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Halo Infinite dropped just in time for the holidays. Stealth-dropping on November 15, the multiplayer beta was a hit right away, soaring to the top of the charts on Steam, Twitch, and Xbox. However, the battle pass has been a big point of contention. More specifically, its progression system. Despite Halo Infinite’s silky-smooth mechanics and fun modes and maps, players are finding it difficult to level up their seasonal battle pass. To make a long story short, the battle pass sucks. It has a very slow grind, a challenge system that doesn’t reward players for simply winning or playing matches, and a lot of the unlocks are on the lackluster side.

For now, if players are trying to unlock a particular piece of armor or armor color, they’re going to have to make the most of their challenges to level up as fast as possible. That being said, all of it is easier said than done. Halo Infinite has been giving out weird challenges lately, and they’re not exactly missions that can be finished immediately. Thankfully, there are sellers out there that specialize in boosting services for Halo Infinite. Whether it be battle pass boosting or coaching service, players at least have an alternative option to take if they don’t have the time or the energy to accomplish everything by themselves.

How Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass Works

By default, all players have access to the limited version of the battle pass only. There are certain rewards available to anyone by leveling it up, but should players choose to purchase the battle pass (which costs 1,000 Credits or $10), they’ll be able to unlock all the available rewards and rank up more quickly. This is due to the XP boosts that the paid battle pass grants and the addition of another weekly challenge slot.

The battle passes in Halo Infinite consist of a total of 100 tiers, each having its own unique rewards. To reach each tier, players must earn 1,000XP. However, it should be worth noting that the XP in Halo Infinite isn’t directly tied to just completing matches. XP is awarded by completing the daily and/or weekly challenges as well.

Tips on Leveling Up Fast in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite’s battle pass isn’t an easy thing to level up fast, especially for sellers who have a limited time with any given account. Even after the updates, there are still so few ways to level up that there’s no room for any tricks or exploits along the way. Progression can only be achieved by completing the daily and weekly challenges given. That’s it. This means wins, killstreaks, and clever plays don’t reward players an extra amount of XP. While sellers have a very limited bracket to work with, there are some tips that they can try to do to make the whole ordeal a bit more efficient and get their services done quicker.

  1. Utilize the Event Challenges

    The first event for Halo Infinite is The Fracture: Tenrai which brought unique weekly challenges that players may be able to complete more quickly compared to the usual weeklies that the game gives out. This is a great way to earn XP minus the tediousness, and since the free event pass also includes unlockable XP boosts, sellers can use it to further accelerate their leveling speed. While the event is active, they ought to look out for event challenges that are highlighted in red to see where they should focus their efforts.

  2. The Bot Bootcamp is Everyone’s Friend

    Pay close attention to the weekly challenges enough and sellers might notice that some of them specify PvP, while others don’t. For those that want to breeze through their challenge, they can go after those non-PvP challenges in the Bot Bootcamp and beat up the AI players there. Most of the non-PvP challenges are usually straightforward, like getting several kills using the Battle Rifle, for example. Plus, it’s so much easier facing bots than real players for those that are just trying to accomplish their dailies and weeklies.

Rank Placements in Halo Infinite

Like many other competitive shooters (and even MOBAs) out there, Halo Infinite follows a ladder structure, with 31 ranks split across the six ranking tiers. Here are the Halo Infinite ranking placements:

  • Onyx
  • Diamond I to VI
  • Platinum I to VI
  • Gold I to VI
  • Silver I to VI
  • Bronze I to VI

Bronze is the lowest ranking tier, while Onyx is the highest. Each tier (apart from Onyx) has six ranks within it, so players should prepare for a bit of a grind if they want to make it to the top. Maintaining and getting a higher rank is every player’s goal in Halo Infinite. When booting into the game for the first time, players first need to complete ten ranked placement matches to get their first rank title. When doing rank boosting in Halo Infinite, it’s important for sellers to not mess up the buyer’s KDA ratio since the ranking system is based on performance.

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