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Best Healer Dragonflight Tier List

Dragonflight Healer Tier List

In World of Warcraft, healing is one of the most involved tasks you can do. Patch 10.1 was just released a few months ago, and now, healers will have even more things to do since Blizzard implemented a change. The player’s health has been increased by 25%; this goes the same for boss damage.

With that in mind, heals must consistently churn out spells to keep their team alive. In this tier list, we’ll look at some of the best healer builds you can try. We’ll judge each spec by its management of cooldowns, the utility they bring to the table in Mythic+ dungeons and raids, and their healing output.

Healer Tier List Dragonflight

Here are the best healer builds you can do for certain classes.



S Tier

Holy Paladin

A Tier

Preservation Evoker

B Tier

Mistweaver Monk

C Tier

Holy Priest

Holy Paladin: The Best Healer for Mythic+ Healing in Dragonflight

The Holy Paladin has a well-equipped kit fit for Mythic+. Since most of its healing comes from Holy Shock, it’ll leave behind a Glimmer of Light on targets. Plus, as of Patch 10.1.7, the Holy Paladin has received changes to their Tower of Radiance, resulting in Holy Light and Flash of Light generating 1 Holy Power.

Damage-wise, you can spend your Holy Power on Shield of the Righteous and time the opportunity to use Daybreak and Divine Toll offensively. If you want to deal a lot of damage, you can use Consecration.

On the defensive side, Paladins also have access to Divine Protection and Divine Shield. You can also use Fading Light for self-healing purposes. What makes the Holy Paladin build so special is their Blessing of Sacrifice, which reduces the damage taken by party members by 30%.

I expect this spec to remain in the S tier until the end of Season 2. Paladins have an amazing toolkit, so it’s no surprise to see them rocket to the top of Mythic+. While Holy Paladin can be harder to learn since it requires good dungeon knowledge and you to play proactively, it’s ultimately worth the effort.

Preservation Evoker: The Best Healer for Raid Healing in Dragonflight

If we’re still in Patch 10.1, we’d put Preservation Evoker on the S tier beside Holy Paladin, but things have changed. That doesn’t mean this build is no longer viable, though. This spec was incredibly reliable during the first season of Dragonflight, and it still is as we go through the second season.

Preservation Evoker relies heavily on burst healing using their empowered spells like Spiritbloom and Dream Breath. Moreover, Echo can be used with Reversion or Lifebind to keep a group alive. If you’re worried about the build not doing any damage, don’t be—Fire Breath has a relatively short cooldown, and by combining it with Living Flame and Leaping Flames, you can kill up to five targets at a time.

Even without perfect plays, the Preservation Evoker is powerful enough not to have any trouble with healing. Their unique abilities and strong healing-over-time output have made it a go-to build for almost every scenario.

Mistweaver Monk: The Best Healer for PvP Healing in Dragonflight

The Mistweaver Monk would have ranked lower in the previous patches, but it’s finally moved up a notch! This spec initially struggled during Dragonflight's start, and now it’s part of this list. Their “fistweaving” style enables them to do massive healing through damage, making them shine in Mythic+ situations.

Since Mistweaver Monk received the most changes across all classes in Patch 10.1.7, it’s no wonder it has become a viable option. The QoL changes to their mana-spending abilities make them much more efficient in Mythic+. They also have strong crowd control capabilities, such as Ring of Piece, Paralysis, and Leg Sweep.

The Mistweaver Monk offers a fun playstyle if you’re a melee enjoyer who also loves to heal. Most of its past shortcomings have been addressed with the 10.1.7 update. They lack large cooldown abilities but make up for it by doing incredible AoE damage.

Holy Priest: The Best Healer for Beginners in Dragonflight

Priests are reliable healing options for raids and dungeons; however, they’re weaker than some of the other options in this list. Plus, in this patch, Priests are more likely to find success in playing the DPS role.

The Holy Priest relies on a direct healing playstyle using Heal and Flash Heal. Most of your playstyle will revolve around resetting your Holy Words' cooldown since these are the spec’s strongest abilities. As a result, playing as a Holy Priest won’t give you many chances to DPS compared to the other healer specializations.

This is one of the more straightforward and easier classes to learn if you’re new to being a healer, but the Holy Priest falls short compared to the other Disciplines that bring the same utility. That doesn’t mean the spec is terrible; it’s merely overshadowed by other options offering better healing and damage.

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