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With Valorant being new to the scene, lots of players will want to reach the cap and be at the endgame before the rest of the competition. This provides a good opportunity to make money as you can offer Valorant Power Leveling services to those that want to save time and effort. The best to start is now!

What Valorant Power Leveling Services Can I Provide?

While Riot Games has yet to reveal what Valorant’s progression system will be, it’s likely that it will be similar to that of League of Legends, which features a low level cap, an ELO system, and tiers for Ranked. However, they might use a different system, like a leveling system that has a very high cap—or no cap at all! It’s also possible for the game to have some separate leveling or proficiency rating for each hero. Without details and much material to draw speculation from, everything is still up in the air.

Regardless, whatever system they come up with, it’s already certain that you’ll be grinding for levels, rank, and sometimes even both. There’s also little doubt that there’s going to be a lot of demand for Power Levelers upon launch. So what are you waiting for? The best time to sign up as one is now!

How to be a Valorant Power Leveler

Providing Valorant Power Leveling services in PlayerAuctions, or even for any game, is rewarding. However, because of the fact that you handle other people’s accounts, there are two additional requirements. They are there to ensure potential customers of your trustworthiness.

The first is to achieve Verified Seller status. The requirements are as follows:

  • · Passing of all verification steps
  • · Consistent observance of the site’s trading policies
  • · Successful transactions within the past 90 days and at least 5 successful transactions as a seller

The second is a deposit with us. This is called Power Leveling Reserve fund. You need to make one for every offer Power Leveling service offer you make, as this is meant to guarantee that you will not only compromise your client’s account, but will also provide a solid service.

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