How Many People Play Hearthstone in 2024?

About Hearthstone

Hearthstone, developed by Blizzard Entertainment, is a free-to-play online collectible card game (CCG) released in 2014. It features turn-based gameplay, where players use decks of 30 cards along with a selected hero with unique powers. Set in the popular Warcraft universe, the game offers a strategic and immersive experience, appealing to both casual and competitive players. Hearthstone boasts a diverse selection of game modes, including Ranked, Casual, Arena, and Tavern Brawl. Regular expansions, which introduce new cards and mechanics, keep the game fresh and engaging, while its cross-platform support allows players to enjoy the game on multiple devices seamlessly.

Game Info

  • Developer:
    Blizzard Entertainment
  • Genres:
    Card Game
  • Total subscribers:
  • Released:
    March, 2014
  • Platforms:
    PC, iOS/Android
  • Daily players:

Hearthstone Player Count - Google Data

Using our algorithm based on Google Trends, Hearthstone’s player count for July 23, 2024 is estimated to be 316,632 players, compared to the previous day, this represents a -0.05% decrease. In the last 7 days, Hearthstone’s player count peaked at 319,160 and reached its floor at 307,784.

316,632 on July 23, 2024
316,790 (-0.05%)
Compared to the previous day
  • 24h
  • 7d
  • 30d
  • 180d
  • 360d
All data is powered by Google Trends.
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