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Sell Bless Unleashed Star Seed

Thanks to their inherent usefulness, Star Seeds are always in demand in the Bless Unleashed market. The sad part is that you can only get a limited amount when trading them for your gold. If you have seeds to spare, why not share them with other players? Sell your Bless Unleashed star seeds here at PlayerAuctions!

Bless Unleashed Star Seeds Guide

Star Seeds are a form of currency in Bless Unleashed that are just as important as gold. These seeds have a lot of uses, making them one of the best currencies in the game. While gold sits at the top spot, there are a few things that it can’t do that Star Seeds can. For one, you can use Star Seeds to revive yourself. Players dying in-game is a common occurrence, and it can be frustrating when you get so far just to lose all the loot and experience points you’ve accumulated. By taking a Star Seed moments before dying, you’ll be instantly revived back to full strength once your health bar reaches zero. Another notable use of Star Seeds is that you can use them in Teleposts that can be found around the game world. This makes for an easier time getting from point A to point B since you no longer have to trek the harsh environments just to get to a certain city or outpost.

Selling Star Seeds can be very profitable for you, and it’s an easy job that you can surely handle. Being a casual player at Bless Unleashed and are trying to sell items or currency is enough incentive to learn the basics of how the game works. You’ll be helping players from around the world have an easier time playing the game. Who doesn’t want that? If you price your Star Seeds competitively, you’ll be able to garner a pool of regular customers that’ll always come back to you—so long as you provide good service as well, of course!

How Do I Sell Bless Unleashed Star Seeds?

To sell Bless Unleashed Star Seeds here in PlayerAuctions, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Register or log in as a seller.
  2. Post your offers using our system.
  3. When there’s a buyer, communicate with them via our onsite messenger to schedule a meeting time and place in the game.
  4. Meet with the buyer at the designated time and place that you both have agreed upon and trade the amount of Star Seeds that they have purchased.
  5. Wait for the buyer to confirm to our system and you’ll get paid.

Ways to Get Star Seeds

Tips and methods such as “buy low, sell high”, checking your daily bonuses, and so on are old hat. These are tips that almost all Bless Unleashed players know. To freshen up the air, we’ll be giving you some new ways to get Star Seeds instead of just chucking in the usual set of “how to farm this and that” solutions that you’ve heard lots of times.

  1. Acquire Materials That Are Always Sought After

Not all materials are worth getting. While farming whatever material you can find is fine, farming the ones that are always sought-after is a much better way to get as much Star Seeds as possible. Items such as soul fragments, herbs, trees, and ore bring a lot of Star Seeds to the table if you trade them to the right person. Bless Unleashed’s marketplace is always full of people that are either looking to get rid of some stuff or need a certain amount of items for their weapon upgrades and the like. Having these materials always available on-hand will prove to be useful.

  1. Take Advantage of Star Seed Boosters

Star Seed boosters can be bought from the Lumena Shop or marketplace and can also be purchased by using Star Seeds. You might be thinking “Why should I sell my seeds in the game when I’m trying to sell them for cash?” This is due to the long-term advantage that these Star Seed boosters have. These boosters cost a lot, but they’ll increase your daily exchange rate for Star Seeds by 40% for 30 days. You can also use Lumena to buy Star Seed boosters, but since it’s a premium currency, it’s hard to save up a ton of it. Whatever currency that you choose to buy Star Seed boosters, it’ll be worth it thanks to how large the increased rate of your exchange will be. You can use those 30 days to get even more Star Seeds than usual on top of getting all of the Star Seeds that you spent for the said booster in just a few days.

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