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Why There Are Players That Sell Paladin Items

There are numerous reasons why there are sellers for Paladins: Champions of the Realm items. There are some players may have an account with plenty of skins, Crystals, and Card Packs and are now ready to sell these items.

Card Packs

Any player would want the best cards when playing Paladins; when scrolling through the marketplace, you can find different packs such as Intersteller Stallion, Feathered Fiend, and many others.


Some may be interested in the Crystals for the game, and these are the premium currency in Paladins. They can unlock Champions, purchase any Cosmetic Items, grant Treasure Chest rolls, and purchase an in-game username change.


Plenty of skins are available in Paladins; as mentioned earlier, in-game cosmetics allow players to customize their favorite Champions by changing their looks. Equipping them can be changed when you are at the Customize tab in the Champion's profile. We can also include weapons that can be mixed and matched with the Champion Skins.

Sellers can sell skins that range from Common > Uncommon > Rare > Epic > Legendary. There are plenty available for Androxus, Ash, Atlas, Azaan, Barik, Betty La Bomba, and many more. Some available skins can bring complete model changes with different themes and significant animation changes, a custom voice pack, and additional visual effects. With exclusive chests and special events, a player could sometimes miss these as they are limited-time. If they have a skin that falls under here, it will certainly gain attraction.

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