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Lost Ark Glaivier PvP Guide

Lost Ark Glaivier PvP

Glaivier is easily one of the most straightforward classes to play in Lost Ark PvP. Whether 1v1 or 3v3, Glaivier’s kit is powerful and responsive in any situation.

Basic Glaivier PvP Tips

  • You should be comfortable switching between Flurry and Focus Stance to be effective on Glaivier. Being in your Blue Stance gives great mobility and quick combos, but it might be important to be in your Red Stance for the quick counter and ranged attacks. Knowing your opponent's class is important and being able to read what they might do next could save you a loss.

Quick Glaivier Overview

Glaivier is a really fun class to play in PvP. Similar to other Martial Artists, Glaivier is very mobile and has the ability to enter and exit encounters easily. They’ve got a decent amount of range in their Blue Stance, and even more in their Red Stance. One of the better reasons to play a Glaivier in PvP is their easy learning curve. With only a few main combos to memorize, both with a decent amount of crowd control, you’re able to dictate the flow of the match.

PvP Stat Point Allocation

As per usual, we’ll want to go with the following stats:

  • 1 Crit
  • 249 Domination
  • 750 Swiftness

Our primary stat is Swiftness, this will help with our movement speed, attack speed, and cooldown reduction. Our secondary stat is Domination, this helps us do increased damage to CC’d targets. And lastly, we put one point into crit, just to give us the ability to crit. The odds of actually critically striking your opponent is lower in PvP than in PvE, but we at least want the chance to, so that’s why we put a single point in, and when those Hail Marys pay off, it's a great feeling. 

Lost Ark Glaivier PvP Skill Build

Let’s go over the skills for the build. They’re very similar to a PvE build, so if you’re a PvE player you might be able to adapt to this fairly quickly. For the Flurry Skills, we’ll want to take the following:

  • Chain Slash ( 4) - This is a filler skill, it isn’t used in any common combos but it’s quick damage. You’ll usually use this as a response to somebody engaging with you if you’re currently in Flurry Stance, or if you just want additional damage after a combo. Swoop is the only tripod we take on this skill, since it gives us some mobility.
  • Flash Kick (Lv. 7) - This is one of our best skills, you can use it to enter encounters, it’s useful in common combinations and it provides us with some decent mobility. With the Excellent Mobility tripod, we’re able to move up two addiction meters and with Stun Effect you can fully stun an opponent for 1.5 seconds. Because of the stun ability, this is a really easy way to start an encounter and “catch” your opponent. You can also use it after tossing an opponent up to expand on a combo.
  • Vault (Lv. 10) - Vault is a no-questions-asked pick for this build. The mobility provided by this skill is essentially another dash that also deals damage, and it can get you out of a pinch really quickly. It’s also a great skill to engage or counter launch your opponents by taking the Excellent Mobility, Strong Upper Kick, and Scoop
  • Cutting Wind (Lv. 7) - Cutting wind is also a good engaging skill, reaching forward and dealing damage without actually moving out of your current position. It doesn’t do anything spectacular for crowd control but its reach is useful enough to take it over other options. We’ll want Quick Prep to reduce the cooldown by 4 seconds and Quickness to shorten the animation time of the skill and make it a quick hit.
  • Wheel of Blades (Lv. 10) - When hit by this skill opponents are launched up if hit while they’re already in the air, so it’s a good finisher. Since timing can be a little difficult at times depending on your opponent, you can choose to use the Slam tripod, which slams your opponent regardless of if they’re in the air or not. You can also take Tenacity for some Push Immunity and Consecutive Spin to change Wheel of Blades to a combo skill and increase the damage significantly.
  • Raging Dragon Slash (Lv. 10) - This is your finisher skill in most situations. With Quick Prep reducing the cooldown by 5s, Quick Slash decreasing the attack time and increasing damage, and Awaken increasing your damage even more, while also adding 25% crit rate. This is a hard-hitting and flashy way to punish your opponent.
  • Half Moon Slash (Lv. 10) - Half Moon Slash is an “anytime you need CC” type of skill. It’s big, it’s hard to miss, and it launches your opponent. It attacks several times and with the Flurry Expertise tripod, you add +20% single target damage. Adding Final Decision and Blade of Tornado adds significantly more damage to the equation, as well as a giant tornado that can be very very punishing. This is a must-have skill for Glaivier to take.
  • Spear Dive (Lv. 10) - Spear Dive is a wonderful repositioning skill, with the final tripod Swift Response, we’re able to remove the initial attack after using the skill and changing the way the skill is used. Having it set up this way helps us with our mobility greatly. You’ll also want Excellent Mobility and Wide Hit.

For the Focus Skills, we’ll want to take:

  • Red Dragon’s Horn (Lv. 7) - For this skill we’ll want to take Reaction Speed to reduce our casting speed by 30%, and Spear of Destruction to narrow our attacking radius but provide 100% critical rate.
  • Dragonscale Defense (Lv. 7) - This is a counter skill that heavily punishes your opponent if timed properly. We want Steady Belief which adds 0.1s to our counter window, and Mind Destruction with stuns the countered opponent for 1.5s.
  • Starfall Pounce (Lv. 4) - Starfall Pounce is as simple as it gets, it’s a great engaging skill and you can use it to catch your opponent off guard. It’s got a slight animation you’ll need to get used to when landing, but with the Wide-Angle Attack tripod, we’re able to increase the radius of our slam by 20% to hopefully avoid being animation locked by reaching your opponent even if they’re further away.
  • 4-Headed Dragon (Lv. 4) - Simple enough, 4-Headed Dragon just attacks a lot of times quickly. We’ll take Swift Fingers to add +15% Attack Speed.
  • Thrust of Destruction (Lv. 4) - Similar to the previous, this is just a quick skill to do some filler damage. Take Swift Fingers to add +20% Attack Speed.
  • Spiraling Spear (Lv. 1) - This skill is purely filler. It only attacks once, and doesn't have any CC, but if you had to choose between this or a basic attack, at least you have this option.

And finally, for your Awakening Skill, you’ll want to take Storming Red Dragon. You choose this skill over the others because it can be instantly cast, knocking your opponent in the air, or it can be charged fully for a lot of damage. However you choose to use it, it is pretty situational.

Final Notes on Glaivier PvP

Switch between your stances often. You won’t always be in one stance and you likely won’t fill up your identity gauge much. It’s all very situational, but Glaivier has an incredible skill-set to dictate the pace of the match. You should try to take control of the fight as soon as you can and maintain that moment with your snappy mobility options.

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