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The Best 7 Amps in Warframe


As one of the best hack-n-slash games out there, Warframe relies on improving the power and capabilities of its weapons and operators. These involve a lot of parts, like acquiring weapons, frames, and other modifications. One of the main features you always look for is the Best Amp in Warframe. Knowing what these tools do and where to get them can make every Teno's life easier. 

What are Amps in Warframe?

Amps can be considered as another weapon utilized by players in their fights. Aside from their primary, secondary, and melee weapon, these Amps are worn by Tenos to fire and alter Void Energy Beams, which doesn't affect other abilities. You can say that this tool is an extension of the operator's will. 

Amps are worn on the forearm of the operators' frames and have a separate gauge from other skills. These weapons are made up of three components: Prisms, Scaffold, and Brace. These parts will determine the properties of the beam. Here are all the effects of each module:

  • Braces – provides additional modifiers to the Void Beams
  • Prisms – alters how the Void Beam is fired from the standard straight stream of energy
  • Scaffolds – changes the secondary firing mode of the Void Beam

All Amps per part

Rather than a set item, getting the best Amp refers to constructing one based on the modules. Since the parts determine the power of the thing, players have free rein on how to customize their gauntlet. However, specific components are better than others and synergize more effectively in certain combinations. Here is the ranking of each module per category:

Brace (Beginner-Friendly to Advanced)

  • Clapkra
  • Juttni
  • Lohrin
  • Anspatha
  • SuoPlaga
  • Certus

Prism (Beginner-Friendly to Advanced)

  • Raplak
  • Shwaak
  • Granmu
  • Rahn
  • Cantic
  • Lega
  • Klamore

Scaffolds (Beginner-Friendly to Advanced)

  • Pencha
  • Sharksun
  • Klebrik
  • Phahd
  • Exard
  • Dissic
  • Propa

What are the best amps in Warframe? (Combinations)

Since Amps depend on their components, the effectiveness of these tools depends on how well each part synergizes with the other. Getting the suitable modules together can create various interactions and advantages. Here are the best combinations to get the best set:

Option #1

  • Prism: Klamora
  • Scaffolds: Propa
  • Brace: Suo

This set creates one of the best DPS outputs for Warframe by taking advantage of a 7-7-5 combination. This combination has a 100+ Amp energy gauge with a 2+ Amp Recharge Delay. These features allow players to create multiple explosive damages as often as possible.

Option #2

  • Prism: Klamora
  • Scaffolds: Propa
  • Brace:Anspatha

This set uses a 7-7-4 setup, which makes it the second best in terms of DPS output. The main difference between this combination and the previous one is the Brace component. In this combo, you get an additional 15+ Energy Recharge Rate, enabling the Void Beam's use.

Option #3

  • Prism: Klamora
  • Scaffolds: Propa
  • Brace: Certus

This set is one of the best single-target burst Amps with its use of a 7-7-7 combination. While the effectiveness of this combo falters when fighting bosses with multiple appendages, it is still considered a powerful fusion for most boss fights. 

Option #4

  • Prism: Raplak
  • Scaffolds: Propa
  • Brace: Certus

While it may not be the strongest DPS setup, it is part of the top Amps on the leaderboard. This set uses a 1-7-7 combination and allows high damage-per-second output. This combo is considered one of the best regarding solo runs. 

Option #5

  • Prism: Shvaak
  • Scaffolds: Sharksun
  • Brace: Lohrin

You'll find that the Amps you used in the early phases become ineffective during the mid-game stages. It uses a 2-2-3 combination, suitable for many melee weapons with Impact. This set is most suited to fighting bosses roaming the PLanes of Eidolon.

Option #6

  • Prism: Raplak
  • Scaffolds: Pencha
  • Brace: Juttni

This set is one of the best Amps to use in the game's early stages. Its 1-1-1 combination enables semi-auto firing for long-range battles. It also has a –1 Amp Charge Delay, which increases its effectiveness for burst damage.

Option #7

  • Prism: Shwaak
  • Scaffolds: Sharksun
  • Brace: Lohrin

When starting in Warframe, you must be content with what is available to you. The best way to do so is to take the most efficient low-tier sets to help you carry through the game until you can find a more powerful replacement. This combination follows a 2-2-3 group, which requires players to use a Volt shield to gain a critical damage buff. Otherwise, this setup is decent enough for dealing tons of damage to enemies.

Experiment by yourself

While this guide does provide a helpful list of potential combinations, you should consider experimenting on your own. Since Amps are flexible and highly customizable, you might be able to find better setups, which might be more efficient. Check out all the available components and try each one out to create the best Amp in Warframe.

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