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Excellent HS EU Account, Legendaries: 17, Card Backs: 25, Combined Class Level: 300 + HoTS Level 60 with decent skins and 2.0 assassin bundle!

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$ 119.00

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Region: EU
Name Change: available
Total Wins in Play Mode: 898
Total wins in Arena: 22
Mage Level: 49
Shaman Level: 28
Druid Level: 37
Paladin Level: 32
Warlock Level: 33
Hunter Level: 35
Warrior Level: 30
Rogue Level: 29
Priest Level: 27
Combined Class Level: 300
Gold: 175
Dust: 415
Number of Legendaries: 17
Number of Golden Legendaries: 1
Number of Card Backs: 25
Best Rank with the Account: 5
Unlocked Adventures:
Blackrock Depths in blackrock mountain
the karazhan - The parlor
Alternative Heroes:
Flobbindous Floop
rhok 'delar
Archmage Arugal
frost lich jaina
uther of the ebon blade
archbishop benedictus
face collector
sonya shadowdancer
unite the murlocs
Dr. morrigan
the darkness
captain greenskin
marin the fox
baku the mooneater
Card Backs:
lundara's garden
raise the roof
year of the mammoth
gone fishin
unholy knight
frost knight
blood knight
the magic of dalaran
ungoro mystery
year of the kraken
grimy goons
shadowmoon valley
clutch of yogg saron
thunder bluff
call of the void
call of the light
heroes of the storm
samsung galaxy
winter vell wreath
secret level
Heroes of the Storm:
Level 60 with decent skins and 2.0 assasin bundle
3 hearthstone cardback mounts and verdant magic carpet
200 crystals
215 gold
460 shards
Heroes owned:
zul jin
gul dan
the butcher
kale thas
falstad and stitches
Skins that are wroth mentioning:
love bug anub arak
crimson fel chromie
big top gazlowe
kaldorei johanna
neo star liming
2 fel druid skins of malfurion and one wild betrayer malfurion
windowmaker nova
blazing lil ragnaros
camo war world sgt hammer
earthbreaker thrall
demon hunter valeera
deputy valla
angelic valla
lo gosh varian
Mounts that are only epic and legendary:
anami bear
the 3 police hovercycles
cyber ram
6 orochi hovercycle.. hearthstone
azule cloud
2 star chariots
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