflight

The need for many materials is quite different from the start of the expansion until players reach mid or end-game content. Heroes are just starting to find their footing in Dragonflight, and many are just beginning to progress in several ranges. Players will be on an even level whether they are focusing on raids or professions. 

These tradeskills will be the best money-making activities because many players will need the gear they produce. These professions can create pre-raid equipment to prepare heroes for raids. Aside from this, these professions also have higher-quality tools needed for other life skills. In the phase where people are also starting to make money, many would look for the necessary items to start up their businesses. Here are the best professions for the current phase:

  • Blacksmithing
  • Inscription
  • Leatherworking
  • Jewelcrafting
  • Tailoring

What makes these fields viable to invest in is their applicability in the late game. Even though they tend to fall off in later phases, they are still important because they can now produce Mythic+ level gear. This setting ensures that these practices remain relevant. In addition, they can also create another set of things, such as cooldown-bound items that serve as excellent backups. 

Alternative Professions in the Early Phase of Dragonflight

The remaining professions have varying degrees of efficiency. All gathering fields are always valuable during any game stage, especially in the beginning. They supply much-needed resources for players who are looking to craft items that are in demand. The great thing about harvesting professions is that they do not need any capital other than your tools since you don't need ingredients. The only reason some tradeskills perform better in this stage is that the demand for raiding gear is very high. Players should note that Fishing might provide less income than Mining, Herbalism, and Skinning.

The final crafting professions are Engineering, Alchemy, Enchanting, and Cooking. These fields tend to perform better during the latter phases of the expansion. They are mainly used for personal benefits such as making potions and food. They tend to provide less money in this stage since people are focused more on leveling and acquiring pre-raid gear for raiding. However, they can still provide stable income because they provide staple commodities in the market.

Best Overall Professions in Dragonflight

If you are looking for long-term investments, some professions will overtake the lead in gold-making in the game's later stages. When the demand for pre-raid gear decreases, other fields will become more profitable. The original top professions will still be reliable sources of income, especially with the new specialization system. Here are the top jobs in general:

  • Herbalism and Mining – Herbalism and Mining will always be one of the top money-making activities in World of Warcraft. They provide the bulk of the materials needed for many crafting professions. Herbalism supplies Alchemists with their ingredients for making potions, a common and frequently used commodity for raids. They also provide Scribes of the necessary items for milling. Meanwhile, Mining supplies materials to many fields, such as Blacksmithing and Engineering, to create various items, especially Mythic+ grade items.
  • Skinning – Skinning is the primary supplier of the materials needed by Leatherworking, which makes it profitable even if the number of Leatherworkers thin down. They can quickly sell much of their harvested resources in the marketplace. This profession is extra worthwhile because you need to slay and loot mobs and animals. Players can only start Skinning once all the drops from the corpse have been taken. Looting these creatures double the number of items you get from each run.
  • Enchanting – Enchanting becomes more critical as more and more players gain better gear. Gamers initially put off enchantments for their pre-raid equipment because they want to become more powerful later. This profession can augment weapons and armor to provide additional stats or effects. At the end-game stage, these modifications serve a considerable purpose in min-maxing builds, which hardcore players would most likely do.
  • Inscription – Inscriptions remain at the top of the money-making board because they provide reagents used in most crafting. They maintain their relevance no matter what phase because they provide essential materials. A player's importance in this field is determined by what they can create. Those who can create Darkmoon Cards, purple to yellow grade Inscriptions, and Vantus runes can profit consistently and effectively.
  • Blacksmithing – Further down the line, players would start getting more powerful items via raiding and rewards. However, Blacksmiths remain relevant at any stage because they can create powerful end-game items. It is advisable even for guilds to have at least one Armorsmith and one Weaponsmith in their roster to avoid spending too much in the Auction House.
  • Alchemy – As raids become more frequent and complex, players will start ramping up their use of potions. While there are many Alchemists in Azeroth, the massive demand for these consumables ensures that most profit from selling their potions. With the Auction House being region-wide, there will be a never-ending demand for available and powerful flasks.

How to Get Rich with your Chosen Profession?

While selling in-demand items in the game is a sure way to get rich, Dragonflight has introduced a new system that will benefit crafting professions intensely. The expansion has implemented Crafting Orders as a unique interaction between crafters and clients. Players can now place a request for a specific item to be crafted by other people.

There are many things to learn about the new system, so those looking to earn gold should take their time to learn the basics about this feature. However, there are a few tips that can help gamers take advantage of the Crafting Orders. Here are some basic need-to-know things for this new system:

  • Try to aim for orders placed in the middle or end of the week. Since many crafters would have already fulfilled their quota, you can hog all the remaining ones and choose the best ones.
  • Study the market and see when players usually raid. Learning the most frequent time of raiding in your server can help you decide when to browse for orders.
  • Crafters should be consistent and reliable. Orderers have the option to choose who can accept their commissions. These requests can be open to anyone, guildmates or specific people. If you can establish a reputation in the community, you might receive commissions specifically addressed to you.

Gathering professions cannot partake in this system as this is only aimed at Crafting tradeskills. However, that does not diminish their profitability since those who want to place a commission will need to buy the materials for their crafters. Players should take advantage of Crafting Orders to earn gold quickly.

Make Gold from Raids

Doing Raids is always a sure way to gain some gold. These challenges reward players with tons of money, so they are incredibly profitable to do as long as you can consistently clear the dungeons. The drawback of this venture is that your profit relies on your success in removing the Raids and how fast you finish them. These contents are very time-consuming and will require so much investment from players. In addition, you don’t get anything in return if you fail clears, so only rely on this feature if you can successfully finish them constantly.

Crafting Professions

Almost any crafting profession is bound to make some money if they can reduce their expenses from buying ingredients. Crafters with mastery over gathering skills have an undue advantage over others in terms of stocking up on gold. While every feature related to this is lucrative, the most worthwhile ones involve getting the highest quality tier for enchants, gems, glyphs, and gear. Here are some of the best steps to take to increase your effectiveness in this venture:

  • Inspiration
  • Resourcefulness
  • Crafting Speed
  • Multicraft

Making Gold in Dragonflight Will Require Dedication

While these may be the best gold-making methods in Dragonflight, gamers should note that they are nowhere easy to do. Each of these will require a certain level of skill, commitment, and planning, so if you want to strike it rich, you need to dedicate yourself to it. The best thing for adventurers is to swap their activities daily to keep farming gold in Dragonflight interesting.

Dragonflight Gold Making FAQ

  • What can I do to prepare for WoW Dragonflight?
    • Do your Covenant callings. They give good gold for sometimes really easy objectives and provide anywhere between 1300-1800 gold. Do the Korthia campaign up to chapter 5 (completing chapter 4 unlocks flying in the zones, except Oribos and the Maw), so you’ll have an easier time for the rest of the expansion. Make sure you have every single profession covered and a banker alt for all your farming needs.
  • When does WoW Dragonflight Release?
    • WoW Dragonflight releases on September 28th, so make sure you have all of your gold-making preparations done by that point.
  • Which professions are the most profitable to level for Dragonflight?
    • Skinning, herbalism, and mining as far as crafting professions go. Alchemy and enchanting to meet the needs of endgame PvErs.

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