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Making a character powerful can take a lot of time and the process can especially be slow when a player doesn’t have all of the necessary items. These so-called items include weapons and gear which play an important factor in terms of how successful a player can manage to take on a quest or a specific boss fight.

Why Selling Ultima Online Items

There are numerous stores in Ultima Online where players can peruse some of the wares that vendors have on them. Depending on which type of store they go to, an NPC that sells items can be quite different. Whatever the case, players in Ultima Online, more often than not, prefer dealing with their other fellows instead of the in-game vendors. A huge factor in this is due to the variety of items. Despite certain vendors selling specific types of items, it doesn’t mean that they’re able to cover all of the items that are available in the game. For example, some materials can only be found by killing monsters or a type of boss in Ultima Online. Items that can only be harvested from there are mostly acquired by players themselves. Other items are a tad more difficult to get as they oftentimes have a small percentage chance of getting. These rare items can only be gotten through a player’s skill in battle or based on their character level.

In turn, these items transformed into powerful equipment that players can don. Gear such as weapons and armor are of the utmost importance when talking about a character’s longevity in Ultima Online. No character would ever survive the harsh world of Ultima Online without at least protecting themselves. Plus, that dance the players do every time they try to mix and match which type of armor and weapon goes hand in hand is part of the magic and charm of what makes an MMORPG so great.

Some gamers would rather deal with their other fellow players albeit in a different manner. The same type of NPCs can also be found outside of a player’s house in which they offer up a few items for sale. These so-called “vendors” are some sort of a player’s virtual assistant. Once a player reaches the point where they’re finally able to afford a house of their own, they can put up shop in front of their yard and try to sell items that they either no longer need or have a use for. This is a convenient set up both for the buyers and the sellers. Buyers can simply walk up to a seller’s assistant/aide to transact with them at any given time that they want. As for the seller, they no longer have to sit around or wait for a prospective customer to come to them as they finally have a personal assistant to do all of their bidding for them.

Items to Sell in Ultima Online

With the abundance of items in Ultima Online, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where a seller should focus all of their investments on. There’s one thing that they can be sure of though, and it’s the fact that armor and weapons will always stay relevant. Besides being almost a requirement for players to equip their armor and weapon of choice before doing battle, they’re essential items that don’t go out of style.

  1. Plate Mail

    For players that have 45 Strength, the plate is the most powerful armor that a player can wear on the head, arms, hands, and neck. This is the perfect armor for those who prioritize power above all else. There are a couple of drawbacks worth noting though such as it can be a tad heavy for other classes that focus on their Dexterity. Since the plate mail is hefty, it reduces one’s Dexterity which affects how fast a player can swing or use their weapon. However, the upside is that the armor gives the player a marginal boost for their defense.

  2. Heater Shieldl

    Despite having no magical qualities at all, the Heater Shield is capable of withstanding almost anything that comes in its way. Players can only acquire this shield if they have a skill of 24.3 and 18 Ingots as their crafting material. Note that this is only for melee-type classes as mages need to utilize both of their hands to cast spells and the same goes for the archers. The Heater Shield provides the best protection to any aspiring warrior that wants to duke it out with a powerful boss and live to tell the tale.

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