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A lot of players that don’t have the time to dive deep into Halo Infinite’s multiplayer often buy Halo Infinite boosting services instead to be able to get all the free goodies in their Battle Pass. It’s been a long time coming, but Halo is good again. However, its progression system isn’t exactly easy to understand. Players can skip the tedium, the janky matchmaking and the slow rewards by having a reputable seller boost their account for them. Whether it's high placements, rank increases or anything in between, a buyer can find the boosting service they're looking for. 

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Buy Halo Infinite Boosting for Easy Progression

Halo is one of the best shooters that FPS fans can play right now and all, but there’s still an elephant in the room that needs to be addressed: the progression system. It’s arguably the constant cloud looming over the general excitement of Halo Infinite’s launch, and with good reason. A lot of players feel that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is a lot more tedious than it needs to be, sparking passionate conversations surrounding the developer’s decisions to curb progress at every possible corner.

The tedious slog required to climb the 100 levels of the Battle Pass is no joke. There’s also the matter of the baffling specific weekly challenges that are ludicrously demanding. While the addition of smaller XP rewards is given to players upon completing matches, it’s understandable for the community to feel a lack of sense of accomplishment. Hence, a lot of players that still want to enjoy Halo Infinite without being burdened get at least some boosting service. They can indeed expect a lot more seasons from Halo Infinite in the future, but most of the cosmetics and items from the Battle Pass have a deadline. If they don’t finish the challenges before the season ends, then they can kiss those goodies goodbye.

Highlighting the Battle Pass System

Progression in Halo Infinite is measured by the Battle Pass system. In every season, the Battle Pass features 100 tiers of rewards for players to redeem. Almost every online game has implemented some sort of Battle Pass feature, so it’s not surprising to see Halo jump into that trend. Like many games similar to Halo Infinite, there are two Battle Pass progression paths: a paid and free version. For every 500 XP that a player accumulates, they’ll advance one level through their chosen path and unlock free stuff that’s usually in the form of a new animation or skin.

Players that choose not to fork over the extra cash for the paid version of the Battle Pass will at least still have something to work towards. This is because every level in the free Battle Pass will still net them a reward. Although the rewards aren’t necessarily as grand compared to the paid Battle Pass, players still have something to look forward to.

The Advantages of Getting the Paid Battle Pass

The main advantage of the paid Battle Pass is that the rewards are better. Also, the rewards that players get in that version are unique at every level, so they won’t get the same items/cosmetics twice. On the other hand, the free tiers tend to feature more generic, repeating items.

Another edge that the paid Battle Pass has over the free one is that it’ll sometimes give players an XP Boost. The free Battle Pass doesn’t give out XP Boosts but instead often receives a reward that allows them to reroll a Weekly Challenge that they either don’t like or have a tough time accomplishing. This is in itself is already useful, but who doesn’t want to progress faster and reach the 100th tier as soon as possible?

Limited-Time Event Passes: Being A Buzzer Beater

For those that thought that Battle Pass Challenges were enough to tie them over (at least until the next season), Halo Infinite will also feature limited-time event passes. These events are free-to-play and will feature their separate progression track of 20 tiers each. Should players complete them, they’ll be able to get an event-specific reward for their troubles. Sounds like a good deal, eh? Juggling the Battle Pass and limited-time events might seem impossible, but with a little help from gamers that sell Halo Infinite boosting/leveling services, it’s doable.

For Season 1, the flagship for the limited-time event feature will be the Fracture: Tenrai event and will be available for one week per month. Meanwhile, other limited-time events will fill out the rest of the calendar.

343 Industries clarified to the Halo community that should they take part in these limited-time events, it will contribute XP towards their Battle Pass progression. Best of all, every time an event recurs, players who have made a progress on it before can pick up where they left off so they’re not back to square one if they don’t manage to finish all the tiers in a single week.


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