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Honkai: Star Rail Tips and Tricks

Honkai: Star Rail Tips and Tricks

Honkai: Star Rail is the newest game from Hoyoverse of Genshin Impact fame. While HSR is almost a sequel to Honkai Impact 3rd, it tells the story of a different universe from that game. However, the Welt in the game is the same Welt players met in 3rd, which ties the two games together nicely. The tips that all players should follow are these:

  1. Read Skills Descriptions
  2. Plan in Combat
  3. Spend Jade Wisely
  4. Read the Dialogue
  5. Use Your Trailblaze Power
  6. Explore
  7. Don't Level Up All Characters
  8. Gear Your Characters
  9. Utilize Enemy Weaknesses
  10. Diversify Team Composition
  11. Change Settings
  12. Use Techniques
  13. Enjoy the Game

Still, new and veteran players would benefit from the following Honkai: Star Rail tips. If you want more general, step-by-step, guides for a beginner, check out our article here.

Read Skill Descriptions

Reading the skill descriptions will provide you with the necessary information on building the character and their specialties. It also gives you the best context for using them in combat, as you'll recognize when they're most effective.

Plan in Combat

With the battle system switching to a turn-based one, combat becomes more strategic. When will you use your Skills and Ultimates? When is the best time to go on the offensive or start doing defensive maneuvers? It's no longer the adrenaline-filled hack-and-slash action RPG.

HSR is exhilarating but in a different way. It's exciting to figure out how to defeat the enemies without giving them space to move or keeping them locked out from taking turns. It needs more brainpower than usual, but the rewards are worth it.

Also, veterans might forget that Ultimates can be activated anytime as long as they're charged. This can interrupt enemies who attack in stages (such as having a 'charging' turn). It's a small thing to overlook, but forgetting about it limits the strategies you can do.

Spend Jades Wisely

Stellar Jades are the currency for buying Passes, which you'll need for the Warp. The Warp is the gacha mechanic of the game, making it a necessary skill to budget and use Jades wisely. The recommendation is to use it only for the Special Passes for the Limited Banners.

The logic is that the latter would disappear someday, which leaves a limited time for you to get the character (or Light Cone). If you use the Jades on the permanent banner, you'll miss out on the limited ones because you've already used them. Also, quests and various tasks will reward you with permanent banner pulls, so you don't have to spend Jades on them.

Read the Dialogue

Some players inexplicably love skipping dialogue and tutorials. The latter can be excused since veterans know how things work through experience. Still, reading the conversations gives you proper context for the characters' roles, and some even give you hints for the next quest objective.

More than that, there will come a time when the available main quests end. From that point on, what remains will be the daily quest and tasks, which can be even more boring than the plot. Skipping through dialogue will make that moment arrive faster, and who wants that?

Besides, the writing for HSR is excellent. Appreciate and read them through. It has the right amount of humor, references to other works, and seriousness for the plot. Take your time and read it through, so don't let the writers' work be wasted.

Use Your Trailblaze Power

This is the energy equivalent. Genshin calls it Resin, and there are various other ways games call it. Still, its function is the same. Players use it up when doing specific activities, usually ones that let them farm necessary resources for enhancement.

You have max 180 Trailblaze Power. The logic is that if it's capped, it's not recharging, thus wasting time. You can use it for Calyxes and the Simulated Universe. Since the game just came out, more activities will need this resource.

Explore, Explore, Explore

Exploring the game's areas can give you more information on the universe or treasure chests. Some of those chests can be guarded by powerful enemies, but encountering them marks their position so you can return when you're stronger.

Searching for chests is essential because each one gives a variable amount of Stellar Jades. For F2P users, this is an important source that shouldn't be missed. Be careful about chests in the base, though! Some are owned, and the owner will have no mercy on Trailblazers caught rifling through their things.

Don't Level Up All Your Characters

Resources are precious, so don't waste them on characters you'll never use. Everything you do to enhance them will require various materials and some amount of Credits. Trying to improve all of HSR's 27 characters is a sure way to becoming destitute, materials and currency-wise.

Besides, when you get a character you want, you won't be able to level them up because you've run out of resources. Then you'll be disappointed because you've wasted your materials on others you won't use (either due to playstyle or general dislike).

Gear Your Characters

It can be easy to forget about this, especially when the Relic system is only unlocked when you're in Trailblaze level 15. By then, you're used to only upgrading Light Cones and leveling up. If they're underperforming, this is likely the case.

Hit Weaknesses As Much As Possible

Who wouldn't want to exploit weaknesses? Other than making enemies lose a turn, it also makes them vulnerable and allows you to give a beatdown, at least until their next turn. Exploiting the enemies' weaknesses will make fights faster unless your team is super overpowered to overcome that.

Diversify Team Compositions

Due to the variety of enemies and seven elements (just like Genshin!), creating a party of varied elements is the way to go. This lets you cover multiple bases and roles depending on the context of what you're doing.

At the very least, it will always allow you to have one character that can hit the weakness of any enemy you encounter. Otherwise, a team with a single element will have trouble in battles where the targets are not weak to it.

Change Settings

This is more applicable to mobile devices and older PCs. If the game isn't running smoothly or your phone is overheating, you can lower the game's graphics settings. This relaxes the strain on the device or platform. Your graphics will be worse, but that's a better alternative to your device or PC becoming unusable due to overheating.

Use Techniques!

Although you have a limited 3 charges for this ability, they're handy. March 7th's Technique is especially beneficial since it 100% freezes at least one enemy. That gives you an advantage over the enemies, as there will be one (or more) of them who can't take a turn for a while.

There's also the Trailblazer's heal or Bronya's pre-battle ATK buff. It all depends on the team composition. You can leave one charge for emergencies, as the 'technique replenishment barrels' only recover 2 points.

The Most Important Tip: Enjoy the Game!

Considering the many fourth wall breaks and shoutouts sprinkled across the game, Honkai: Star Rail is a game you don't have to take too seriously. Of course, the plot has the appropriate gravity, so there are times for seriousness, but the fun and humor balance it.

Enjoy the game and play it at your own pace! There's no reason to rush through the game. You'll only burn out and possibly stop playing the game due to boredom. Having fun means you're not stressed about completing tasks and objectives and can relax while playing.

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Honkai Star Rail Tips & Tricks

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