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Fastest New World Leveling Guide 1-60

New World Leveling Guide

The grind to the endgame can be a slog in any MMO. In every other game the best features and content are locked behind a minimum of 40+ hours of grinding. New World is no exception. There are too many things that players need to do to level up fast, like grinding mob rotations, participating in raids or dungeons, or doing quests.

Many New World players have reached the endgame content by getting level 60. Though leveling up in Aeternum is not that hard, it is still tedious. Fortunately for players, there are many tricks and methods that gamers can take advantage of, which players weren't necessarily aware of when the game launched. That's doubly true if you follow this New World leveling guide. 

Why is Leveling Important in New World?

Like most MMOs, ranking up in New World means gaining access to many features. While there are great rewards for leveling up, the main highlight of reaching certain milestones is unlocking content that can either make characters stronger or improve the quality of gaming life. Here are some of the benefits of ranking up in New World:

  • Level 5 – Survivalist quest (Tier 1 Camp) & Second Weapon Slot
  • Level 10 – Duels & First bag slot
  • Level 15 – First House, Tier 2 Camp, & Third Consumable Slot
  • Level 20 – Main Story Quest for Tier 1 Azoth Staff & Ring Slot
  • Level 25 – Tier 3 Camp & Fourth Consumable Slot
  • Level 30 – Main Story Quest for Tier 2 Azoth Staff & Second Bag Slot
  • Level 35 – Second House
  • Level 40 – Tier 4 Camp, Main Story Quest for Tier 3 Azoth Staff, & Earring Slot
  • Level 45 – Third Bag Slot
  • Level 50 - Invasions
  • Level 55 – Tier 5 Camp & Third House
  • Level 60 – Outpost Rush

The level cap in New World is 60. At that point, players will find their gear score (a metric for determining the quality of their gear) to be hovering at around 480-500. That's not the gear score cap, which means that at level 60, for many players, the game has only just begun. That's where the grinding picks up a rank, and players can start searching for the best weapons and armor to optimize their characters to face more challenging enemies.

Other than obtaining precious prizes, adventurers need to reach level 60 to start their grinding for the endgame content. More difficult PUIs and Expeditions will require players to have higher gear scores. Beginners will have to quickly reach the endgame gear score grind stage to access more content.

Best Gear and Build for Leveling Up Fast

While New World offers players various builds, weapon choices, and armor options, some setups are more optimal for those looking to rank up quickly. Several combinations will require different strategies to increase the pace of progression. Adventurers should choose the option that they prefer the most.

Best Weapons

Before players start going on their merry way, they will be given many weapon choices. These armaments will dictate the type of playstyle that gamers will have in their journey throughout Aeternum. While each weapon has its own kinks and advantages, some items and combinations are better suited for leveling up fast.

Survivability Build (Hatchet and Life Staff)

Sustain refers to how long adventurers can stay in a fight without needing to retreat or recover and how fast they can regenerate their HP on the spot. Having great survivability or sustainability means less time waiting on the sides to recover lost health. This build helps tremendously in leveling up fast in Aeternum.

One of the best combinations players can use is the Hatchet and Life Staff combo. The passive abilities of these two weapons synergize so well that adventurers will be able to fight continuously. Berserk Mode's Berserking Refresh heals a portion of the user's HP paired with Sacred Ground which provides vast healing.

DPS/Speed Build (Hatchet and Bow)

An alternative to sustained battles is defeating enemies and getting through encounters quickly. Adventurers can move on from objective to objective in rapid succession if they can finish monsters or tasks sprightly. Having a speed build relies heavily on DPS and Agility.

The Hatchet and Bow combo is the best choice for this build. Berserk Mode gives out a passive that increases damage by 20%, which, when paired with the Bow's passive of increasing movement speed, helps tremendously in ending fights quickly. Both weapons provide movement speed passive for simple traveling purposes, allowing players to go fast from point A to point B.

The Best Attributes

Every time characters level up; they gain an attribute point which they can spend on combat stats. The recommended attributes depend on the weapons used by the adventurers, so players should focus on investing points in the combat stats related to their most preferred gun. On the other hand, attribute reset, known as respecs are free up to level 20, so gamers can try experimenting on this first.

Which Armors to Take?

There are three types of armor in Aeternum. Each kind will provide varying degrees of protection and mobility. Light Armors offer the least protection but offer significantly more damage and mobility. Meanwhile, Medium Armors is a balance between damage, mobility, and safety. Lastly, Heavy Armor provides the most protection buff but has minor damage and mobility.

While choosing the suitable protective covering depends mainly on preference and playstyle, adventurers looking to speed run their level should focus on using clothing that helps boost mobility. Using Light Armors can help players move about and reach their destinations quickly.

How to Level Up Faster in New World?

  • Levels 1-10

    Levels 1-10 are the easiest and relatively straightforward. Starting in any of the locations one can spawn (Monarch's Bluff, First Light, Windward), players will be asked to obtain information from the site of their shipwreck. Players can get to level 10 just by following this questline. It's ideal for players to stay in the general areas they spawn in to avoid dangerous mobs they can't take on just yet.

  • Levels 10-20

    Levels 10-20 are like 1-10; the one difference is that players will now focus on some skills that will help them out during later gameplay. During these levels, players should also use the settlements for side quests to gain bonus exp and the main tasks. These side quests can be found by looking for yellow cross-like indicators above friendly or neutral NPCs. While questing, players will find various materials scattered around New World, such as iron ore, Dragon Glory, Azoth Water, etc. Adventurers should collect as much of these resources as possible as they will set a foundation for crafting later.

  • Levels 20-45

    Players should aim to have around sixty+ levels in all skills. They should be obtaining wood from trees, mining ores, harvesting hemp, and looting chests, which contain crafting reagents to smelt iron bars into steel bars. During this time, players will notice that quests are not yielding as much relative experience as they've been used and that leveling can slow to a grind. The missions keep giving the same amount of experience, but the experience to level up is raised.

  • Levels 45-60

    After getting to level 45, players will want to do every town project board they can manage. They should choose towns they can fast travel to quickly and if it's at all possible, purchase homes in these territories. This lets adventurers fast trip to their home, cheaper than traveling with Azoth. This is especially important since weight plays a factor in the fast travel system in New World. Town project boards can only be used if the reigning company keeps active town projects going.

  • Level 60+

    After level 60, players will have to participate in dungeons, elite camps, rank 60 side quests, and weapon mastery quests to increase their gear score. Much like in other MMOs, once they hit the level cap, the focus is on optimizing gear and improving its score. In WoW, this gear score is called Item Level, whereas it's simply Gear Score in New World. Adventurers will slowly creep their way from 500 to 600. Players need to increase this GS incrementally, as the game requires them to have, for example, a helmet at 510 GS before they can get on that's 520. The term for this is a "watermark" in the community.

Need To Remember:

  1. Focus on Main Story Quests

    Main sequence stories are the primary sources of experience points in Aeternum. These tasks should focus on players trying to speed run their progression. Aside from providing chunks of exp, they also provide beginners with a clear guide on where to go for their level.

    However, focusing on MSQs does not mean that players should avoid doing Town Projects, Faction missions, and other side quests. Gamers should always do these tasks in conjunction with the main lore quests. Overall, if players only have a limited game time, they should focus on the main missions.

  2. Keep a Lookout for Lore Pages

    Lore Notes are scattered all around Aeternum. These pages provide small amounts of EXP whenever a player finds one of them. They can be spotted due to their blue glow, making them hard to miss. Players can encounter a lot of these letters during their quests.

    It is not advised to actively look for them since they don't provide that much exp. However, adventurers should always pick up a page whenever they encounter one. Even minor points will accumulate over time.

  3. Choose Territory Standing XP Bonus

    New World divides Aeternum into several regions that are governed by significant settlements. Doing quests and other activities in these zones will increase the players' reputation within these territories. Upon reaching certain milestones, adventurers can activate perks in these areas that will provide various buffs and benefits. The best bonus to start is the XP Boost option since it dramatically increases the experience points gained from quests and other ventures.

  4. Three Faction Missions a Day

    Faction missions can be done every day. However, the first three quests are the ones that give the most exp. It is highly suggested that players accept their first three daily faction quests before starting their leveling grind.

  5. Tag Enemies that Are Fighting Other Players

    There will be several kill tasks from Faction Quests and Town Projects. These types of jobs require adventurers to slay key monsters or targets. Completing these objectives may be challenging since there will also be other beginner players who also have the same functions.

    The tip in completing kill quests fast is simply to tag or hit targets battling other players. Even if characters aren't the ones who killed the enemy, they will still satisfy the conditions if they damage the monster at least once. Doing this trick will help gamers finish these types of missions very quickly.

  6. Take Advantage of Fast Travel Shrines

    More minor details like travel time are some of the most undervalued but otherwise impactful of leveling up. When adventurers choose to travel on foot or on mounts most of the time, they tend to waste several minutes of gameplay. Though they seem minuscule, a few minutes every day eventually accumulates to several hours.

    Using Fast Travel Shrines enables players to bypass unnecessary travels. Taking advantage of these teleportation nodes will provide more time for players to spend on actual level grinds. Gamers can empty their bags before using the shrines to reduce teleporting costs.

  7. Level Up Trade Skills

    Some trade skills provide experience points that can help level up characters. Mining and gathering are the primary skills that adventurers should invest in, even though only gathering nets exp points. Both of these lifeskills should be leveled to 30 because gamers will eventually encounter quests that will require them to collect specific items.

  8. Use Food

    Other than running a Survivability or Sustainability build, players can take advantage of food consumables to help them regenerate HP quickly. Stocking up food before heading out is a great way to ensure that adventurers don't waste time waiting for their health points to go back up. Consuming a meal is an excellent alternative to sitting down and resting at a camp or a settlement.

    These are all the tips and tricks to level up to 60 quickly. Though some other methods are not discussed in this guide, the points discussed are the most efficient and effective known techniques for ranking up. Following this guide will help adventurers reach the endgame content rapidly.

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