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OSRS Graceful Outfit Guide

osrs graceful clothing

Agility is one of the most essential skills in OSRS because it is helpful for various activities in the game. While players train in this aspect, they also aim for the Graceful Clothing, which is one of the most coveted sets of Old School RuneScape. If you want this agility gear for yourself, this guide will help you figure out how to collect it. 

What is the Graceful Clothing

OSRS Graceful Outfit Guide-definition

The Graceful Clothing is an Agility set that provides weight-reduction and run energy restoration, which is helpful as you explore Gielinor. The outfit is made of light materials because it is designed to make running more efficient. The whole set comprises six pieces, each of which provides its own weight reduction and energy restoration effects. Here are all the components of the Graceful Clothing:

  • Graceful Hood: -3kg Weight Reduction|+3% Run Energy Restoration Rate
  • Graceful Top: -5kg Weight Reduction|+4% Run Energy Restoration Rate
  • Graceful Legs: -6kg Weight Reduction|+4% Run Energy Restoration Rate
  • Graceful Gloves: -3kg Weight Reduction|+3% Run Energy Restoration Rate
  • Graceful Boots: -4kg Weight Reduction|+3% Run Energy Restoration Rate
  • Graceful Cape: -4kg Weight Reduction|+3% Run Energy Restoration Rate
  • Complete Graceful Set: -25kg Weight Reduction|+30% Run Energy Restoration Rate

Note: The total energy restoration rate of the pieces equals 20. However, wearing the complete set activates a unique effect, increasing the rate to 30.

Pros and Cons

OSRS Graceful Outfit Guide-pros and cons

The perks of wearing the Graceful set are beneficial for any activity that has high energy consumption, like questing or exploring the Wilderness. The Weight Reduction also reduces energy consumption, making resource usage more efficient. Energy Restoration minimizes the time you spend recovering stamina, which ensures you lessen your idle time. These perks allow you to maintain a high run energy in most activities consistently. 

The main disadvantage of wearing this set is you lose protection. While you get a significant speed ramp, losing defensive stats means it’s not recommended for combat. On top of that, the set is a low priority on death, meaning you’ll lose it when you die in the Wilderness at level 20 or above. If you are fighting, ensure you are not using Graceful Clothing. 

How Do You Get the Graceful Clothing

The components can be bought from Grace in the Rogues’ Den under The Toad and Chicken Inn in Burthope. Each piece costs marks of grace, which can be obtained from doing Rooftop Agility Courses. Here is the price for the whole set:

  • Graceful Hood – 35 Marks of Grace
  • Graceful Top – 55 Marks of Grace
  • Graceful Legs – 60 Marks of Grace
  • Graceful Gloves – 30 Marks of Grace
  • Graceful Boots – 40 Marks of Grace
  • Graceful Cape – 40 Marks of Grace
  • Graceful Clothing Set – 260 Marks of Grace

Note: Only uncolored versions of this set can be refunded to Grace. 

How to Earn Marks of Grace

OSRS Graceful Outfit Guide-how to earn masks of grace

Marks of Grace are exceptional currencies that can only be obtained from doing Rooftop Agility Courses in OSRS. You shouldn’t overthink their varying drop rates. You only need to remember that you can get one every time you pass an obstacle. Here are all the Agility Courses in the game:

  • Draynor Village Rooftop Course – requires level 10 Agility
  • Al Kharid Rooftop Course – requires level 20 Agility
  • Varrock Rooftop Course – requires level 30 Agility
  • Canifis Rooftop Course – requires level 40 Agility
  • Falador Rooftop Course – requires level 50 Agility
  • Seers’ Village Rooftop Course – requires level 60 Agility
  • Pollnivneach Rooftop Course – requires level 70 Agility
  • Rellekka Rooftop Course – requires level 80 Agility
  • Ardougne Rooftop Course – requires level 90 Agility

The best course depends on what you want to gain from this activity. The two things you want to get from these are Marks of Grace and Agility experience. You must determine whether you prioritize one of them or want a compromise of both. 

The best places to farm Marks of Grace and exp are the following: Canifis, Seers’ Village, Rellekka, and Ardougne. Canifis is the best course to grind when focusing on farming the currency. While it has the most challenging route, it has the highest spawn rate for Marks of Grace, so you can get a ton of it while leveling up from here. You would want to farm this option until you reach 60.

At Agility level 60, Seers’ Village is the best place to grind. While it does not have the base rate of Canifis, you can increase the spawn chance by completing any tier of the Kandarin Achievement Diary. The course also provides a tremendous amount of experience for Agility. 

When you’ve reached Agility level 80, Rellekka becomes a good option for farming Marks of Grace. This course provides a good compromise between collecting currency and exp gained. You can grind this course until you reach 90.

By Agility level 90, Ardougne becomes an excellent option for training. It provides the most exp for increasing your Agi level. However, it also provides the lowest spawn rate of Marks of Grace, but the amount of XP you gain outweighs this slight drawback. Fortunately, you can complete the Ardougne Diary to increase the chances of spawning marks to compensate for the low drop rate.

If you want to focus on farming the marks, then Canifis is the best place to farm. For experience, it is the Ardougne. You can either do Seers’ Village or Rellekka for a compromise between both. 

Which Pieces to Get First?

OSRS Graceful Outfit Guide-which pieces to get first

If you don’t have enough Marks of Grace to buy the whole outfit, you should first focus on getting the Hood, Top, and Legs. No other clothing can provide a weight-reducing effect for these parts. However, there are substitutes for gloves, boots, and the cape. You can use the Penance Gloves, Boots of Lightness, and Spottier Cape while grinding for the whole set. Here is how you can get each alternative piece:

  • Penance Gloves – obtained from the Barbarian Assault Minigame
  • Boots of Lightness – obtained from completing the Temple of Ikov quest
  • Spottier Cape – bring two dashing kebbit furs and 800 coins to the Fancy Clothes Store in Varrock

How to Recolor Your Graceful Clothing

If you don’t like the base colors of the Graceful Clothing, you can recolor them to feature different hues. To do this, you must gain 100% favor in a house in Great Kourend. After doing so, you can start recoloring your set to the house color you reached maximum reputation with. Here are all the options for gaining 100% favors:

  • Arceuus House
  • Piscarilius House
  • Lovakengj House
  • Shayzien House
  • Hosidius House
  • All Houses

Note: You can get another color scheme from Brimhaven Agility Arena. You’ll need to spend 250 Agility Arena Tickets here instead of Marks of Grace.

You must spend 15 Marks of Grace to recolor each piece, which means you will pay 90 for the whole outfit. You can revert the set to its original color by interacting with Osten. Unfortunately, the Marks of Grace spent recoloring will not be refunded.

Is Farming the Graceful Clothing Worth It?

The short answer is yes. While it is not the ideal set for combat, it is helpful for various other activities that require constant running. It also helps make leveling up your Agility more efficient. Quests and tasks that require players to be lightweight will also benefit from having this clothing. Spending hours farming Marks of Grace for this set is worth all the grind.

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