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Sell Your Hearthstone Boosting Services For Real Money – Here’s How It Works

Upload your HS boosting service details, including your service type, what it entails, your delivery period, how much you are charging and etc.
  • 1. Enjoy the extra profit while playing your favorite game
  • 2. What types of HearthStone Services I can Sell?

There are various services that you could provide, including: HearthStone Rank Boosting, Card Packs, Golden Hero Portrait, Arena Runs, Adventure Boosting, and any other formats of services that could help buyers fast forward their gameplay or obtain some kinds of items.

While uploading your offer, remember to be as detailed and accurate as possible of what you are able to deliver. Once there is a buyer, you will receive his/her Battlenet account information for you to log in and play. As this provokes high risk for the buyer, to make sure the security of the transaction, we have a few requirements for anyone to sell Power Leveling or Boosting Service. Here is what we require:

  • You must be a Verified Seller
  • Send a Reserve Fund for each active Power Leveling order you wish to be able to accommodate at any given time
  • Agree to abide by our Secure Seller Power Leveling Agreement

If you are interested, please register as a seller and then email our Power Seller Management team at: [email protected] Our team will review your credentials, and get back to you as soon as possible.

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Because our platform lets you earn real money as you enjoy playing your favorite game, in a secure, straightforward and convenient way. Our unique PlayerGuardian system ensure that you receive your payment as we connect you with willing buyers who are looking for HS boosting services, just like yours!

All you need to do is to sell your Hearthstone boosting services here on PlayerAuctions and enjoy the flood of cash. And on top of that, there are no hidden fees on our platform and registration is 100% free… so, don’t waste anymore time and start making money while having fun!

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