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Definitive Shadowlands Gold Farming Guide

WoW Gold

Everybody needs gold. From the newest recruit to the hardened veteran, they all need it to progress and play efficiently in their roles. What is a bow user without arrows or an alchemist without ingredients to make potions? Gold farming is a constant activity, and players always look for the best ways to earn them.

Here, we've compiled a definitive WoW Shadowlands Gold Farming Guide. We've included many different methods to suit every taste, from crafting and gathering, to transmog runs, to BoE farming. 

Gathering and Creating

Professions are one of the best money makers in the game. Depending on your choice, you can gather the most expensive ingredients or create things to sell for gold. Here are some of the ways to profit from professions.

Gathering Professions

Gathering skills are one of the game's most consistent sources of currency. Herbalism more so, as raiders would need consumables and supplies for their dungeon runs. Here are the current best ingredients or materials to gather in Shadowlands.

  • Herbalism

    • Marrowroot
    • Rising Glory
    • Vigil's Torch
    • Widowbloom
    • Nightshade
  • Mining

    • Oxxein Ore
    • Solenium Ore
    • Phaedrum Ore
    • Sinvyr Ore
  • Skinning

    • Desolate Leather
    • Callous Hide
    • Heavy variants of the above
    • Warbear Leather (from old lands)

Now, some of these materials have saturated the market already, and you won't get much by selling them wholesale. There are exceptions, but they can be turned into something more worthwhile to sell. Some old expansion materials will sell for a lot of gold, so going through past content can be profitable. It could have less competition, too, as the majority would focus on current expansion materials and items.

Production Professions

These are the professions where you get to make things from the materials you gather. The products can be lucrative for any business-minded goblin wanting to fill their coffers with gold. Here are some of the Professions and things to make for profit.


Consumables are always, always in demand. Guilds go raiding every week, and each run would need supplies in consumables. The staples are health and mana potions, but elixirs and flasks will also sell well. Of course, you'll need a high level to make those expensive drinks.

Cooking can be a substitute for this. Note that a smaller portion of the player base will rather have food than potions, so profits will be fewer when going this route. It all depends on whether the market would rather have more long-lasting buffs or not.

Leatherworking and Blacksmithing

What you'll do with these professions is to make Legendary items. Well, at this point, the market is filled with them already. However, some would always buy the equipment instead of making it themselves. That means there's a market, though it wouldn't be as high as when the expansion was first released.

To get the recipes for the items, you must do a short quest to unlock Torghast and The Maw. Go talk to Runecarver to get those and start crafting.

Blacksmiths should focus on Shadowghast Pauldrons. It requires Shadowghast Ingot, Enchanted Elethium Bar, Luminous Flux, and Orboreal Shard. If you're not supplying your materials, you'll need to invest some gold to get the resources to make them. That's a fact of life, where you sometimes have to spend to earn.

The same goes for Leatherworking and the Boneshatter Pauldrons. This could be a better choice due to being pretty expensive. Again, you might have to invest gold in profiting through this way.


You can make missives with DeathBlossom and Nightshade, earning you tons of gold from selling missives and ink. You'll need to max out your profession first to be able to do this, though.

Farming BoE Equipment

This is another profitable farming method. You can run old raids for this kind of equipment all to sell. Plus, you can also gather the trash loot to sell in bulk to NPCs. There's also the fact that you can get cool transmogs from these runs. You can get rich and look fabulous in one fell swoop.

You just need to be fast, manage your inventory, and use the LFR feature. Some classes have an advantage over the first tip, like the Druid, which can transform into faster forms. This also extends to looting. You'd want to be moving forward as much as possible, so limit stopping to pick up loot. You can do this by gathering a crowd of mobs and killing them in one blow, so you'll only need to stop once for looting.

As for your inventory, boss items get sent to your mail, so you don't have to bother to pick them up. That doesn't apply to gold and trash mobs, so you must pick them up if you want to keep them. The LFR feature lets you skip the weekly reset and travel to other dungeons. You can run through all the raids you wish, although you'll have to run with PUGs, so experience may vary.

Here are some of the best raids to run for gold:

  • Throne of Thunder (Mists of Pandaria)
  • Firelands (Cataclysm)
  • Blackwing Descent (Cataclysm)
  • MoGu'shan Vaults (Mists of Pandaria)
  • Trial of the Crusader (Wrath of the Lich King)

As a bonus, some raids have the chance of dropping incredibly rare mounts that can sell for a ton of gold as well. This is a method to do if you like raiding.

World Quests and Reputation Farming

While World Quests reward you with hundreds of gold, that's not why you're going to do them. You'll need the reputation that the tasks reward for Paragon Chests.

The chests are from excess reputation points when you've reached Exalted rank. Well, that's 10,000 'overflow' points you'll need to gather, but that's what the numerous errands are for. The boxes will reward you with a sum of gold (about 3-4K) and sometimes a mount or a pet you can sell off. Collectors might pay a pretty penny for the last two, and they wouldn't have to be the ones to farm the reputation.

The demand for mounts and pets may have diminished since it's been over two years since the release of the expansion. Still, it has been mentioned that there will be collectors who'd rather have the convenience of buying their way to complete their collection. It might take a long time now, but there's good profit in this method.

You can also do this for old content, like the Order Resource and Blood of Sargeras quests. Those will reward you with various Legion crafting materials you can sell or use at your leisure.

Farming Old Content

With your higher iLvls, it's easy to dominate and defeat old content enemies. That's a good thing if you want to go back and farm some valuable items you weren't able to before. This can include mounts, pets, and other items.

Here are some examples:

  • Mounts
    • Goldenmane's Reins
    • Captured Dune Scavenger
  • Pets
    • Crispin
    • Lurking Owl Kitten
    • Grumpy
  • Items
    • Stormscale Leather
    • Stromhide Leather

Mounts and pets have a bigger immediate payoff, but farming the items or materials in bulk can also give you high profits.

The Tried and True Method

Flipping items in the Auction House is the most consistent WoW gold farming method. You can do it whenever and whatever expansion is out right now. The general principle is to buy low and sell high, but if you want to be good at it, there's a lot more to consider.

You'll have to follow market trends and what items are popular. Predicting when prices will rise and fall will let you time when to buy and sell your items for maximum profits. It takes an observant eye and experience to become a master of this method, plus a minimum investment.

It's best to use this method once you've amassed some riches, as it can be easy to fail and get losses through this method.

Money Making Tips

Earning gold in-game takes time. You're not going to be a WoW gold millionaire in a day, so be patient!

Here are some general tips for earning currency in World of Warcraft:

  • The market is not a harsh environment. It is not your enemy. You have to see your gold as a resource and a reagent. Make it. Use it. Double it back.
  • Find your favorite way to make gold. It can be whatever you like, at your rhythm, whether gathering or being a professional alchemist!
  • Do the shuffling and buy cheap things to sell them at a higher price later, but be careful with this. You don't want to lose money!
  • Be the first selling in the market when new materials are available. People pay more for new content because it's scarce and innovative, and you have to take that advantage. Make sure to research and prepare; this way, you will grow at the same time as inflation.
  • Prepare yourself before patches, view the charts, and determine at which time of the day or day of the week the items sell at their highest. Buy low and sell high!
  • Use your time efficiently. Figure out how to make more money in less time so you won't stay behind the prices.
  • Always research and figure out the best things to sell. Pay attention to changes in the prices. Be careful if an item's price goes too low; maybe you'll have to craft another or change professions.

Keep track of the market with the various resources on hand! This can help you decide on items to sell and their price. Some add-ons can help you, like the Auctioneer and Trade Skill Master. The best way of obtaining WoW gold is to have fun, though! That's more than any of the other tips listed above because the alternative is making moneymaking feel like a chore which is not ideal.

Enjoy World of Warcraft with the riches you've gathered!

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