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WoW Classic Warlock BiS Guide

WoW Classic Warlock

Preparing for a challenging fight is always the best choice if you want to become a great player in WoW Classic. As you may already know, reaching this point is still tricky. Some people take months to gain the equipment they want or have no idea what to use in specific situations. Furthermore, wearing the best items is only a part of a build. It would be best if you still obtain assistance from the available Professions.

Luckily for you, this article will teach you how to be the best Warlock at your party. From the WoW Classic Warlock BiS (Best in Slot) to meaningful guidelines for using your character. Prepare your accounts and hope that luck sticks to your side along your character’s journey!

General Overview of the Warlock

Primarily a caster, Warlocks use demonic energy to increase their effectiveness in battle. Furthermore, if you’re following this class, you practically have everything (well, almost) that Classic World of Warcraft offers. First of all, you have the opportunity to cast potent curses and spells to damage your enemies. And second, you can aid yourself as you move across Azeroth with a powerful summon.

At the same time, you can aid the entire party with summon abilities (teleport a teammate to the party’s location) and use Soulstones to revive someone in battle. Hence, you could use those “dark powers” to increase the effectiveness of your party.

Finally, Warlocks can add curses (or debuffs) that leave the enemy in the wrong position. Since it works amazingly in dungeons/raids and PvP (player versus player), Warlocks are always a welcome addition to any party.

A Warlock’s Role in A Party

When you join the dark arts, your position in the group becomes a DPS (Damage per Second), or in other words, the damage dealer. You’ll need to use your debuffs and blasting spells to defeat the enemy as fast as possible. For example, with the Soulstone ability, you could “trap” the soul of your tank and give them the option to revive themselves before anything worse happens.

One of the essential things you always need to check is the aggro—you should prevent enemies’ targets from moving from the tank to you. When this happens, it would unintentionally make the tank/healer’s job a little more complicated. Some of your pets (summons) may also get in the way and provoke the adversary. Overall, keeping the tank between any threats and yourself is crucial.

The BiS for WoW Classic Warlock

The cycle to drop/acquire loot starts when you make your character. When the journey begins, you’ll have the standard attire you sell/destroy when you obtain other equipment in the game. Around the first levels (until you reach level 60), you’ll get goods from completing quests and killing monsters. Hence, you don’t need to get too attached to your inventory; equip it when you find something new.

Now, the fun part starts when you reach level 60 (the highest level at the moment). For the WoW Classic Warlock BiS, you should focus on item sets or equipment with specific buffs.

Here you have some examples to consider if you like to play in raids:

  • For the Naxxramas Raid: You could equip the Plagueheart set for your Warlock.
  • For the Ahn’Qiraj Raid: One of the best options is to equip the Doomcaller set.
  • For the Blackwing Lair Raid: It is recommendable that you acquire items from the Nemesis set.

Also, you can choose between equipping a Two-hand weapon or two One-hand weapons. It all depends on how lucky you can get with the drops from the bosses.

  • For a Two-hand Weapon, you should use: Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian
  • For the One-hand Weapons, you should use: Wraith Blade/Doomfinger (ranged) and Sapphiron’s Left Eye

Learning the Item’s Properties

When you see an item drop from a boss or a quest, you should check its characteristics.

  • Item Type: When using a Warlock, you always need to keep the equipment you can use with your character. For example, you can keep “Cloth” armor and magical weapons like wands or staffs (and a dagger or two).
  • Item Color: World of Warcraft follows the same principle as the other RPGs, where you’ll see some items with different colors when you increase your level. Always find a place for any Purple or Blue goods in your inventory/bank and those Legendary (orange) drops in your character or bags.
  • Item Level: Keep equipment that shares your level and drop those with lower requirements. That way, you’ll always have powerful items that increase your spell caster’s potential.
  • Stat(s) Modifiers: The higher the level/rarity of the item you obtain, the more bonus you’ll have for your character. Sometimes the equipment increases more than one stat simultaneously, increasing your effectiveness. For Warlocks, it is recommendable that you equip those goods that add Intellect and Stamina.
  • Passives and Activated abilities: Some items will be active by themselves once the “trigger” happens. For example, you could have more stats when you land “critical” damage from a spell. Simultaneously, for those items that require activation, you can move them in your skill bars and use them when needed.
  • Set Requirements: World of Warcraft's powerful equipment mostly comes from set (group) items. Once you equip more than one good for the same group, you’ll also gain more bonuses. As a result, when you prepare the complete set, you’ll become a non-stop limitless Warlock.

FAQ About WoW Classic Warlock BiS

How Many Items Can You Store in A Warlock?

It all depends on how many spaces you have between your bags and the bank. If you’re the type who loves to hoard all sorts of stuff, we recommend having as much inventory as your character can allow.

How Can You Improve A Warlock’s Equipment Further?

Through the use of Enchanting, you can increase the stat of your items. Be warned, though—Enchanting isn’t exactly the most accessible profession to take. Plus, since it’s a primary profession and you’re only allowed to take two of them simultaneously, you’ll have to sacrifice one of your “slots.” Finding a friend or someone from your party who can do the Enchanting stuff for you is best.

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