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Best New World Iron Farming Route

New World Iron Farming Route

From gathering to slaying powerful foes, there are a lot of things to explore in the world of Aeternum. However, players try to do these activities without the right gear or the right materials. Without the proper quality of materials, some of these ventures will be more difficult than necessary. That is why Iron Ore is arguably the most valuable resource in the game.

From crafting weapons and armor to building town projects, Iron has a lot of uses in the game. As the most essential material in Aeternum, there is a very high demand for this ore. Thankfully, there are several ways of acquiring profitable amounts of this mineral in the game.

Iron Ore Mining

The best way to farm Iron efficiently is to plan a mining route or memorize several paths. Following a carefully planned route makes mining more effective because gamers can optimize their time and maximize the number of ores they obtain. Along the way, there will be different kinds of high-quality ores that players can find. It is ideal to chart a route that wherein miners can obtain resources other than Iron.

There are different optimal mining paths for different levels or gear scores. Ideally, players should stick to zones that are more appropriate to their current power. Gamers should be mindful of the level requirements of the zones that they wish to gather.

Iron ore veins are more common in specific areas. Knowing which locations contain an abundant supply of ores can help players in planning or customizing their own guide. Here are some of the areas with the most iron ore:

  • Stonereach Pass and Bearclaw Pass in Everfall
  • Corsair's Rise and Divine Rise in Monarch's Bluff
  • Perilbrook in Windsward
  • Rattlevine Ridge in First Light

Things to Know Before Mining Iron Ore

Iron can be mined by any mining level since all you need is a pickaxe. However, it is advisable for players to rush their miner's level to 25 since reaching this rank will unlock an iron ore tracker. Iron veins can usually be found in groups of three on the side of mountains and hills. This mineral is easily distinguishable from boulders since it has a brownish-yellowish shade.

Best Low-Level Route

This route will allow lower-level/gear players to stock up on a great amount of iron without having to travel from one zone to another. The route is in Everfall, just east of Everfall City in Bearclaw Pass. Ideally you'll want to use the fast travel point. Coordinates are 10013.75/4120.75, if you are using a third-party-map. This is where the route begins.

  1. Right away, to the east, two large ores spawn with two to three smaller deposits.
  2. Once cleared, head South-West about forty meters to locate two more spawns.
  3. You will then head directly west until you come across a small hill, the Obelisk Ursa. You will find two more iron spawns at the northeast side of Ursa on top of the hill.
  4. Keep heading west and you will find an additional two spawn on the northwest side of Ursa. These two spawns are visible from the previous hill.
  5. Once you have cleared these, go south along the western side of Ursa making your way to the south side of the landmark. Almost directly up against Ursa will be more iron; this spot will contain one large, medium, and two to three small ores.
  6. After clearing this, head directly south. You will notice the area you are currently in is more open with a few tree spawns, and further south is a dense forest. You will continue south until you almost get to the tree line. This area spawns one large, one medium, and one small iron vein.
  7. After these have been cleared, turn around and begin running North / North East back toward the fast travel point from which you arrived. In the clearing, there will be one to two large iron ore spawns.
  8. By the time you have reached the fast travel point, the smaller iron spawns that you started with should be respawned, and you can start the route over.

Best Iron Ore Vein Routes in New World

Route 1 in Monarch's Bluff

  1. This pathing will have players start in Monarch's Bluff Village. There are cliffs in the Southeast direction of the location just South of Devil's Quarry where players will find multiple iron ore veins to mine.
  2. Miners will have to head north towards the next elevated terrain just West of the quarry while mining every ore along the way.
  3. Afterward, gamers can consider heading further north just before Corsair's Rise and go eastward since there are multiple iron ore veins in the area.
  4. Go towards Divine Rise and head South. Players should rush towards the area where they originally started since there are some dead areas along the way. The main thing to remember here is to always stay atop these high-terrain areas.

Route 2 in First Light

  1. The start of this pathing is in the cave at Fullmoon Den where players can mine several iron ore veins.
  2. After they have reached the end of the cavern, they should simply follow the elevated area north of their current location.
  3. Before reaching Elder's Bluff, miners should head south towards the area north of Rose Landing and West of Tideswallow Cave.
  4. After that, gamers will simply have to track all the way back to Fullmoon Den to reset the whole route.

Route 3 in First Light

  1. Players can start this specific pathing from either Letum's Pick or in the Hilltop Encampment. However, it is more ideal to start in the former since the ore veins in this area are more grouped together. Miners should mine every ore vein from the Southern-most edge of Letum's Pick to its Northern edge.
  2. Gamers should set their charts towards the elevated areas before and around Graymane Burrow. There are several areas around the burrow that players can explore which will contain more iron.
  3. After this, they should head Westward to Campbell's Rest to mine every iron ore vein in the vicinity before they head south back to their starting point.

Route 4 in Cutlass Keys

  1. Starting from the main settlement, miners should head towards the South. There will be tons of iron ore veins along the way until they reach the Spiti Ruins.
  2. Once miners have reached the ruins, they can either follow the Northwest trail back to the settlement starting point, or they can cut Westward into First Light.

Note: This route is fairly popular since the pathing is shorter, and the ore is moregrouped up together.

It is always ideal for miners to try and gather other resources while they are mining iron ores so that they make the most out of their exploration. Players can also make their own custom mining routes because the paths discussed above are some of the well-known iron ore rotations in the game. Whatever the case, the best tip that any miner should remember is to always stick to the high ground.

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