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Last Epoch Lagon: How to Defeat the God of Seas, Storms, and Moon

last epoch lagon

Lagon is one of the most challenging bosses in Last Epoch, if not the hardest. He has many mechanics that can easily shred your HP and even one-shot you. Unless you play an alternate character, you must avoid skipping this boss fight and to progress to the last two chapters. You will need tons of preparation before this showdown, and this guide will show what players will need to survive their fight with the God of Storms.

Lagon Overview

Lagon is the final boss in Chapter 7, and you face him right after a tough fight with the Architect. At this point, players should be around level 50 and have stacks on resistances. He is also the final quest boss for the Ending the Storm timeline in the Monolith of Fate. The God of Seas, Storms, and Moon will force you to build up at least three different elemental defenses, and they probably won’t be enough.

Lagon has multiple attacks and three phases. At least two of his attacks can instantly one-shot most builds, while others can deal moderate damage or stun. Most players ignore the mechanics involving these attacks, which usually lead to their demise. While you’re forced to play slow, you must respect Lagon’s kit and play accordingly if you want to finish the whole fight in one piece. 

Preparing for the Fight

Before the fight with Lagon, you need to face his chosen Architect, Liath. If you can’t defeat her, you probably aren’t ready to face the Sea God. Before fighting either, we advise you to stack up on three resistances: Physical, Lightning, and Cold. Several attacks are tagged as multi-elemental, so you must build upon these three altogether. 

On top of stacking on these resistances, you need to ensure you have enough armor rating, dodge rating, or ward retention. While you want to avoid most of the attacks from Lagon, some abilities still have a high chance of hitting you, so you must prepare your base defenses to survive them. Otherwise, even Lagon’s weakest attack can kill you. 

Lagon Attacks and Phases

As mentioned earlier, Lagon features three stages, and each successive phase will add more attacks or mechanics to the fight. Most of his abilities will be revealed during the first stage, so you can see which ones to avoid immediately. Here are all the attacks per phase:

Phase 1

The initial fight will occur in the upper part of the arena. Lagon is invulnerable but will spawn two tentacles at both ends of the platform, which players can damage. Damage to these limbs will reduce the god’s HP and be your primary target for the whole fight. Most attacks will be featured as early as this phase, so it’s the best time to familiarize yourself with these abilities:

  • Moon Beam – Lagon fires up a laser that sweeps through the platform following the players’ direction. You can tell that he is about to do this attack when his eyes glow red. This attack can easily one-shot players. Moon Beam starts from the players’ last location when the animation begins.
  • Moon Burst – Lagon fires a short burst laser that can deal moderate damage. You can determine when Lagon is about to do this when he bows his head into the water, and his eyes glow red afterward. Moon Burst starts from the players’ last location when the animation begins.
  • Moon Blast – Lagon charges up an AoE attack on a targeted area, telegraphed with a white circular area. He will unleash the attack as soon as he partially raises both arms and his eye glows red. This attack can instantly one-shot most builds.
  • Lightning Strikes – Multiple lightning strikes occur throughout the game, which can deal low to moderate damage. These attacks have small circular electrical telegraphs.
  • Left Claw Stun – Lagon raises his left claw and attacks the players with it, which can stun them for two seconds.
  • Right Claw Melee – Lagon raises his right claw and attacks players to deal moderate damage.

As the fight progresses, a full moon is generated in the middle of the platform. When the figure is completed, players will be transported to the lower portion of the arena to start Phase 2.

Phase 2

During Phase 2, your won’t be fighting Lagon directly. Instead, your focus is to slay the countless mobs he will spawn to generate a full moon in the middle of the platform. It would help to keep killing these ads until you get transported back to the first stage.

  • Tentacle Spawn – Tentacles spawn in random arena locations, slamming down on players. They deal low damage but can stun players.
  • Summon Mobs – Mobs will continuously spawn in the platform from random places. They won’t be a threat but will constantly drop potions on death.
  • Wave Attacks – Lagon will keep spawning wave attacks from the edges of the platforms. They will deal moderate damage and can kill you with three hits if you don’t build resistance to it.

Once you have destroyed enough tentacles, the full moon will be completed, and players will be transported back to the upper platform.

Phase 3

Phase 3 will feature all the same attacks as Phase 1, adding the Wave skill from the second. Lagon is still invulnerable here, so your targets would be his two tentacles again at both ends of the platform.

Strategy Against Lagon

Each attack has its mechanic or way for you to deal with them effectively. Most people die due to ignoring these attacks because they want to maintain DPS upkeep and keep attacking. Unless you want to be stuck in a loop of dying and restarting, I recommend that players follow these general strategies when fighting Lagon.

  • Bait the Attacks Then Move – Most of Lagon’s telegraphed attacks (Moon Beam, Moon Burst, and Moon Blast) are aimed at the players. However, these abilities will only target the players’ last known locations before they do the animations for each skill. You can easily bait these attacks to aim at areas you can easily dodge from, then move away before they are cast.
  • Don’t Tank Moon Beam and Blast – Both are almost one-shot mechanics, so you will die to them unless you have high defenses. The best way to avoid Moon Beam is to bait it to the edge of either side and then run to the other side before it goes off. Moon Blast is easy to dodge since it is obvious, but make sure you aren’t standing near the edges since it might still hit your character’s hitbox.
  • Monitor the Eyes – His glowing red eyes are the most evident sign that Lagon is about to unleash an attack. Be sure to monitor this part of his body because it can tell you when you should immediately dodge.
  • Dodge the Left Claw – Lagon’s left claw (the one on your right) can stun you when hit. This can be followed up by a Moon Burst, immediately taking you out of the fight. Try to dodge as much as possible so it doesn’t interrupt your DPS upkeep.
  • Build Up Lightning and Cold Resistance for the Strikes and Waves – Constantly trying to avoid the Lightning Strikes and Waves will make the fight longer. The best way to deal with them is to build up your resistance to Lightning and Cold Elements so you can easily tank them without taking lethal damage. You won’t have to dodge them constantly, but you must sustain abilities or use potions to recover accumulated lost HP. Most of Lagon’s attacks are tagged as Cold and Lightning. Only his Claw abilities deal with Physical Damage. If you have limited resources, you can focus on maxing out these two elements and not invest too much in Physical Resistance, but you will have to actively avoid getting hit by the Claws since they’ll hurt more.
  • Kill the Mobs Right Away – While the mobs that Lagon spawn won’t be a threat individually, ignoring them will cause them to swarm players, which can be lethal. It is always a good idea to thin out the herd before they accumulate and stop them from being a nuisance during the fight.
  • Always Be Mobile – Regardless of your resistance, the best way to strategy for this fight is to keep moving. Since most attacks are telegraphed and only attack your last known location before animation, you should have enough time to dodge most abilities.

Tips for Ending the Storm Version

  • While base Lagon is already annoying, his Monolith version becomes even more terrifying when you consider he can obtain modifiers you carry from previous Echoes. You want to avoid mods that can make his attacks even more powerful.
  • In the base fight, Lagon blocks the stairs connecting the upper and lower platforms with tentacles. This feature doesn’t occur in the Monolith version. You can quickly go up and down the two areas while fighting Lagon during Phase 1 and 2. We advise you to take advantage of this because it can help you to dodge many of his attacks. Moon Beam and Burst take height into account, so even if you are in the direction of the attack, you won’t get hit if you are standing on the stairs. However, Moon Blast can activate on the staircases, so be wary about standing in one place for too long.

Rewards for Ending the Storm Lagon

Unlike the base form, the Monolith Lagon has a massive chance of dropping boss-exclusive Uniques. If you want some of these items for your build, you should farm Lagon as much as possible. Here are all the Uniques that players can acquire from the God of Seas, Storms, and Moon:

  • Alluvion – has a 100% chance to cast Tidal Wave when using a Melee attack (2-second cooldown).
  • Coral Aegis – has significant Lightning Resistance and Block Effectiveness.
  • Stormcarved Testament – has a 12% chance to summon a Storm Totem on successful hits (8 sec cooldown)
  • Eye of Storms – has a 35 to 45% chance of casting Maelstrom every five seconds.

It would help if you noted that these items have special conditions to drop. Alluvion and Coral Aegies can't fall at the same time. Stormcarved Testament appears only in level 78 Echoes, while Eye of the Storms only drops in Empowered Monolith.

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