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Why There Are Sellers for Legends of Runeterra Accounts

Riot Games’ first game, League of Legends, is a juggernaut in the MOBA industry. Fans have been asking for follow-up games from the company for quite some time now, and they finally listened. Legends of Runeterra is a trading card game built for mobile and PC users who don’t have the time to play at home or just love card games. Riot Games promises quality and top-notch gameplay above all else, so players can expect that pre-made accounts will sell like hotcakes if sellers pull the right strings. Granted that Legends of Runeterra is a free-to-play mobile trading card game, the sellers will have to pull out all the stops to impress potential buyers enough to make them purchase one of their accounts.

Incentives to Get the Ball Rolling

To give everyone an edge, there are a couple of tricks that sellers need to know to make an account more valuable. Here are the incentives sellers can choose to add to their accounts when selling Legends of Runeterra accounts:

1. Mid to High Ranks

As some gamers already know, Legends of Runeterra is a TCG (trading card game). Compared to its other cousins like Hearthstone and Artifact, Legends of Runeterra seeks to have more of a competitive spirit. Riot Games announced that the game will, in fact, have a ranking system. Just like League of Legends, gamers can expect to see ranking names such as “Challenger”, “Diamond”, “Grandmaster”, and many more. It’s no surprise as Riot Games’ other recent addition, Teamfight Tactics, has implemented this as well. Expect players to look for high ranking accounts the most, but there may also be some who just want an account that has a decent Elo as well.

2. Great Cards = Easy Win

If there’s anything gamers need to learn in TCGs, it’s that the deck they have can make or break the game. Having a great arsenal is more than helpful when it comes to climbing the ranks. Unlocking cards that are powerful can offer great assistance and is especially handy when a player is in a bind! That way, even if the accounts that the sellers are selling have low ranks, they can easily climb the rank ladder by themselves thanks to the cards sellers have. There’s no need to spend money on acquiring cards well, as the folks over at Riot Games are generous enough to give out cards once per week. What’s more, there are daily quests that players can do to get even more cards!

3. Winrate

Having a good winrate is advantageous when selling an account since it’ll be easier for the buyers to rank up. This can be achieved by consistently winning games without the blemish of losing streaks. This is hard to achieve, especially if a gamer is not much of a pro when it comes to card games. But when a seller is able to overcome that hurdle, their sales are sure to boost up!

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