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How Gamers Make Money Playing Ultima Online

Ultima Online poses a rather unique concept of where the player has complete control over what they can do to their character. Whether it’s trying to become a pure Mage, a steadfast Fighter, or a Mage-Blacksmith-Thief hybrid, players can build their character in whatever way they want. The only catch is there there are two limitations as to how they want to build their character. These limitations can catch some players out, so they’ll turn to power levelers who want to make money playing Ultima Online for guidance.

For one, all players in Ultima Online can only have a total of 225 Stat points. There are three types of Stats in Ultima Online that players need to know by heart if they want to make a successful character that’s bound to end up what they imagine in their heads to be. Players have to keep in mind that each stat has a limit of 100 and their combined total cannot exceed 225. For example, they can allocate 100 Stat points to two of their stats, but that just leaves them with 25 points remaining for their third one. Balance is the key here. So long as players manage everything correctly and accordingly to what build or type of character that they’re planning, then they’ll be sure to come up with a mixture that’s perfect for them.

  1. Strength

    Arguably the most important type of stat there is in Ultima Online, Strength is what determined the Max Health of every single character in the entirety of the game. Besides increasing a character’s maximum health, by adding more Stat points to their Strength, players also get to have bonus weapon damage which increases their damage output. This results in having higher combat effectiveness and, most importantly, dish out heavier punches. The Strength stat also determines how much is the weight capacity of one’s character can carry. Managing inventory is one of the rather boring things to do in Ultima Online, but it’s just as important as keeping a character in tiptop shape. There’s a lot to collect and find in the game, and with not a lot of inventory space, some players are forced to throw away weapons or gear that would otherwise keep in case of a rainy day. This especially goes for players who are Blacksmiths. Blacksmiths are characters that specialize in crafting items and weapons through the use of raw materials that can be found all over the world of Ultima Online. By having a large weight capacity, they can carry more materials that they can then transform into something spectacular.

  2. Intelligence

    The Intelligence stat is what determines one’s Max Mana capacity. It’s also one of the key factors in some spell damage formulas that players are bound to use in the later stages of the game. A point of Intelligence grants players an additional point of Max Mana. The Intelligence stat isn’t often used for the Fighter or Blacksmithing class, but it’s what most Mage players would prioritize as it’s a class that primarily uses spells as their main point of attack and defense. Since there’s a chance to gain Stat points when using Skills, players who want to have higher Intelligence stats should try to master skills that are related to it such as Alchemy where players can create potions. They can also dabble in the art of Anatomy if they want to bump up their usage of bandages effectively together in tow with their Healing skills.

  3. Dexterity

    Dexterity is what determines a character’s Max Stamina. If players were to have a lot of points in their Stamina, then they’ll also receive a bonus for their attack speed. This is because, in Ultima Online, a player’s current Stamina aligns with how much of a bonus that they’re going to get for how fast they’ll be able to attack an enemy. This is the perfect Stat to prioritize for players of the Thief class. The Thief’s specialty is to make quick work of their opponents without getting too roughed up. Since a Thief tends to be squishy, they more than makeup for it by having a high DPS rate. Should their health bar get low though, having high Dexterity also impacts the time that they’ll take when using a bandage to heal themselves.

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