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Trainers usually don’t have time to grind EVs and levels, especially while doing all the other activities in the game. Grinding already takes a lot of time and having to find a specific Pokémon for EV training can waste even more. Some items speed up the process, but never by much.

The Underground is another rewarding activity for players. There, they excavate all kinds of items, from fossils to plates and evolution stones. They can also get spheres, which can be traded for items in the Underground. It’s also where players can make and decorate their own Secret Base. A new feature of this area is the Pokémon Hideaway, where some rare Pokémon reside.

Otherwise, they might need help evolving Pokémon, maybe needing a trading partner, or they don’t know how to. Powerlevelers can solve all kinds of problems, and here are a few.

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It’s time to revisit Sinnoh and relive the adventures there. Have fun and enjoy this remake of the amazing Pokémon Diamond and Pearl games!

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