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If the force has been with you and you have built up riches, then why not spread the wealth and help out a Padawan learner. You can earn real money for trading some of your Star Wars The Old Republic Credits on our platform, and you can do it safely and without hassle too. The trading is player-to-player so you can set your own prices, how you think best, and reap the profits. Maybe if you earn enough you will finally be able to afford that Death Star you always wanted.

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For the Smugglers and Bounty Hunters with lots of SWTOR Credits in their holds, PlayerAuctions can help you turn these digital treasures to cold hard cash. Sell your Star Wars The Old Republic credits through our marketplace and you will earn yourself a profit at the same time. With our PlayerGuardian Trading Protections, players are also protected from scammers and fraudulent users; Republic scum or Sith scammers may be looking to swindle you on other platforms, but here there's no need to worry about your credits being stolen.

Ensuring safety when selling SWTOR Credits

We ensure that the funds being transferred are held in an escrow account to reduce the chances of any buyer backing out of paying once the credits are transferred. We also have a grading system so one can see the reputation of traders on our site - informing your decision to trade.

Aside from the opportunity to get the best prices for your SWTOR credits online, you also get to join our friendly community. There are multiple payment options and 24/7 Customer Support. We have been keeping our members and their trades safe since 1999 and are a BCA accredited company. Get in touch with us through Facebook or Twitter if you would like any questions answered.

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