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Paladin Leveling Build and Guide

Paladin Leveling Build

The grind in Lost Ark is (in)famous at this point. Regardless of class, players will need to get to level 50 to begin enjoying endgame progression. This guide lets players in on a powerful Paladin Leveling Build to help them get there as quickly as possible. 

Lost Ark Paladin Leveling Build 

There are great solo classes in Lost Ark, such as Gunlancers, and they're the best class to start with for newcomers. However, if you want to main a support class such as a Bard or Paladin, it can take longer. But don't worry, I've got the perfect Paladin build to help you level up quickly, even as low-DPS support. 

Skill Build


This primary mobility skill allows you to traverse the map quickly.

Flash Thrust: Jungle's Law - Chain Attack - Flash Enhancement

Once you reach level 15, you can learn this skill to maximize AoE damage, and after level 25, you can invest more points for more damage.

Executor's Sword: Stigmata - Challenger's Will - Broad Slash

This is also an excellent skill to get early on for single target damage or AoE clearing at levels 30-32.

Holy Explosion: Swift Fingers - Wide Explosion - Prepared Explosion

You can invest 20 points in this skill once you reach level 36. It offers AoE damage, clearing mobs quickly. Once you get levels 48-49, you can max this skill for more damage increase on the AoE nuke.

Holy Sword: Stigmata - Weak Point Detection - Condensed Energy

This skill offers a high single target burst with some linear AoE. This is your primary damage dealer to bosses at levels 40-41.


You can invest in other skills if you want, but the ones listed above are recommended for efficient leveling. And once you reach level 50, you might need to make a new skill preset for supporting your teammates.

General Leveling Tips

This is not entirely for Paladin users but for all classes that want to level up faster.

  1. Skip the Prologue

    Skipping the prologue will save you about 20 minutes. This can be done in the top left corner of your screen shortly after arriving in the first area. Don't worry about missing out on the free headpiece skin reward since you can get this by making a new character later and trading it in your roster storage.

  2. Optimal leveling route

    Getting to 50 in Lost Ark is extremely simple and will last around 8-12 hours of game time. All it involves is following your Main Questline while ignoring every other quest type you come across, In this order:

    • Rethramis: After having Returned from saving Pridholme from the demon attack. Open your Quest Journal, and under the Guide, Quests accept 'Learning About Pets.' Completing this quest will allow you to obtain a pet that will help you loot items along the way.
    • Yudia - West Luterra - East Luterra: Continue following your main questline, and once you're finished with East Luteera and put in the Sea of Gienah, hide your 'Finding the Arks' main quest since it won't be relevant for a while. Follow the World Quest leading you to Tortoyk instead. 
    • Tortoyk - Anikka- Arthentine - North Vern: After clearing the North Vern questline, you'll unlock the endgame activities of Lost Ark, such as Chaos Dungeon, Abyssal Dungeon, and Guardian Raids. These main endgame contents will supply you with materials to level up your gears to reach tier 1 - 3.
  3. Skill Efficiency

    You have limited access to your powerful skills in the early game, so don't waste them on individual monsters. The number one thing I would suggest is to group up enemies and killing them with Areas of Effect (AoE) skills for maximum efficiency.

  4. Changing Channels

    Always ensure you're not in an overpopulated channel during quests associated with monster kills or resource gathering. This way, you can avoid wasting precious time waiting for objectives to respawn. The channels are located on the top right of your screen above your minimap.

  5. Healing Potions

    During leveling, make sure not to use the green HP Potions that instantly heal you for a percentage of your life. These are very valuable on the end game raids. Instead, use the healing potions on your F1 which heal you a set amount over time and are easily obtained through leveling.

  6. Dungeons

    You'll encounter main story dungeons that have Normal and Hard Modes. Always pick normal mode while leveling and do it solo since they're a lot quicker to complete and yield the same amount of experience as Hard Modes. Do take note that you only need to run these dungeons once.

  7. Accessories

    No matter what your class is, make sure to equip accessories as soon as you get them. Accessories with Crit and Specialization are ideal since it increases the damage you deal with your skills.

Other Tips & Tricks:

  • Dismantle old gear you're no longer using to free up inventory to sell them later.
  • Use your Hot bars located at the bottom right. You can allocate songs and mounts by dragging them into any desired slot.
  • You can travel to Triports directly from your overlay map by holding alt + left mouse click on the Triport of your choice.
  • Always use mount for long-distance traveling when Triports are not accessible.
  • If you tend to tab out of the game frequently, you can press 'T' to autorun.
  • Spend your emotes and songs with rapport NPC's so that you won't have any problem clearing them once you plan to finish your adventure tomb.
  • While in the Sea, you can set auto paths to any location by holding alt + left click. 

Once you reach level 50, Beatrice will notify you to visit her in Trixion. Completing her questline rewards you with your first Awakening Skill. This skill will help you clutch endgame content if you use it wisely. Make sure to finish this quest before starting any endgame content. That's it; if you follow these tricks, you will reach level 50 in no time!

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