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Lost Ark Sorceress Burst DPS Build

Lost Ark Sorceress Build

Class Overview

The Sorceress is one of the strongest ranged DPS classes currently in Lost Ark. With the ability to call down elemental attacks to strike her enemies, The Sorceress is the queen of mobbing and dealing massive critical damage during her magic enhanced state. If you love to do devastating damage while using flashy and hard-hitting skills, the Sorceress is perfect for you.

Sorceress Leveling Build

The first thing we want to do is get to Level 50. This is when all of your skills are available to you with a decent amount of skill points. The only exception would be your first Awakening skill and your Doomsday skill, which you’ll get by finishing the North Vern main story and talking to Beatrice in Trixion.

For leveling up, we’ll want to focus on mostly low cooldown skills with high mobbing abilities as well as the Explosion skill for quickly clearing out elite mobs and bosses. These are the skills I recommend while leveling up:

  • Blaze - [Level 4] - Damage Amplification
  • Seraphic Hail - [Level 10] - Enlightenment, Additional Explosion, Weak Point Detection
  • Punishing Strike - [Level 10] - Wide-Angle Attack, Electric Discharge, Magick Amplification
  • Reverse Gravity - [Level 7] - Wide-Angle Attack, Electric Attack Area
  • Frost’s Call - [Level 10] - Enlightenment, Unstable Rule, Enhanced Strike
  • Esoteric Reaction - [Level 7] - Quick Prep, Enhanced Strike
  • Explosion - [Level 10] - Law of the Jungle, Weak Point Detection, Magick Amplification

Ideal Rotation While Leveling

Your core gameplay boils down to grouping up mobs and using your AoE skills in a basic rotation, weaving in your larger attacks like Punishing Strike and Explosion when you’re dealing with larger mobs or your cooldowns aren’t up.

Your typical mobbing rotation will look like this:

  1. Group the mobs together
  2. Cast Blaze on them to ignite and buff party damage by 6%
  3. Follow with Seraphic Hail to build Identity Meter and deal damage
  4. Finish with Reverse Gravity
  5. Use Frost’s Call or Esoteric Reaction for more damage if needed
  6. Use Identity if able, Punishing Strike and Explosion for stronger mobs off cooldown

Reflux vs Igniter Class Engraving

Once you’ve reached level 50 and you’re able to use class engravings more efficiently, you’ll want to choose between Reflux and Igniter. For Tier 1 and Tier 2 content, it’s recommended to stick to Reflux, as it’s more consistent DPS overall, compared to Igniter which focuses on more burst heavy rotations, but higher critical numbers. If you’re comfortable enough with long casting animations, and you’re already familiar with boss mechanics and raiding in Lost Ark, then the Igniter class engraving is very rewarding and fun to play in any tier of content.

Igniter Overview

The Igniter build is centered around building your Identity Meter and using your strongest skills, Doomsday, Explosion, and Punishing Strike to deal massive critical damage to bosses. These three skills in particular have the Magick Amplification trinode at level 10 and deal an additional 55% damage at level 1, or an additional 75% damage while in your Magick State.

Since you’re looking to deal large numbers while in your Magick State, we want to focus on Specialization as our main stat, and Crit as our secondary stat. You could also choose to use Swiftness over Crit. I personally recommend Crit if you’re comfortable with longer skill casting times, but I feel that once you have level 3 All-Out-Attack, the difference Swiftness adds isn’t necessary. Ultimately the choice comes down to what you’re more comfortable with, as long as Specialization is your main priority.

Skill Build

This build assumes that you have the maximum amount of skill points available. If you don’t, just make minor adjustments to your low cooldown filler skills, and keep your high damage burst skills at the highest level.

  • Blaze - [Level 10] - Damage Amplification, Charge Flame, Weak Point Detection
    • Skill Rune: Quick Recharge, Bleed, Rage
  • Frost’s Call - [Level 10] - Enlightenment, Unstable Rule, Enhanced Strike
    • Skill Rune: Wealth
  • Inferno - [Level 10] - Rift Acceleration, Weak Point Detection, Firepower Supplement
    • Skill Rune: Overwhelm
  • Rime Arrow - [Level 10] - Enlightenment, Piercing Strike, Ice Pick
    • Skill Rune: Wealth
  • Esoteric Reaction - [Level 10] - Quick Prep, Enhanced Strike, Stabilized Crystal
    • Skill Rune: Galewind, Quick Recharge
  • Punishing Strike - [Level 10] - Mind Enhancement, Electric Discharge, Magick Amplification
    • Skill Rune: Galewind
  • Explosion - [Level 10] - Ignite, Weak Point Detection, Magick Amplification
    • Skill Rune: Galewind
  • Doomsday - [Level 10] - Mind Enhancement, Asteroid, Magick Amplification
    • Skill Rune: Galewind
  • Enviska’s Might - First Awakening Skill

General Tips

  • We want to keep the buff from Damage Amplification applied on the boss as often as possible, so we’ll be using Blaze off cooldown every 10 or so seconds. The buff itself lasts 8 seconds, but the Blaze animation that stays on the ground lasts about 2 seconds.
  • Building up gauge is essential for your burst, we want to keep it up as often as possible, so use Frost’s Call, Rime Arrow, and Esoteric Reaction often. Blaze while also providing a buff also generates a small amount of identity, Inferno as well.
  • Ideally, you’ll want to always open a rotation with your biggest hitting skill Doomsday, then enter your Magick State. Having even Level 1 Igniter allows for a -50% decrease in cooldowns of normal skills when Magick Amplification is triggered, so your Doomsday should be usable again towards the end of your Magick State.
  • All of the skills minus Blaze have Mid to High stagger, if you anticipate a stagger check at any point in your fight and your team is lacking a stagger of their own, you may have to sacrifice DPS and save your Identity to use most of your skills to pass the stagger check.

Typical Magick Amplification Rotation

  1. Cast Doomsday
  2. Enter Your Magick State
  3. Cast Explosion (By this point the meteor from your Doomsday should land.)
  4. Cast Punishing Strike
  5. Use Rime Arrow to cancel the stepping animation of Punishing Strike
  6. Cast Frost’s Call or Esoteric Reaction in either order
  7. Cast Doomsday Again

There will be times when your rotation is less than ideal, whether the boss decides to move, you get hit by an attack and knocked down, or you just miss one of your skills. That’s absolutely fine, it takes a lot of practice to be a consistent top DPS Igniter Sorceress.

While building your Identity Meter, you can cast your 3 long casting skills, but keep the priority on your three identity-building skills while weaving in Blaze and Inferno. You’ll want your casting skills up or a few seconds from up once you’ve entered Magick Amplification.

Priority Engravings

The number one engraving we want to focus on is Igniter, the bread and butter of this build. Igniter at Level 3 gives 25% increased Critical Rate and a whopping 50% increased Critical Damage while in your Arcane State. With the additional damage provided by the Magick Amplification trinodes on our 3 main casting skills and the additional damage provided by the specialization stat, you’ll be dishing out huge numbers with even more powerful critical hits.

The second main engraving to focus on is All-Out Attack. At level 3, All-Out Attack provides a +20% increase to the casting speed of our Doomsday, Explosion and Punishing Strike, as well as a +20% damage increase. Paired with the Galewind Runes, your 3 main damage skills get cast much quicker outside of your Arcane State, and even faster while in it. This engraving is a must-have.

Secondary Engravings

Hit Master can be used to get a good 16% increase to your damage at level 3. This will often-times be paired with Grudge, which increases your damage to bosses by 20%, while also increasing your incoming damage by 20%.

Grudge is an end-game engraving that you shouldn’t be using if you’re a beginner and unfamiliar with raiding in Lost Ark. It should also be noted that the general consensus is that the Grudge engraving is not worth using if it’s level 1, and arguably level 2 as well, since the increase to incoming damage is always higher than the increase in outgoing damage you deal.

Cursed Doll could also be used with Hit Master since it also gives a +16% increase in damage, however, the -25% decrease in healing makes this arguably worse than Hit Master, so you’d prioritize Hit Master first, and Precise Dagger over Hit Master if you’re lacking crit rate.

Precise Dagger may also be used with either Hit Master and/or Grudge, this engraving adds +20% increased Critical Rate at level 3, but reduces your critical damage by -12%. Similar to Grudge, it’s best to not use Precise Dagger unless it’s level 3, maybe level 2.

I highly recommend Igniter Sorceress for anyone that wants to deal with some of the biggest numbers in Lost Ark. While it will take time to master the class and it takes a knowledgeable player to utilize small burst windows, the feeling of defeating an Abyssal Raid with one last Doomsday is unbelievably satisfying, and seeing your name as MVP is extremely rewarding.

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