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WoW Classic Enchanting Guide 1-300

WoW Enchanting Guide

There are many fantastic primary professions in vanilla WoW, but Enchanting is one of the most intriguing. This profession is suitable for PvP and PvE situations alike. To top it off, it can also be quite lucrative. That’s precisely why we’ve created the ultimate WoW Classic Enchanting guide! Enchanting deserves special attention because apart from helping you craft anything from consumables to wands, you can also use it to add specific buffs to armor and weapons. So in today’s guide, we’ll take a closer look at how to level your Enchanting from 1-300 fast and easy, how to find the Ench trainers and more helpful tips!

How to Level WoW Classic Enchanting From 1-300?

There’s always some chance involved when increasing your skill level for any profession, not just Enchanting. Still, here’s a sample list of all the needed materials that should be enough to get your Enchanting to 300 (if you’re lucky enough):

  • x290 Dream Dust
  • x228 Strange Dust
  • x156 Vision Dust
  • x82 Illusion Dust
  • x65 Soul Dust
  • x20 Lesser Mystic Essence
  • x20 Greater Nether Essence
  • x18 Greater Magic Essence
  • x11 Lesser Magic Essence
  • x10 Lesser Astral Essence
  • x10 Lesser Nether Essence
  • x4 Greater Eternal Essence
  • x4 Small Brilliant Shard
  • x2 Greater Mystic Essence
  • x2 Greater Astral Essence
  • x2 Large Brilliant Shard
  • x1 Silver Rod
  • x1 Arcanite Rod
  • x1 Black Pearl
  • x1 Copper Rod
  • x1 Golden Rod
  • x1 Truesilver Rod
  • x1 Shadowgem
  • x1 Iridescent Pearl
  • x1 Golden Pearl

Apprentice Enchanting (Level 1 to 75)

  1. Learn the Enchanting primary profession from one of the associated trainers.
  2. Craft x2 Runed Copper Rod (x1 Lesser Magic Essence and x1 Strange Dust).
  3. Craft Enchant Bracer – Minor Health (x1 Strange Dust)until you reach skill level 75.

Journeyman Enchanting (Level 75 to 150)

  1. Learn Journeyman Enchanting from a trainer.
  2. Craft Enchant Bracer – Minor Deflect (x1 Strange Dust and x1 Lesser Magic Essence) until you reach 85.
  3. Start creating Enchant Bracer – Minor Stamina (x3 Strange Dust) until you reach skill level 100.
  4. Craft one Runed Silver Rod (x1 Shadowgem, x1 Silver Rod, x6 Strange Dust, x3 Greater Magic Essence).
  5. Craft Enchant Bracer – Minor Stamina (x3 Strange Dust)to 105.
  6. Create Enchant Bracer – Minor Agility (x1 Greater Magic Essence, x2 Strange Dust) up to level 120.
  7. Craft Enchant Shield – Minor Stamina (x2 Strange Dust, x1 Lesser Astral Essence) up to 130.
  8. Create Enchant Bracer – Lesser Stamina (x2 Soul Dust) up to level 150.

Expert Enchanting (Level 150 to 225)

  1. Get Expert Enchanting – Hgarth (Stonetalon Mountains) for Horde players and Kitta Firewind (Elwynn Forest) for Alliance ones.
  2. Create x1 Runed Golden Rod (x2 Greater Astral Essence, x1 Golden Rod, x2 Soul Dust, x1 Iridescent Pearl).
  3. Craft Enchant Bracer – Lesser Stamina (x2 Soul Dust) until you reach 160 skill level.
  4. Create Enchant Shield – Lesser Stamina (x1 Soul Dust and x1 Lesser Mystic Essence) up to level 165.
  5. Craft Enchant Bracer – Spirit (x1 Lesser Mystic Essence) up to 180 skill level.
  6. Create Enchant Bracer – Strength (x1 Vision Dust) until you reach skill level 200
  7. Craft x1 Runed Truesilver Rod (x2 Vision Dust, x2 Greater Mystic Essence, x1 Truesilver Rod, and x1 Black Pearl).
  8. Create Enchant Bracer – Strength (x1 Vision Dust) up to 205 skill level.
  9. Craft Enchant Cloak – Greater Defense (x3 Vision Dust) until you get to 225.

Artisan Enchanting (Level 225 to 300)

  1. Learn the last tier of Enchanting (Artisan) from an NPC called Annora (Uldaman).
  2. Craft Enchant Gloves – Agility (x1 Vision Dust and x1 Lesser Nether Essence) until skill level 235.
  3. Create Enchant Chest – Superior Health (x6 Vision Dust) up to 245.
  4. Craft Enchant Bracer – Greater (x2 Dream Dust, x1 Greater Nether Essence) until you reach 265 skill.
  5. Buy Formula: Enchant Shield – Greater Stamina – Horde: Daniel Bartlett (Undercity) and Alliance: Mythrin’dir (Darnassus).
  6. Craft Enchant Shield – Greater Stamina (x10 Dream Dust) up to skill level 290.
  7. Get these formulas – Formula: Enchant Cloak – Superior Defense and Formula: Runed Arcanite Rod from Lorelae Wintersong (Moonglade).
  8. Create x1 Runed Arcanite Rod (x10 Illusion Dust, x4 Small Brilliant Shard, x4 Greater Eternal Essence, x2 Large Brilliant Shard, x1 Golden Pearl, and x1 Arcanite Rod).
  9. Craft Enchant Cloak – Superior Defense (x8 Illusion Dust) until you finally reach the skill level cap (300).

Where to Find the Different Enchanting Trainers

There are 14 (7 per faction) Apprentice Enchanting and Journeyman Enchanting trainers, 2 (1 per faction) Expert Enchanting trainers, and only 1 Artisan Enchanting trainer located in a dungeon.

Horde (Apprentice & Journeyman Enchanting Trainers)

  • Lavinia Crowe (Undercity) – Coordinates: 62.6, 61.4
  • Teg Dawnstrider (Thunder Bluff) – Coordinates: 45, 38
  • Godan (Orgrimmar) – Coordinates: 53.8, 38.4
  • Vance Undergloom (Tirisfal Glades) – Coordinates: 61.6, 51.6
  • Mot Dawnstrider (Thunder Bluff) – Coordinates: 45, 38.4
  • Jhag (Orgrimmar) – Coordinates: 53.6, 38.2
  • Malcomb Wynn (Undercity) – Coordinates: 62.8, 60.2

Alliance (Apprentice & Journeyman Enchanting Trainers)

  • Betty Quin (Stormwind City) – Coordinates: 43, 64
  • Gimble Thistlefuzz (Ironforge) – Coordinates: 60, 45.2
  • Alanna Raveneye (Teldrassil) – Coordinates: 36.6, 34.2
  • Lalina Summermoon (Darnassus) – Coordinates: 59.6, 12.6
  • Xylinnia Starshine (Feralas) – Coordinates: 31.6, 44.2
  • Thonys Pillarstone (Ironforge) – Coordinates: 60.6, 44
  • Lucan Cordell (Stormwind City) – Coordinates: 43, 64.2

Horde (Expert Enchanting Trainers)

  • Hgarth (Stonetalon Mountains) – Coordinates: 49.2, 57.2

Alliance (Expert Enchanting Trainers)

  • Kitta Firewind (Elwynn Forest) – Coordinates: 64.8, 70.6

Artisan Enchanting Trainers

  • Annora (Uldaman – dungeon) – Location: between Tempel Hall and Map Chamber

Note: This NPC won’t spawn unless you kill the scorpion mobs in the surrounding area.

Essential Tips and Formulas to Remember

To make our WoW Classic enchanting guide complete, we’ve decided to add a few tips and tricks to keep in mind if you’d like to learn Enchanting:

  1. If you’re playing a Cloth-wearing class such as a Mage or a Priest, Enchanting is an excellent choice as you can help you craft Wands, while Tailoring will help you get gear.
  2. You must be at least level 35 and have at least an Enchanting skill level of 200 to learn Artisan Enchanting from the trainer in Uldaman.
  3. Learn Apprentice Enchanting from the earliest levels to make leveling this profession easier.
  4. Tailoring is perhaps the best profession to go with Enchanting as it can generate plenty of items you can then Disenchant (Leatherworking and Blacksmithing are also a good fit for Enchanting).

Here’s a shortlist of some of the best endgame Enchanting formulas:

  • Formula: Enchant Weapon – Crusader – Drops from Scarlet Spellbinder mobs in Western Plaguelands
  • Formula: Enchant Cloak – Greater Fire Resistance – You have to be Friendly with the Cenarion Circle to get this one
  • Formula: Smoking Heart of the Mountain – Drops from a boss in the Blackrock Depths dungeon (Lord Roccor)
  • Formula: Enchant Cloak – Lesser Agility – Drops from Syndicate Assassin mobs in Alterac Mountains
  • Formula: Enchant Bracer – Healing – Requires Revered reputation with the Argent Dawn

What are Enchanting Recipes?

In the Enchanting profession, recipes are called formulas. And these formulas are used for crafting various wands, reagents, and consumables. However, Enchanting formulas are also used for enchanting different armor (e.g., bracers, cloak, and boots) and weapons (e.g., 2H and 1H).

Why Players Love Enchanting

Enchanting is undoubtedly one of the coolest primary professions in vanilla WoW, and it’s certainly profitable. Thankfully, this also applies to WoW Classic. That said, after everything we’ve talked about, are you now personally a fan of Enchanting? Have you ever used this professor in WoW vanilla? Let us know down below!

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