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How Much do WoW Classic Mounts Cost - How to Get One

WoW Mounts

There are many ways to earn WoW Classic Mounts, but you’ll need basic knowledge about the game in exchange. Since the beginning of World of Warcraft, mounts gave us a way to explore and move around at a decent pace. Furthermore, thanks to the developers’ constant work, we now have ways to have different “Rides.” As a result, beginners and veterans love to extend their collection in this endeavor. Moreover, you can obtain more than fifty models in the WoW Classic version of the game. In other words, gathering everything in your account could take considerable resources and time.

Hold Your Horses

Before you take your horse's reins, you’ll need to learn how to ride your racial Mount in exchange for some Gold coins. When you reach level 40, you have the opportunity to learn the “Riding Skill” from your race’s riding trainer. It will cost 20 Gold coins, but you can decrease this amount if you’re “Exalted” with your race. For example, if you’re playing as a human, try to reach an Exalted reputation with Stormwind. After you pay the Riding Skill fee, the next thing to do is acquire your first Mount.

How Much Do WoW Mounts Cost in WoW Classic?

This article will give tips to follow if you want to start your collection on the right foot. But before we go right into the nitty-gritty of things, we must address two specific rules. First, every Mount you’ll see in this list isn’t behind a paywall (besides the subscription), and any player (old and new) has access to them. And second, even though it could take a day or two to obtain all of these items on the list, you’ll need to have a lot of Gold in your pockets. Sadly, if you want to start any WoW Classic collection, it takes a lot of effort and burns your resources.

How to Obtain Class Mounts

Currently, you have two options to obtain Mounts in WoW Classic. It is between the Paladin and Warlock. Moreover, to acquire a Class Mount, you must have a character with either of these classes.

As you already know, everything in WoW Classic doesn’t come cheap. When you reach level 40 for either a Paladin or Warlock this time, you’ll have a new quest. You’ll need to find your specific trainer in major towns to obtain such a questline. Additionally, you’ll receive the Mount’s Spell when you complete the tasks. In other words, since it’s not a standard Mount, you do not need the Riding Skill with that character. You’ll have the opportunity to save some Gold coins in your pockets.

When you reach level 60, you’ll have a second quest that gives you the epic version of those Mounts.

How to Obtain Racial Mounts

If you want to start on the right foot, you could gather all the Racial Mounts for any faction in Classic WoW. Since it’s the “beginning of time,” the “Riding Skill” works differently than the standard World of Warcraft. This time around, you’ll need to obtain a specific class trainer.

If you want all the Alliance’s Racial Mounts, you must make a character for each available choice (human, dwarf, gnome, night elf). Furthermore, you must reach level 40 for each champion. Once that’s done, learn the Riding skills and buy the standard (80 Gold) and epic mounts (1k Gold). You can reduce the price of each item if you have the Exalted Reputation.

Overall, obtaining all the Racial Mounts in a single account requires much effort. Still, since you have access to any of these NPCs (Non-Playable Characters), you can easily buy them. Hence these types of Mounts are the least troublesome to acquire.

How to Obtain PvP Mounts

To obtain the elements from this part of the list, you need to play the Player versus Player feature. These WoW Classic Mounts become available when you reach Rank 11 in a specific character. Still, getting to this point may take a little while, as you can have some trouble using the abilities at the right time in PvP. It becomes problematic when you’re up against another player that’s a hiding Rogue.

But once you get used to the PvP system, you’ll get there in no time. When you have Rank 11, you can visit the PvP vendor and buy any Mount for 100 Gold. Remember that you must also obtain the “Riding Skill” as accustomed.

More Useful Tips to Getting Mounts in WoW Classic

The leading resource to start your Mount collection is acquiring Gold as quickly as possible. However, even though you’re doing all the quests and killing many creatures, it isn’t enough. As a result, some players reach level 40 but have no Gold to earn their Racial Mount. To help you a little further, here you have some suggestions that might help you in the long run:

  • Learn Gathering Professions: The least tedious way to acquire Gold with the Profession feature is to learn those options that only give you materials. When you have enough in your inventory/bank, you can use the Auction House and sell it all.
  • Join a Guild: With some players’ assistance, you could gain enough Gold for your first Mount. Afterward, you can use the speed for farming more resources quickly.
  • Reach Exalted Reputation: When you have this title with your faction’s primary Races, you can obtain their mounts. Plus, you’ll have discounts when trying to learn the Riding Skill or any Mount.

FAQ About WoW Classic Mounts

What Are the Requirements to Learn the Riding Skill?

  • To learn the Riding skill, you must reach level 40 and have 20 gold.

How Can I Reach Exalted Reputation for Any Major City?

  • The easiest way to reach Exalted reputation in a major city is by completing quests and killing creatures in the area.

Which Classes Come With A Mount?

  • At the moment, you can pick between Paladin or Warlock and complete the quest for their mounts.

That’s everything you need to know about the different mounts in WoW Classic and some recommendations for getting them. Remember to have fun building your collection!

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