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When Does a Gamer Decide to Sell a Bless Unleashed Account?

There are numerous circumstances in which a gamer might decide to sell a Bless Unleashed account. One of the more common among these is that they’ve played and enjoyed all of the content in the game that they wanted to and aren’t interested in continuing. These same players have usually played the game for long periods of time – years sometimes – and wish to move onto other games. If they’re sure they will not want to return to the account at some point in the future, they might sell it to allow someone else to enjoy it and ensure that their hard work spent leveling the account and building it up does not go to waste. On the search for a buyer, there are a number of things that sellers have to take into account when writing the offer description, setting a price, and providing information about the account, one of the most important pieces of information being the player’s class.

The Importance of Classes in Bless Unleashed

The best class is such a subjective topic for many players in Bless Unleashed. This is an important topic as there is no way to change a player’s class once they have already picked the one that they initially decide on. The only way to try out another class is to create an entirely new character from scratch. Thankfully, there are only five classes to debate about, specifically, two melee and three ranged classes. Here are all of the classes in Bless Unleashed:

  1. Crusader

    The Crusader is a melee class that’s similar to a Paladin in other MMORPGs. Hard to kill, the Crusader can easily stagger its enemies with their attacks. This meaty character can be a bit too bulky for some, but it’s perfect for those that want to stand their ground. The Crusader’s Shield Slam combo is a staple for the class and is often used by players when up against more mobile classes. It’s a pretty tough class to control compared to the rest of the classes in PvE situations, but the Crusader more than makes up for it when it comes to PvP.

  2. Berserker

    The Berserker, just like the Crusader, is a melee class but has more agile and flashier moves. This class can dish out combos and attacks that give high output damage. The only downside to the Berserker is that it’s not necessarily a class that’s really for solo purposes. The late game is where the Berserker truly shines though, and as long as players can predict when it is the right time to do certain combos, they can certainly annihilate their enemies with ease.

  3. Ranger

    The Ranger is one of the three ranged classes in Bless Unleashed that has high mobility and decent AoE damage. Blessed with stellar defense stats and range, the Ranger is a high DPS class that’s perfect for players that would rather deal damage onto their enemies from afar. Rangers use bows, and on top of the already fast-paced combat, players of this class can easily snipe their enemies away. The only downside with the Ranger is that the reloading times can be a bit clunky and hard to control, but besides that, it’s an overall great class that any player, whether they’re a beginner or a pro at MMORPGs, can get into.

  4. Mage

    The Mage is arguably the best class in the game and is considered by many to be a top-tier class. There’s a reason why there are so many Mages in Blessed Unleashed. The Mage has the perfect blend of balance, making it perfect for both PvE and PvP scenarios. What’s more, the Mage can excel in solo and team situations. With powerful mana regeneration, a beefy critical hit ability, and AoE skills that can instantly delete mobs of enemies, the Mage class is the perfect class to use for those that love using spells minus the long cooldowns. Mages are also capable of using different elements that they can use to their advantage. The only disadvantage that the Mage has is that it’s a class that’s not necessarily good at evading attacks, thereby making them vulnerable. There’s also a learning curve when it comes to learning all of the spells and whatnot. But besides that, the Mage is undoubtedly an S-tier class for the community of Blessed Unleashed.

  5. Priest

    The Priest is the class to utilize for players that want to deal impressive damage through various combos. Just like the Mage, the Priest can be vulnerable to damage since the execution of the combos can be a bit slow, but the solution to that is to utilize a couple of defensive gears when it comes to gearing up the perfect build for the Priest. Teams always want a Priest in their team since it’s a class that can deal with high DPS and heals their allies at the same time. Players will have to be very precise about their positioning and timings when attacking enemies if they want to be able to cast their spells in the first place. While the Priest doesn’t deal as much damage compared to the Mage, the upside is that they can do healing and revive spells.

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