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WoW Dragonflight Dragonriding Guide


Dragonflight is introducing a lot of new things to World of Warcraft. From new raids to quests, the expansion looks to be better than recent ones. One of the biggest things to come out from the Dragon Isles is the Dragonriding ability. Players can explore their newest region in a more breathtaking and fast-paced manner. Since it is quite different from normal flying, some heroes might need help learning the ropes.

Flying in the Dragon Isles

How Dragonriding works differs from how players use their flying mount. This feature integrates momentum in its mechanics rather than just having drakes fly around nonchalantly. Due to its nature, Dragonriding is more similar to gliding since players must execute certain maneuvers to sustain their flight.

Since it offers a different mechanic than normal flying, Dragonriding also uses its unique resource pool. Vigor is integrated into this feature to allow riders to use their exclusive abilities. This pool is exhausted upon using skills and can be generated by resting on the ground or during high-speed scenarios. 

Dragonriding will also have its progression. Players can improve their flight experience by enhancing their talents and increasing their Vigor cap. With each progress, heroes can sustain their airtime longer and make it much more thrilling. 

Aside from its difference from normal flying, Dragonriding is also exclusive to specific mounts, and not every flying one can partake in this feature. Four drakes can be used for high-speed flying in Dragon Isles. However, players can still use their other standard mounts in this region but can't engage in Dragonriding.

Another thing that heroes should be aware of is the limitations of Dragonriding. This feature is only limited to the Dragon Isles. This feature is disabled in places outside the Dragonflight region. When using drakes outside the isles, they are restricted to simply gliding.

How to Unlock Dragonriding?

The best thing about Dragonriding is that it takes no time to unlock. Alliance and Horde players need to start doing the introductory quests in the Dragonflight MSQs. Eventually, heroes will get the mission to unlock the flight feature in the Dragon Isles. 

For the Evoker-Dracthyr class, they will unlock their version of Dragonriding in their starting zone in the Forbidden Reach. Unlike other courses, Dracthyrs do not have the regular Dragonflight feature since they have their ways of getting around. In addition, they have their class-exclusive mounts that are different from the Dragonriding drakes.

How to Get Dragons or Drakes?

Aside from unlocking Dragonriding, players must also acquire drakes of their own, as they are the only ones capable of engaging in this activity. They can be received by exploring Dragon Isles while doing the main story questline. There is a total of four drakes currently available in the expansion, and each one can be acquired in different zones. Here are all the rideable Dragongriding mounts:

  • Renewed Proto-Drake (Walking Shore)
  • Windborne Velocidrake (Ohn'ahran Plains)
  • Highland Drake (Azure Span)
  • Cliffside Wylderdrake (Thaldraszus)

It is still being determined if any other drakes will be implemented in the future since there have been no further details from the devs.

Basic Flight Maneuvers

One thing that players should always remember is that the mechanics for Dragonriding is different from normal flying. Flight using the drakes must be sustained manually, unlike using regular mounts. To do this, you have to generate momentum, which will increase your speed. You can use this pace to soar to higher altitudes and sustain your flight. Here are some essential tips on how to control Dragonriding:

How to Dive and Soar

The best way to generate momentum is to dive. After gaining speed, you can then head upwards to go higher. This is why the general rule for Dragonriding is that you must go down to go up. To dive, you have to aim your drake at the ground. As you start plunging into the earth, you will notice that you begin to gain speed. You should point your drake upwards if you want to go up or stabilize your mount to move forward.

How to Land

The general rule for landing and dismounting is to Go Up to Go Down. Whenever you ascend to higher altitudes, you lose momentum. After losing speed up to a certain point, your drake will start gliding down. Be careful not to nosedive your mount, or you will gain pace and crash. Circle your chosen landing area until your companion finally arrives on the ground.

Dragonriding Guide

After getting your first drake, it is time to learn the ins and outs of Dragonriding. This feature offers players various skills to help them navigate the isles and improve their flight experience. Several of these abilities need to be unlocked by following the main story questline. Fortunately, the basic Dragonriding moves are all available from the very beginning. Here are all the abilities for this Dragonflight feature:

  • Dragonriding Basic – allows players to use the basic controls in Dragonriding.
  • Vigor – gain access to Vigor-consuming skills.
  • Lift Off – execute a double jump to go upward to start Dragonriding
  • Surge Forward – boost yourself forward, covering a small distance.
  • Skyward Ascent – surge upwards to gain altitude in exchange for Vigor
  • Thrill of the Skies – recover one Vigor every 15 seconds during high-speed moments.
  • Wind of the Isles (unlocked in Ohn'ahran Plains) - allows you to sense gale winds and use them to boost yourself to a directed flight path with different speeds.
  • Whirling Surge (unlocked in Azure Span) - gain speed by spiraling forward over a great distance
  • Bronze Timelock (unlocked in Thaldraszus) - mark a waypoint in your positional timeline to return to upon using rewind
  • Bronze Rewind – allows players to return to a designated spot from Bronze Timelock.


  • Even with the ability to use Lift Off, it is more efficient to use ledges and cliffs to jumpstart your flights. By falling from a higher plane, you can gain momentum, which you can use to climb. This will be faster than using your ability to start Dragonriding.
  • Bronze Timelock is a very nifty tool for questing and gathering. It is also a great lifeline when you are engaged in PvP battles. Make sure to take advantage of this skill to optimize its uses.

Players can further improve these abilities by acquiring glyphs. Progressing your Dragonriding talents is the best way to make the most out of the feature. Each perk enhances all the pre-existing skills and will make flying much more enjoyable. 

  • Drake and Rider Training – max Vigor is increased to four.
  • Dynamic Stretching – Vigor regenerates once per 25 seconds while on the ground.
  • Thrill Chaser – Thrill of the Skies can now generate one Vigor every ten seconds
  • Ohn'ahra's Gust – block projectiles when using Surge Forward
  • Dragonrider's Compassion – provides shields and a bonus 20% movement speed for 5 seconds to friendlies when dismounting.
  • Dragonrider's Initiative – inflict damage and slow effect to nearby enemies by 30% for the next five seconds when dismounting.
  • Restorative Travels – Vigor now regenerates one per 20 seconds while on the ground
  • Airborne Tumbling – dismount enemies in flight when using Whirling Surge.
  • Draconic Cultivation – regenerate Vigor for an additional 10% for 10 seconds while gathering herbs and minerals.
  • Dragonrider's Hunt – recover Vigor by 10% for three seconds after defeating an enemy.
  • Dragonriding Learner – max Vigor is increased to five.
  • Yearning for the Sky – Vigor now regenerates one per 15 seconds while on the ground.
  • At Home Aloft: Thrill of the Skies – Thrill of the Skies can now generate one Vigor every five seconds

Dragonriding is also present in the PvP scene, as several skills are tailored specifically for those scenarios. It is highly recommended that players max out this talent tree as soon as possible. Doing so will ease the heroes' travels and enhance their Dragonriding experience. 

How to Max Out the Dragonriding Talent Tree?

Players must collect Dragonriding Glyphs scattered throughout the region to improve their riding abilities. Each mark provides one talent point every time you gather them. There is a total of 40 Glyphs that players need to collect in their exploration. Here are the locations of each one of them:

Walking Shores 

  • Crumbling Life Archway (57.6, 55.0)
  • Dragonheart Outpost (69.0, 46.0)
  • Life-Binder Observatory (51.0, 16.0)
  • Obsidian Bulwark (41.0, 72.0)
  • Obsidian Throne (21.0, 51.0)
  • Ruby Life Pools Peaks (54.5, 74.2)
  • Scalecracker Peak (73.2, 20.0)
  • Skytop Observatory Tower (75.3, 57.0)
  • The Overflowing Spring (46.4, 52.1)
  • Wingrest Embassy (73.2, 20.0)

Ohn'ahran Plains 

  • Dragonsprings Summit (84.55, 78.32)
  • Emerald Gardens (30.0, 61.0)
  • Mirror of the Sky (47.50, 71.82)
  • Nokhudon Hold (30.50, 36.0)
  • Ohn'ahra's Roost (57.8, 31.0)
  • Ohn'iri Springs (57.16, 78.91)
  • Rusza'thar Reach (86.50, 39.40)
  • Szar Skeleth (44.61, 64.29)
  • The Eternal Kurgans (29.50, 75.10)
  • Windsong Rise (61.32, 64.36)

Azure Span 

  • Azure Archives (40.36, 66.48)
  • Brackenhide Hollow (10.63, 36.37)
  • Cobalt Assembly (45.88, 25.75)
  • Creektooth Den (22.16, 36.72)
  • Imbu (60.98, 69.26)
  • Rhonin's Shield (67.67, 29.11)
  • Lost Ruins (70.57, 46.26)
  • Ruins of Karnthar (68.45, 60.30)
  • Vakthros Range (77.58, 30.97)
  • Zelthrak Outpost (52.94, 48.68)


  • Algeth’era (49.90, 40.20)
  • South Hold Gate (35.60, 85.66)
  • Stormshroud Peak (45.81, 73.97)
  • Algeth'ar Academy (62.50, 40.52)
  • Temporal Conflux (64.91, 82.05)
  • Thaldraszus Apex (72.82, 68.59)
  • Tyrhold (61.48, 55.96)
  • Valdrakken (41.26, 58.27)
  • Vault of the Incarnates (72.18, 50.79)
  • Veiled Ossuary (67.10, 11.80)

Other Features in Dragonriding

One of the bonuses in Dragonriding is that players can customize their drakes. While the default appearances are already excellent, being able to personalize your mounts is something that many players would want. Here are all the parts that heroes can customize:

  • Brows
  • Chins
  • Ears
  • Eye Colors – Slit
  • Eye Colors – Cross
  • Eye Colors – Glow
  • Head Armor
  • Horns
  • Horn Color
  • Jaws
  • Mouths
  • Noses
  • Armor Color
  • Scale Skin Color – Type 1
  • Scale Skin Color – Type 2
  • Throats
  • Body Armor
  • Crests
  • Legs
  • Patterns
  • Tails

Be the Best Dragonrider in Azeroth

With so much potential for Dragonriding, it is ideal for players to learn and master flying in the Dragon Isles. As you become more skilled, you can execute excellent maneuvers to combat enemies in the sky. Learn everything you can and soar to become a master Dragonrider.

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