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Sell Shiny Pokémon BDSP

Many trainers desire shiny Pokémon, though there’s nothing mechanical unique about them. Aside from their unusual coloration, they don’t have any special stats or anything. They’re just normal Pokémon in a different color. Sometimes that difference is so subtle that it can be easy to miss.

Some markers make sure of a Pokémon’s shiny status. The first is a burst of sparkles as the Pokémon is sent to battle. It’s seen when encountering one in the wild as well. The second is a star mark on the Pokémon’s portrait on the status screen. If the difference in coloration is too subtle, this is the best way to check.

At any rate, shiny Pokémon are incredibly rare. Many trainers have gone through their journeys without even seeing the hide or tail of one. Other unfortunate trainers found one and accidentally made them faint. Even worse, some encounter shiny Pokémon they can’t catch, such as in a trainer battle or the very first cutscene. The really lucky ones have shiny Legendaries, which is a testament to their luck.

Trainers only encounter these Legendaries once. Since non-shiny Pokémon cannot become shiny, some players reset to a former save so they can catch a shiny legendary. With the incredibly small chance to encounter one, they would have to reset so many times just for a chance to catch it.

Fortunately, as of Generation 6 (X/Y), the chances of meeting a shiny have been raised. Though it may have been raised, it’s still rare enough. For a clearer picture, the chances have been raised from 1 in 8192 to 1 in 4096. Now, that is the base rate, and it stays that way no matter how many Pokémon a player encounters.

To increase the chances of meeting a shiny, there are a few methods:

  • The Masuda Method
  • The Shiny Charm
  • The PokeRadar

Since BDSP is more or less a faithful remaster of the original Nintendo DS games, the PokeRadar feature will likely come back. Even though it was a feature first introduced in Platinum, BDSP can still have it as added content. More info on shiny Pokémon can be found on relevant pages.

Other generation games have their own quirks, such as horde battles in X/Y or OR/AS. Because the trainer encounters 5 Pokémon at once, the chances of one being shiny also increase. Generation 8 games have a mechanic where the more you catch a single species, the higher the chances of meeting a shiny increase. It’s still unknown if this is carried over to BDSP.

Sell Pokemon Items and Shinies on the Online Marketplace

Sellers don’t have to wander around looking for buyers, as the online marketplace is always available to help. By signing up and posting an offer, sellers enjoy a constant stream of buyers, review systems (and some other beneficial ones), and increased profits from a lack of subscription fees. They can offer up their items or Pokémon, and let the marketplace do its work.

Shiny hunting might be a little tedious, but it can be fulfilling and worthwhile. Enjoy Pokémon BDSP and have fun trading!

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