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In 2023, 25,733 sellers made cash from selling on PlayerAuctions.

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Sell SWOTR Items | Star Wars Gear & Armor

Sellers can offload some of their inventory and earn real cash. By selling SWTOR items, they can help buyers as well as make use of items that are collecting dust in their inventories. Even if it's a low-leveled item, newer players can use it and also pass it on.

Otherwise, it can be items, the seller's character can't use. With several classes, races, and alignments, there are just some items they can't use. Instead of letting them rot, it's better to use them to earn real money.

Types of SWTOR Items for Sale

There are many kinds of items sellers can offer. Here are some examples.

  • Weapons - From the cool lightsabers to the ever-handy blasters, all players need a weapon of some kind to protect themselves from the threats in the galaxy. Keeping weapons appropriate to their level is a key component of progression, which is why this will never go out of demand.
  • Armor - Players can't go out adventuring throughout the galaxy without armor! Even with a good weapon, a player without armor won't last long enough to actually hit the enemy with their weapon. Whether light, medium, or heavy, armor is needed to keep the character from dying. May also include accessories.
  • Item Modifications - These items make the above stronger or change some of its characteristics. May only be cosmetic. Some can be consumable or are materials in a recipe. Depending on the type and its rarity, can be a valuable item to sell.
Buyers have the pick of the litter when browsing through offers. Sellers just have to keep up a steady stock.


Where to Sell SWTOR Items

There's nowhere better than a trustworthy online marketplace to set up shop. From the tightest security to the friendliest community, sellers will have no fear to trade with others. They can even keep their prices competitively cheap since they won't have to pay subscription fees.

Though the marketplace can provide a safe environment to trade, accidents can still happen from human mistakes. Sellers can mitigate the effects of these unwanted consequences by reading up on the game's policies and rules concerning this kind of trading.

Have fun with Star Wars: The Old Republic, and enjoy the profits.

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