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WoW Classic Engineering Guide 1-300


Engineering is perhaps one of the most fun crafting jobs in World of Warcraft, and creating contraptions that can be used in combat or just for simple vanity makes most of the craftable items in this profession very practical. However, most of the things engineers tend to be zany and fun. Due to the amount of helpful gear that can be made in this profession, many gamers are looking for a comprehensive WoW Classic Engineering guide to start their career in this field.

Why Should Players Become Engineers?

Due to the number of gizmos that Engineers can make, they can create many items that are helpful in various situations. These inventions can be used in a variety of creative and chaotic ways. From throwing bombs to flying away from the field using contraptions, the ability of Engineers to unlock new skills makes gameplay more entertaining. 

How to Become an Engineer?

As one of the 12 crafting fields in the game, players can easily access this content by talking to certain NPCs. However, adventurers need to have a lvl 5 character before participating in this content. For the Engineering profession, gamers should locate a guard in any capital city. These NPCs will provide adventurers to the Engineering trainers residing within the area. The trainers will initiate players into the profession right away. 

Players should note that certain professions will significantly help or complement Engineering. Mining is the best complementary field since it allows Engineers direct access to many crafting materials. Eventually, Engineers can pick their specialization, which can either be the Gnome or Goblin line. 

There is no requirement for entering this field. However, a Gnome character will significantly help one become an excellent Engineer. This race provides additional +15 attributes to Engineering due to their Engineering Specialization.

Some classes benefit more from entering this profession. Jobs such as Hunters, Paladins, Rogues, Warriors, and Shamans can enhance their playstyle due to the contraptions made in this field. These items include the Gnomish Battle Chicken, Bombs, and Sapper Charges. 

Engineering Ranks and Levels

As gamers enter their engineering careers, they will eventually hit certain milestones at specific levels. These level caps also prevent players from leveling any further, so they will require additional skills from trainers to enable them to progress. Here are all the rankings and levels for this profession:

  • Apprentice – Level 1 to 75
  • Journeyman – Level 75 to 150
  • Expert – Level 150 to 225
  • Artisan – Level 225 to 300

Engineers benefit from higher levels by allowing them access to more recipes and gaining more abilities to create higher quality materials.

Engineering Trainers’ Locations

Aspiring players will often visit Trainers to progress through their training. There will be assigned NPCs for each faction, so the content is not locked behind which group players are a part of. Here are all the trainers in the world of Azeroth:


  • <Journeyman> Bronk Guzzlegear at Steelgrill’s Depot in Dun Morogh
  • <Journeyman> Deek Fizzlebizz at Stonewrought Dam in Loch Modan
  • <Journeyman> Sprite Jumpsprocjet at the Dwarven District in Stormwind
  • <Journeyman> Jemma Quikswitch at Tinker Town in Ironforge
  • <Journeyman> Jenna Lemkenilli at Auberdine in Darkshore
  • <Expert> Lilliam Sparkspindle at the Dwarven District in Stormwind
  • <Expert> Trixie Quikswitch at Tinker Town in Ironforge
  • <Artisan> Springspindle Fizzlegear at Tinker Town in Ironforge


  • <Journeyman> Thud at Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar
  • <Journeyman> Graham Van Talen at the Rogue Quarter in Undercity
  • <Journeyman> Mukdrak at Razor Hill in Durotar
  • <Expert> Nogg at the Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar
  • <Expert> Franklin Lloyd at the Rogue Quarter in Undercity
  • <Artisan> Roxxik at the Valley of Honor in Ogrimmar


  • <Journeyman> Tinkerwiz at Ratchet in the Barrens
  • <Journeyman> Twizwick Sprocketgrind at Venture Co. Mine in Mulgore
  • <Master> Buzzek Bracketswing at Gadgetzan in Tanaris

Players can quickly locate Journeyman and Apprentice Trainers by talking to Guards in significant cities. However, this will not work for Expert and Artisan, so gamers need to find them precisely. 

How to Craft Items 

Creating items in this profession is simple, and it only needs simple tools and interactions. Aside from materials such as metal, gamers need a place to craft inventions. Here are the steps for making Engineering Items:

  • Locate and interact with an anvil
  • Have the crafting materials in your inventory
  • Open the spellbook
  • Open the Engineering skill tab and select a recipe
  • Click Create to craft the item

Engineers should remember that specific recipes require tools. Here are some of the most used gears for this profession:

  • Blacksmith Hammer
  • Archlight Spanner
  • Gyromatic Micro-adjustor

How to Level Up from 1 to 300

Getting to level 300 is very straightforward, but it can be pretty expensive. The fastest way to progress in Engineering is to buy all the necessary materials before crafting. The alternative is to gather these ingredients by investing in other professions such as Mining. It is up to the players to decide whether they are willing to spend their money or prefer to collect items by hand. Here is how gamers can reach lvl 300 in no time:

  • From Level 1 to 30: Craft Rough Blasting Powder
    • Requires: 60 Rough Stone
  • From Level 30 to 50: Craft Handful of Copper Bolts
    • Requires: 30 Copper Bar
  • Learn Journeyman
    • Requires: 50 skills and level 10
  • Craft One Archlight Spanner at Level 51
    • Requires: 6 Copper Bar
  • From Level 50 to 75: Craft Rough Copper Bomb
    • Requires: 30 Copper Bar, 30 Handful Copper Bolts, 60 Blasting Powder, and 30 Linen Cloth
  • From Level 75 to 80: Craft Copper Tube
    • Requires: 10 Copper Bar and 5 Weak Flux
  • From Level 80 to 90: Craft Coarse Blasting Powder
    • Requires: 12 Coarse Stone
  • From Level 90 to 100: Craft Silver Contact
    • Requires: 10 Silver Bar
  • From Level 100 to 110: Craft Flying Tiger Goggles
    • Requires: 60 Light Leather, 20 Tigerseye
  • From Level 110 to 125: Craft Bronze Tube
    • Requires: 50 Bronze Bar and 25 Weak Flux
  • Learn Expert Engineering
    • Requires: 125 Skill and level 20
  • From Level 125 to 135: Craft Heavy Blasting Powder
    • Requires: 30 Heavy Stone
  • From Level 135 to 150: Craft Whirring Bronze Gizmo
    • Requires: 30 Bronze Bar and 15 Wool Cloth
  • From Level 150 to 160: Craft Bronze Framework
    • Requires: 30 Bronze Bar, 15 Medium Leather, and 15 Wool Cloth
  • From Level 160 to 175: Craft Explosive Sheep
    • Requires: 30 Heavy Blasting Powder, 15 Whirring Bronze Gizmo, 15 Bronze Framework, and 30 Wool Cloth
  • From Level 175 to 176: Craft Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor
    • Requires: 4 Steel Bar
  • From Level 176 to 195: Craft Solid Blasting Powder
    • Requires: 120 Solid Stone
  • From Level 195 to 200: Craft Mithril Tube
    • Requires: 21 Mithril Bar
  • Learn Artisan Engineering
    • Requires: 200 Skill and Level 35
  • From Level 200 to 215: Craft Unstable Trigger
    • Requires: 20 Mithril Bar, 20 Mageweave Cloth, and 20 Solid Blasting Powder
  • From Level 215 to 235: Craft Mithril Casing
    • Requires: 120 Mithril Bar
  • From Level 235 to 250: Craft Hi-Explosive Bomb
    • Requires: 40 Mithril Casing, 20 Unstable Trigger, and 40 Solid Blasting Powder
  • From Level 250 to 255: Craft Dense Blasting Powder
    • Requires: 20 Dense Stone
  • From Level 255 to 260: Craft Dense Dynamite
    • Requires: 10 Dense Blasting and 30 Runecloth
  • From Level 260 to 285: Craft Thorium Widget
    • Requires: 81 Thorium Bar and 27 Runecloth
  • From Level 285 to 300: Craft Thorium Shells
    • Requires: 30 Thorium Bar and 15 Dense Blasting Powder

Engineering Specialization

Engineers can choose between two specializations: the Goblin and the Gnome. Each skill line will allow players access exclusive recipes for their chosen path. Here are the craftable items available to each specialization:


  • Plans: Inlaid Mythril Cylinder
  • Gnomish Shrink Ray
  • Lil’ Smoky
  • Gnomish Goggles
  • Gnomish Net-o-Matic Projector
  • Gnomish Harm Prevention Belt
  • Gnomish Rocket Boots
  • Gnomish Battle Chicken
  • Gnomish Mind Control Cap
  • Gnomish Death Ray
  • Ultrasafe Transporter: Gadgetzan
  • World Enlarger


  • Goblin Construction Helmet
  • Goblin Mining Helmet
  • Goblin Mortar
  • Recipe: Goblin Rocket Fuel
  • Goblin Sapper Charge
  • Pet Bombling
  • Goblin Rocket Boots
  • Goblin Bomb Dispenser
  • The Big One
  • Goblin Dragon Gun
  • Goblin Rocket Helmet
  • Dimensional Ripper-Everlook

Players need to interact with Trainers related to that specific path to become either a Gnomish or Goblin Engineer. Each specialization will require a particular NPC. Here are the locations of Gnomish and Goblin Trainers:

  • Oglethorpe Obnoticus (Gnomish) in the shop southeast of the Booty Bay Blacksmith at Stranglethorn Vale
  • Tinkmaster Overspark (Gnomish) at Tinker Town in Ironforge
  • Nixx Sprocketspring (Goblin) at Gadgetzan in Tanaris
  • Vazario Linkgrease at Ratcher in Barrens

Popular PvP and PvE Engineering Items

Engineers are highly popular due to the various items that they can create. These inventions can be used in multiple PvE and PvP scenarios. Here are the most used contraptions from these craftsmen:


  • Gnomish Net-o-Matic Projector
  • Gnomish Death Ray
  • Gnomish Mind Control cap
  • Gnomish Rocket Boots
  • Hyper-Radiant Flame Reflector
  • Ultra-Flash Shadow Reflector
  • Gyrofreeze Ice Reflector
  • Discombobulator Ray
  • Flash Bomb
  • Catseye Ultra Goggles
  • Iron Grenade
  • The Big One


  • Goblin Sapper Charge
  • Gnomish Battle Chicken
  • Dark Iron Bomb
  • Arcanite Dragonling
  • Arcane Bomb
  • Iron Grenade
  • The Big One

Players will have to make a lot of decisions in their Engineering careers. From what items to make to what path they will specialize in, this profession holds tons of content for gamers to enjoy. Get characters to Engineering Skill 300 to offer services to Azeroth!

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