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Tired of playing Valorant? Then why not sell a Valorant account instead of just deactivating it? Sellers can potentially earn some quick cash out of it too! At online marketplaces, selling an account is as easy as apple pie—no sweat!

Why People Want to Play the Valorant FPS Game

Valorant is quickly making headlines as an FPS game that could rival Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in terms of popularity, gameplay, and its growing community. Granted that the advertisement for this game is off the charts thanks to the number of popular streamers from all over the world playing Valorant while streaming/posting it on YouTube or Twitch. It's a combination of the fast-paced action that embodies Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, along with a colorful cast of characters with unique abilities such as in Overwatch. While the game is still a bit rough around the edges compared to its competition (who have had years under their belt), Valorant can shine brighter than any other online multiplayer FPS game.

Selling Valorant Accounts for Money

Valorant is the next big thing in competitive FPS gaming. Everyone thought that it’ll make a mark on the esports scene, to the point that there are already companies and franchises forming Valorant teams even when the game was still in beta! In fact, there are already small competitions being held such as Valorant pro players going head-to-toe with some of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s well-known streamers. Respected streamer/pro player Shroud even said that Valorant was going to be the next game that esports will focus on not only because it’s a new game, but because it could lead to FPS games being shown in the limelight more. Despite CS: GO being one of the most popular video games of the decade, Valorant has achieved high viewing numbers on Twitch—even in its closed beta stage! This is thanks to the marketing tactics that were made by Riot Games.

Riot Games is no stranger to the world of esports and advertisements. Their bread and butter, League of Legends, is known as the most popular MOBA in the world. With millions of players internationally, they can keep the number of players stable thanks to patch updates, skin releases, and stunning short videos to highlight champions in their official YouTube channel. Altogether, you could say that they’re one of the best companies out there. They really put effort into showing how great their game is!

Why it’s Easy to Sell Valorant Beta Accounts

Believe it or not, Valorant is the type of game where it’s easy to make money off a player’s account. Sellers should have an easy time selling their account, and these are the reasons why:

1. Easy Access

Valorant is an FPS that’s more playable than anyone might think. Riot Games explained early on that their new tactical shooter will be easy for anyone to get into. This is because their main focus is the game’s performance—specifically how to get as many frames as possible. Running the game on as many types of PCs and machines as possible is a win-win situation for both the company and the consumers because, for one, they’ll have a larger influx of players who get to play the game. And two, any type of consumer can play it regardless of what the specs of their PC have. With just an Intel HD 3000 graphics card and an Intel i3-370M CPU, players can play the game at a solid 30 FPS. While we know getting the 60 FPS mark is optimal, this goes to show that anyone can play the game—potato PC or not!

2. The Battle Pass Formula

While battle passes are an abundance in not only battle royale games but in the FPS genre as well, it’s a successful formula that the developers of these games continue to aim for. Valorant will be having a battle pass system every season, so players can expect new content every now and then to pop up. This makes selling an account easier since there’s bound to be limited skins that are exclusive to a certain battle pass. This is where the importance of skins comes into play. While Riot Games explained that they won’t be releasing character skins at the same time during the official launch of Valorant, no doubt there will be in the future once they have an even footing on the game’s improvement.

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