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Selling Your PUBG Clothes for Real Money

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Sell PUBG Clothes for Real Money

The developers of PUBG stated, “We created a game that is designed from the ground up to give players a competitive, strategic, and balanced PvP experience that’s fun to play, and a game that you want to keep coming back to, win or lose.” Well, the developers have certainly achieved that even in the early access of PUBG.

PUBG is so balanced that folks are returning for more despite the game-play performance. The gritty feel and realism of the game is enough to merit venture after venture within the confines of the massive island setting. With the PUBG crate system linked to the core gameplay mechanics, it’s no wonder why the gaming community is raving about this new hit.

So, what else can players look forward to other than balance patches and small doses of additional content in PUBG? Well, PUBG skins and PUBG clothing are a huge market. Some gamers go nuts over a nice looking hoody or an excellent skin for their favorite gun.Love playing PUBG and collecting clothing items? You can make some real money while you’re at it.

The ten of the most expensive PUBG clothing items include:

  • Black School Uniform Set (Female): Features a pleated mini-skirt (black), mandarin jacket (black), school shirt, and Velcro trainers.
  • PlayerUnknown Set: Offers a PlayerUnknown's bandana, trench coat, red hi-top trainers, jeans (tan), and grey shirt.
  • Ivory School Uniform Set (Female): Features a school skirt, school jacket, sneakers (white), and school shirt with a necktie.
  • PlayerUnknown's Bandana: An exclusive bandana inspired by the game’s theme.
  • Tuxedo Set (Female): Features all purple mini-skirt and tuxedo jacket.
  • PlayerUnknown’s Trench Coat: An exclusive coat inspired by the game.
  • Blue School Uniform Set (Female): Offers a pleated mini-skirt (blue), mandarin jacket (blue), school shirt (open), and school shoes.
  • School Skirt: Basic white pleated skirt.
  • Protective Glasses: Basic yet stylish sunglasses with a red frame.
  • Pleated Mini-skirt (Blue): Just a regular blue skirt.

About Selling Playerunknowns Battlegrounds Items

You’ve probably seen some movies that involve free-for-all death games. The fact that the competitors have to kill their opponents (which is everyone who isn’t them), players must find ways to survive their harsh environment. It makes sense that items, from weapons to utility, play a huge role in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG): a first-person shooter (FPS). Some players are even making money off PUBG Items.

The Battle for PUBG Skin Trading

PUBG is a brainchild by Brendan Greene, more popularly known as PLAYERUNKNOWN. As a developer, PLAYERUNKOWN is the one behind the battle royale modes of H1Z1 and Arma. Now he’s out to prove that a single game mode can become an entire game that’s exciting and enjoyable, with lots of substance, gameplay-wise.

PUBG puts players in a huge map and parachutes them into a kill-or-be-killed situation with other players. To be the one making the killing, players must possess skills not only in combat, but also in survival. It’s important to find weapons and items, including PUBG clothes so that you can live through the unpredictable dangers, and emerge victoriously.

Although the game puts a strong emphasis on survival, it’s still a battle royale shooter. It’s important for players to secure a reliable weapon. The game features a wide variety of weaponry players can select. Hopefully, you don’t get unlucky.

The Bloody PUBG Market

Consumables (medical supplies and gas cans, which are useful for health and vehicles) are essential. Medical supplies include (1) Med Kit, for restoring great amounts of health; (2) Bandage, for bleeding and mild wounds; and (3) Adrenaline syringe, which allows players to continue performing actions despite injuries. On the other hand, food starts with an apple and energy drink. Apples aren’t useful for eating; instead, they are for throwing. Energy drinks are consumed to give 40 points worth of character boost.

PUBG Skins are fresh and stylish because they provide certain effects that aid the player. Even though skins (shoes, jackets, pants, and helmets) are just for show, glasses protect the eyes. Vests increase a player’s carrying capacity. Meanwhile, backpacks provide storage space. Regardless of whether items give gameplay benefits or not, they are worth money.

Do you want to engage in PUBG skin trading for money? If so, then sell Playerunknown Battlegrounds Skins today. Earn some cash! Selling skins in the PUBG Market is tough. How about PUBG direct selling? Negative; unless you’re selling to your friends. How about one of those online reseller sites? No, you need a marketplace that has a gamer-friendly user base. A player to player trading site is the place to be.

Keep in mind that not all player to player sites are equal. Some have a portal that’s not user-friendly, while others have high seller costs. Good thing that PlayerAuctions is neither. We offer one of the most convenient and affordable trading opportunities online, whether it’s PUBG Skin Trading or other stuff.

Where to Sell PUBG Skins? Right Here!

PlayerAuctions is a player to player trading site where players can freely buy and sell gaming-related products, including outfits, items, and skins. If you’re in need of a place to sell PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Skins, then you’ve come to the right site. Our seller costs are lower than third-party sites enabling greater profit to our dealers. Besides, our sellers have the chance to become PowerSellers, our site’s most trusted and recommended dealers. Lastly, in case our buyers and sellers have an inquiry or issue regarding our services, our Customer Service team is ready to assist .

PUBG is tough! Selling in-game stuff online, however, can be tougher. So if you’re in need of a place to sell some PUBG skins, then stay on this site. The strong make it, but the vicious survive in style.