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TERA Gold Farming Guide 2018

Every active TERA player who starts his journey in TERA has asked fair questions about how you can build up gold and what should be done to quickly get better weapons and equipment for his/her character. With the help of our guide, we will be tackling this problem, describing all the possible ways of earning Tera Gold.

Farming is the most tedious (but most important) work for you to do in TERA daily, we have some tips for you to somewhat reduce the boredom to a manageable level and bring the fun back into the game. Furthermore, farming is the best way for you to accumulate TERA Gold without too much time input and energy-spending.

Completing Quests

Perhaps the most accessible way both for beginners and experienced players to farm gold in Tera is to perform tasks. At first, you just have to follow the directions of the NPCs and travel around the locations, taking the tasks/quests from all the characters that have a quest mark above their head. After reaching the 60th level, you will then be able to do daily tasks or daily quests which you can complete everyday to earn a bit of gold.


Even if you complete all the daily missions that are available in TERA, it would still not garner you enough gold to buy a prestigious skin, mount, or weapon. A more advantageous (but risky) option is to pass through dungeons, which pose as a somewhat difficult but ultimately rewarding task for the player. The main thing in the passage of the dungeons is to kill the final bosses, from which they’ll be dropping a rare item. You can either give it to your character in order to use it or auction it at a high price, depending on its rarity.

Collect Resources and Craft

Throughout the world of TERA, there are useful resources that can be collected. From these resources, you can create things like supplies which can be used later in the game or sold to other players. While this is quite time-consuming, the main advantage of this is the absolute absence of financial costs. Since you’ll simply be collecting resources, there is no need for you to go to the market and buy these in order to craft them into better items.


The Brokerage is a global trade system, much like an auction house in many other popular MMOs. It can be accessed through an NPC in any town titled as a Trade Broker. By using the Brokerage, you can buy and sell at any given time, even if you, the seller, are offline. You can easily sell all of your items here for the buyers to take a gander of your wares to make some money.

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