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Tips on How to Make Money Playing SWTOR

It never hurts to know more about the secrets of leveling up in a game, and with multiple updates still planned for SWTOR, players need to have a few tricks up their sleeve if they want to level up as efficiently as possible.

Have Knowledge About Player Account Statuses

Before accepting a buyer’s requests, it would be great if a seller were to first inquire about the status of the buyer’s account. That way they’ll be able to gauge how long it’ll take them to finish their requests. Free-to-play accounts are by far the most limiting with how players typically start the game after they install it for the first time. The great thing about SWTOR is that players can play all of the story content completely free of charge and can level up to 60 which isn’t too far off the mark from the level cap. What’s more, the first two expansions, Rise of the Hutt Cartel and Shadow of Revan are free for all of the players. Sellers will most likely have the easiest time when leveling up a F2P account.

A gamer that has a "Preferred" player account, on the other hand, has a middle-tier account that’s granted to players after their subscription expires or after making a purchase in the Cartel Market. Players that have the “Preferred” badge can no longer go back to F2P, but at the same time, they won’t be able to get all of the perks that a subscriber has.

Last but not the least, a "Subscriber" account is the premium option for players in SWTOR. So long as a player pays their monthly subscription, everything under the sun in the game will be unlocked for them and all of the restrictions are lifted. Even if a player only subscribes for a month, they get to have all of the digital expansions and keep their access to all of the stories and planets forever. This type of account is by far the most time-consuming for sellers as there’s a lot of content that they’ll need to go through. Plus, since they can reach the level cap (level 75), it provides an added challenge.

Leveling Up Through PvP

If a buyer doesn’t want the seller to touch the story content (which is understandable since it’s arguably the meat and potatoes of SWTOR), then the best alternative the sellers have to take is the PvP mode. There are 8v8, 4v4, and Free World PvP to partake into, and since it’s PvP, everything changes from match to match, thereby producing a fresh experience every time.

Why Players Get Boosting Services for SWTOR

Before diving straight into playing SWTOR, there are some things that sellers ought to know beforehand. Now, leveling a character just isn’t fun for some people. Since players can create multiple characters in SWTOR, it’s understandable that folks don’t like to repeat the process of leveling up for every new character that they make. As an alternative, the players would often hire sellers or players that have lots of experience playing the game to level up their character for them. It’s not necessarily new these days, considering that there are a lot of third-party marketplaces scattered all over the internet.

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