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Buyers are able to find everything they need from sellers in our Genshin Impact store. From here, they can go to buy pages for accounts and power leveling services. Get everything needed to enjoy the game on one convenient page. Buyers and sellers alike are sure to bookmark it and make sure that they never get lost again.

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About Genshin Impact Online Marketplace

Buy and Sell Genshin Impact Services and More

In the Genshin Impact marketplace, buyers get all that they need, from accounts to boosting services. Sure, they’ll still have to gather the materials for leveling up their characters, but at least they don’t have to fight RNG for them.

Like a majority of gacha mechanics, pulling for characters (‘wishing’ in Genshin terms) is a mixed bag. Players are likely to get three-star weapons more than anything else. There’s a 10 wish pity for four-star characters and weapons, but there’s a big pool of those and they can’t even be sure of what they get. Then there are the 5-star characters.

With the character’s incredibly low chance of answering a player’s summons, the only sure way to get them is to get lucky or hit the 90 wish pity. Even then, on the event/limited banner there’s only a 50/50 chance of getting the featured 5-star. If players don’t get the featured character, the next 5-star wish guarantees it will be the featured character. The real problem is getting that 5-star pull again.

That’s why the option to buy Genshin Impact accounts can be a blessing. It 100% guarantees buyers get the 5-star they want, without having to worry about their luck in wishing. What’s more, buyers help those who sell Genshin Impact accounts. It’s a win-win situation all around.

As for boosting services, there are just some buyers who have trouble finding chests, figuring out puzzles that lead to those chests, or getting those elemental oculi. All these activities contribute to the account’s Adventure Rank, the main marker of progression in the game.

If they can’t do these activities, they can’t level up their world and their characters would get stuck at certain levels. The cause of that would be missing resources or having their Ascension capped until they reach specific AR levels. There are a few other benefits to leveling AR, such as the guaranteed chance of getting 5-star artifacts from domains, or receiving more skill books or weapon ascension materials.

So, whatever Genshin Impact-related services sellers offer, accounts or services, there is no better place to sell than on the Genshin Impact marketplace.

Where is the Marketplace in Genshin Impact?

Along with that, there’s also the question of ‘Can you trade with friends in Genshin?’. As players have no way of trading with each other, there is no in-game marketplace in Genshin Impact. Buying and selling all happen with an NPC participant, not with other players. Still, there is an opportunity to ‘trade’ with others.

Some players have taken to going to other players’ worlds to collect a needed resource. Of course, not everybody will accept the invitation in the first place, and even when they do, they might refuse the request. Some groups would also mine with each other, as ore drops can be shared as long as all participants are nearby the mining spot to pick them up.

That’s all they can do, and it’s all on the goodwill of the host. There are no in-game marketplaces that allow players to trade with each other, unfortunately.

Everything Players Need, All in the Genshin Impact Marketplace

So whether it’s accounts or a boost they need, buyers can find all they need right on this page. There are even further links to account and damage calculators for the game. When the agenda is selling Genshin Impact powerleveling or boosting services or selling Genshin Impact accounts instead, sellers can easily go to the proper pages.

Buyer or seller, casual or hardcore, there’s something for them in the Genshin Impact marketplace. It’s got everything they could need to enjoy Genshin Impact.

Happy trading, and have fun adventuring, Traveler!

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