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How to Sell Your Clash of Kings Account for Real Money?

A dash of mobile fantasy, a little of kingdom building, some real-time strategy, and a pinch of good old fashioned MMO elements; those are the perfect ingredients that make up Clash of Kings!

As you may already know, the game starts off with an epic battle wherein the player tries to regain a kingdom that was once rightfully his or hers. Once that’s over and done with, the task at hand is to rebuild the kingdom back to its former glory—which is something not every player who’s just getting into CoK might necessarily want. Lend them a helping hand by creating an offer and selling them your old Clash of Kings account.

Earn some cash and let someone else ascend to the throne by following these steps:

  • Log in or create an account.
  • Make an offer so that potential buyers from all over the world will be privy to what you’re selling.
  • You can choose either manual or automatic delivery. We highly recommend the automatic delivery option so you won’t have to go through the motions of manually sending the account details to your would-be buyer.
  • Once the buyer verifies the account, we’ll promptly send you your payment.
  • Enjoy your earnings. You can sell as many accounts as you want!


Here at PlayerAuctions, we don’t have a ceiling for pricing so you have complete freedom to sell your Clash of Kings account for how much you see fit. That being said, it’s ideal to price your offers competitively so buyers won’t be turned off. Some factors to consider that may affect account viability include buildings, structure levels, resources, army, and treasure.

Even the most lucrative Clash of Kings account will do you no good if you don’t have a platform from which you can sell it. At PlayerAuctions, you gain access to the sweetest, swiftest deals in the market today, all thanks to our global network of gamers; gamers just like you who want first dibs on your CoK account. So sign up today and sell Clash of Kings accounts to your heart’s content!

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