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The real goal of Pokémon is to ‘catch them all’. However, not all Pokémon can be found wandering around in tall grass. Some can be found while surfing, others through fishing, and some that require an attack or special interaction. With all those methods, catching them all will certainly be a time-consuming affair.

That doesn’t even mention evolution, which also has different methods depending on the Pokémon! While a good majority of them can evolve through leveling up, others require items to do so. Another group evolves through trading and yet another group involves a combination of items and trading. That means unless they are traded while holding a certain item, nothing will happen, or they’ll evolve into another form.

Lastly, there’s a group of Pokémon that require certain actions to be taken so they can evolve. One of those methods is learning a move before being able to evolve upon hitting the next level. Another method is by raising its friendship. Yet another needs the Pokémon to be traded with a specific other Pokémon! Thankfully the Pokémon involved in that last one is unlikely to appear in BDSP.

With all these methods of collecting Pokémon, it can take a long, long time before trainers get that coveted Shiny Charm. That’s why sellers offer up Pokémon BDSP accounts, so some trainers can focus on building up their teams for competitions.

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