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Sell Paladins Account for Sale with Event Pass Rewards

Ever since Hi-Rez replaced their previous Battle Pass System with the new Event Pass structure in 2021, players have been happier with the state of Paladins. Instead of the previous three-month Battle Pass cycle, the Event Pass launches every two months and will include two new skins with two alternate color versions. Plus, Event Passes only take 28M XP to reach the max level, compared to the 60M XP needed in the Battle Passes. Granted, this means that players have a shorter amount of time to complete it; the addition of the Event Pass means more new content and exclusive skins to unlock for players. For sellers, it’s the perfect opportunity to accumulate a lot of skins that were only available for a short period.

Event Passes have 24 levels, and each level has a reward, including Emotes, Avatars, Sprays, MVP Poses, and Death Stamps. Sellers don’t have to worry if they choose not to buy the Event Pass; they’ll still get a lot of unlockable while completing the free version of the Event Pass – just note that they most likely won’t get skins for the champions, which can make their accounts more valuable in the long run.

Completing Trials of the Realm

The best thing about Trials of the Realm is that players don’t need to have the paid version of the Event Pass to unlock or complete its challenges. Trials of the Realm challenges are a great way to unlock rewards such as Avatars, Emote, and MVP Poses. Players can also earn up to 300 Crystals by doing them.

Ultimately, the order a player unlocks the rewards in Trials of the Realm is entirely up to them. Each set of Trials they complete has a unique reward; it’s an excellent way for sellers to earn more cosmetics without spending a dime.

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