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Lost Ark Sorceress Igniter Build


The Sorceress in Lost Ark falls in the mage archetype, along with the Bard and Arcanist. They are known for being able to deal damage safely from afar and control battlefield areas with their spells and status effect. Sorceress is a popular DPS class since you can quickly deal burst damage from a safe range. However, they are quite squishy and require proper positioning to perform some slowly-casted skills that can deal much damage, meaning they have a high skill ceiling. 

Lost Ark Sorceress Igniter vs Reflux

There are two viable builds for the sorceress based on her two exclusive class engravings: Igniter and Reflux. The Igniter engraving improves her identity skill so that Arcane Rupture halves the cooldown times and increases both crit rate and crit damage for a given duration. Alternatively, the Reflux engraving provides a blanket bonus to the damage and cooldown rate of her spells at all times while preventing her from using arcane rupture.

Igniter is the more immediately appealing of the two and most commonly used in end-game raids. This playstyle involves proper positioning and timing of your identity skill to deal burst damage. An Igniter Sorceress can cause more damage overall than the Reflux sorceress.

On the other hand, Reflux is always causing consistent damage, and you don't have to worry about memorizing skill rotation since you can play reactively and cast whatever a situation calls you. So If you're a knowledgeable player and know every boss pattern in the game, I'm sure opting for Igniter Sorceress is a good choice. But if you're not confident with your positioning and prediction, Reflux is a wiser choice. In this guide, we'll be focusing on Lost Ark Sorceress Igniter Build.

Lost Ark Sorceress Igniter Build

  • Blaze: Damage Amplification - Charge Flame (Quick Recharge)
  • Frost's Call: Enlightenment - Unstable Rule - Enhanced Strike (Wealth)
  • Squall: Agile Cast (Rage)
  • Punishing Strike: Mind Enhancement - Electric Discharge - Magick Amplification (Galewind)
  • Esoteric Reaction: Quick Prep - Enhance Strike - Stabalized Crystal (Wealth)
  • Rime Arrow: Enlightenment - Piercing Strike - Ice Pick (Wealth)
  • Explosion: Ignite - Weak Point Detection - Magick Amplification (Galewind)
  • Doomsday: Mind Enhancement - Asteroid - Magick Amplification (Galewind)

Sorceress Skill Rotation

  1. Doomsday
  2. If full gauge Frost's Call
  3. If full gauge Arcane Rupture
  4. Explosion
  5. Punishing Strike
  6. Rime Arrow
  7. Esoteric Reaction
  8. Frost's Call
  9. Doomsday


  • Always maintain your synergy buff on the boss with Blaze since this applies a +6% damage debuff for 8 seconds.
  • Build up your identity gauge with your regular rotation, such as Frost's Call, Rime Arrow, and Esoteric Reaction.
  • Your Balze, Squall, and auto-attacks also give a tiny bit of gauge, so you should use them when everything is on cooldown.
  • Squall is your primary counter skill; if the boss has a counter mechanic, you should save it for that purpose.
  • Doomsday is your primary damage dealer and should always be your last big skill to use in a rotation while building up your identity gauge. If you've used everything and your identity skill is available, then you can proceed to do the double doomsday combo.
  • If Explosion and Punishing Strike are also not on cooldown, you can save them for after the Arcane Rupture.
  • You can maximize time inside Arcane Rupture by using it right before the impact of Doomsday.
  • Always combo your burst damage with a support's major damage buff that can significantly increase your damage.
  • Explosion should cancel into Punishing Strike, which should cancel into Rime Arrow. This rotation is the same whether or not Arcane Rupture is available. Doomsday has a very long cooldown, and the last thing you want is to be waiting on your opening skill when Arcane Rupture is available. If you know Arcane Rupture is coming soon, refrain from using Doomsday.

Igniter Sorceress Stat Priority

Igniter Sorceress prioritizes Specialization over Critical and Swiftness. It is up to you to choose Critical for higher crit rate or Swiftness for movement and cooldown reduction. I highly recommend you opt for swiftness as the secondary stat if you have less than level 8 cooldown gem for your doomsday skill.


  • Igniter: This is the engraving you need to focus on since this gives you a -50% cooldown reduction, 25% crit rate, and 50% crit damage when you activate your identity skills.
  • All-Out Attack: This will help you reduce your channeling skill time by 20% and give you 20% more damage.
  • DPS Engravings
  • Hit Master: This gives you an additional 16% damage. This has the same benefit as Curse Doll with no healing penalty.
  • Grudge: As for all DPS classes, this is one of the most recommended engravings since this gives you an additional 20%, but you will also gain 20% damage from the boss. This is highly recommended only for expert players with knowledge of the game.
  • Curse Doll: This is often the last choice engraving that increases your damage but reduces the amount of healing you receive.

Situational Engravings

  • Adrenaline: You can use this as well, but it can be challenging to maintain all the stacks required to make it worth it.
  • Precise Dagger: This is a greater choice than adrenaline since this gives you a flat 20% crit rate, but you deal less than 12% damage.

Optimal Setup

  • Igniter (Level 3)
  • All Out Attack (Level 3)
  • Hit Master (Level 3)
  • Curse Doll (Level 3)
  • Grudge (Level 3)

This is the initial version of my Igniter Sorceress Raid Build in Lost Ark. I've tried to include all the important information on setting up this character while keeping the guide as compact as possible. If I missed something of importance, please let me know! If you liked this guide, stay tuned for more!

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