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EverQuest Plat Price Tracker 2023

As of December 05, 2023, the average EverQuest Plat price on PlayerAuctions is $30.87 per 15000K Plat. In the past 7 days, the EverQuest Plat price ranged from $27.90 to $247.50USD per 15000K Plat..

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Cheap EverQuest Gold and Platinum can be found all over the internet up for grabs. Developed and published way back in 1999 by Sony Online Entertainment, EverQuest is still up and going, having still a large community that plays the game. With the developers continuing to update and host summer events, insert new items into Marketplace, and add new games modes, EverQuest is still very much alive. The same thing can be said for the EverQuest currency. Even going so far as to having an economy so good that it become richer than that of Bulgaria’s economy, it’s safe to say that EverQuest is here to stay.

An Economy Better Then Bulgaria’s: EverQuest Silver’s Peak

Back in 2002, a virtual country has entered into the word economy. Norrath, the setting for EverQuest, has been found to be 77th richest country in the world, clumped together between Russia and Bulgaria. There was a research carried out in the United States, showing that Norrath has a gross national product per capita of over $2,266, which was bigger than China and India at that time. Platinum pieces, the in-game currency known as pp, end up with an exchange rate of about a penny per pp at that time, making EverQuest currency more valuable than the Japanese yen and the Spanish peseta! Converting EverQuest gold to Platinum is as easy as pie even until now.

EverQuest Alternate Currency: Radiant and Ebon Crystals

Online gaming has attracted millions of players and their rise in popularity in recent years is mainly down to improved graphics and more players to interact with, but having a great economy certainly helped in the case of EverQuest since it’s been around for so long, people are unsure whether it will survive in the long run. A healthy economy keeps players happy, and thus giving them more incentive to keep on playing. EverQuest Platinum sales as of now are getting unstable high and low spikes, and the EverQuest currency is getting to be unpredictable these days.

EverQuest has a number of alternate currencies besides the normal Copper, Silver, Gold, and Platinum coins in the game. Examples of two of the many alternate currencies are the Radiant and Ebon Crystals. These are part of the Dragons of Norrath expansion and are only earned and spent in that expansion. They can be traded. These crystals can be earned by doing quests. Other currencies such as the silver and gold tokens were introduced in the Underfoot expansion. In shorts, EverQuest boasts a large amount of alternate currencies that comes from different expansions.

Buy EverQuest Plat with the Help of Our Market Tracker

Our latest tool, the market tracker, helps users like you on how the in-game currency and its economy is fairing. Our market tracker not only does that, but it can help buyers find the cheapest EverQuest plat for sale in our array of EverQuest Plat sales! Since the Plat is dwindling up and down these days, we also aid our sellers on when to sell their EverQuest currency in order to make the most out of the situation. By helping the buyers, sellers, and even just regular users with our new tool, we are able to make a safer community for everyone.

We also have other notable things in our tool like the charts and rates that acts as reports of the highs and lows of EQ platinum. Together with our index that gets almost updated daily that shows the average price of Platinum that is sold here in PlayerAuctions and having the option to pick on whichever serve you want accordingly, we will continue to serve users like you in order to have an easier time buying/selling EverQuest currency.

PlayerAuctions Cares for Its Users

We equally care for our buyers and sellers here in our player-to-player marketplace. We show the best EverQuest Plat sellers every month in order for the buyers to know who they should most likely transact with. This also shows as an inspiration for beginning sellers to be the best they can be in order to have such high numbers of positive ratings. We also have a list of the most expensive EverQuest items that are sold. We don’t only focus on the in-game currency aspect, but also on items. For accounts, we have an account calculator tool to help sellers know how much their account/s go for should they decide to sell them.

With more than half a million total traders in EverQuest, it’s easy to find the cheapest EverQuest Plat sellers and buyers who are on the lookout. The market tracker is one of the many user-friendly tools that we have to help you out and be educated on how the market exchange is not only in one server of EverQuest, but on more than 20 servers!

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