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The PUBG Account store has all sorts of accounts for the famous battle royale game. From smurfs to accounts filled with all of the skins from the past seasons, buyers can flip through the offers to find the one that fits them the most. Meanwhile, players who want to sell their accounts or skills in the form of power leveling services are sure to find users interested in their offers on a marketplace.

PlayerAuctions' PUBG Marketplace

PlayerAuctions is an independent player-to-player marketplace for buying and selling virtual video game property. PlayerAuctions is NOT endorsed by, directly affiliated with, maintained, authorized, or sponsored by Playerunknowns Battlegrounds or its trademark owner.
About PUBG Online Marketplace

PUBG Skins: Trade, Equip, & Use

There’s been a lot of battle royale games that emerged during recent years, but if a gamer were to name some of the OGs, it’d be impossible for them not to mention PUBG. Along with Fortnite, PUBG has been hailed as one of the best battle royale games that jump started the thriving competitive scene for BR-style games. During the early moments when battle royale games were just starting to make a name for themselves, they weren’t reality recognized as games where players can play at a more serious angle. However, with mobile versions of the games also coming out, people can no longer turn a blind eye to their popularity.

Over the years, both the PC and mobile versions of PUBG shined thanks to the countless cosmetics that were added. With items being crafted by the developers after a variety of different themes, every season has something new to offer. After all, when it comes to battle royale games, skins are just as important as getting that sweet winner winner, chicken dinner. Needless to say, PUBG was at the forefront when it came to the battle royale craze taking over. Everything used to be centered around the addiction of chasing down a victory, but when skins hit the PUBG trading marketplace, everything has changed. This transformed PUBG into what used to be a rather dull and slightly militaristic third-person BR into all about looking the best by having the coolest skin for an enemy to get jealous of.

The Best Weapon Skins in the PUBG Trading Marketplace

It’s certainly fun playing PUBG if a player is constantly racking up kills and chicken dinners, but having an exquisite weapon skin can no doubt bring a player’s experience to the next level. While cosmetic items in the game don’t necessarily do anything for a gamer to have an advantage during matches, they can at least feel like some sort of almighty God with a majestic weapon by their side (even if they’re terrible at playing the game). It’s all about the illusion of grandiosity! Thankfully, PUBG has a lot of cool-looking weapon skins that they can offer to their players, all that’s left to do is choose the skin that they want. It should be worth noting though that there are a couple of well-known skins in the game that other folks are dying to get their hands on.

  1. The Olive Branch

    Starting strong, The Olive Branch is a cosmetic item for the infamous frying pan. That’s right, the pan is a melee weapon in PUBG! This is one of the rarest skins in the entirety of PUBG as it can only be found in the Equinox Crate. With the elusive skin only having a 0.001% chance of actually appearing, it’s an extraordinary cosmetic item that’s sure to make other folks green with envy. The weapon cosmetic features PUBG’s vintage Spetsnaz helmet which is engraved at the back of a shiny albeit beautiful silver pan. If a PUBG player were to have The Olive Branch, they would no doubt become a pan-only player just to show off the skin.

  2. Gold Plate

    For the folks who have dreamt of holding a weapon that looks like it was crafted with actual gold, then look no further as the Gold Plate skin is the perfect cosmetic item for them. The skin is available for the M416, Sawed-off Shotgun, Groza, AKM, and many more other types of weapons. The Gold Plate can be found in the Triumph Crates which need weapon crate keys to open them. This means that players will have to fork over some cash if they want to have the chance of getting the Gold Plate skin. But at the very least, it’d ultimately be worth it as it’s easily one of the best-looking weapon skins thanks to its solid gold base color and varnished wooden parts that accentuate its eccentricity.

Leveling Services for PUBG

Another feature that players can avail themselves of in PUBG marketplaces is leveling services. Ever since the Event Pass system was introduced, the XP and level mechanic also followed suit. While players won’t be able to level up themselves or their character, they can instead level up the Event Pass itself. The goal is to earn XP to go through the levels of the Event Pass where they’ll unlock different rewards, some of which are temporary or permanent.

It’s still possible to earn XP for folks that opted not to purchase the Event Pass, but if they want to get some of the premium rewards, then they’ll have no choice but to get it before the season ends. Event Passes in PUBG change every season so there’s always something new for first-time and returning players to look forward to. Leveling services for PUBG usually highlight the idea of Event Pass boosting which lets sellers reach the maximum level of the Event Pass of the season for the buyer to get all of the goodies immediately.

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