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In 2022, 21,988 sellers made cash from selling on PlayerAuctions.

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Selling Information

Players that are either done with the game or want a fresh start can sell Ultima Online Accounts. This is a much better alternative than letting these accounts sit in the corner of the worldwide web, unused. 

Why Some Gamers Sell Ultima Online Account

It should go without saying that the biggest reason to sell an account is to make money off it. At the same time, to encourage sellers, they should know that selling an account also helps other players or would-be players, as it helps them save much time and energy. Or better yet, allow them to have progress and access in the game because they cannot due to various real-life-related factors. 

Another reason to sell an account would be to preserve its legacy. By selling it to an active player, the account and everything in it would continue to see the online light of day.

Setting a Price on Ultima Online Account

As sellers, they have the right to put up their Ultima Online Account for Sale at any price. It is, however, recommended that they keep the price close to its actual value. In turn, the value of an account is determined by the following factors: 

  • Number of skill points of characters
  • Number of skill points and the skills they are allocated to
  • The total value of equipment and items, which is individually determined by rarity and viability
  • Amount of content unlocked
  • The total amount of gold

The higher or better they are, the likelier it is for other players to buy the account even when sold at a higher price, as it will be worth the money. 

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